Who Can Beat Homelander? 10 Fictional Characters That Would Destroy Him

One of the things that we know about The Boys is that the entire series revolves around Billy Butcher and The Boys looking for a way to eradicate supes from the world because of how corrupt they are. In that regard, Homelander is seemingly unbeatable because he is by far the strongest supe in the entire universe of The Boys. But there are some fictional characters that are incredibly powerful that they are going to easily destroy Homelander, and that’s what we are here to talk about.

10. Superman

Homelander is basically an expy (exported character) of Superman because he was meant to be a parody version of the Man of Steel. That is why all of Homelander’s powers and abilities are similar to Superman’s own powers and abilities. However, there are some differences, such as the fact that Homelander cannot use his super strength whenever he is flying in the air.

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On the other hand, Superman can use his super strength wherever he is and is also capable of freezing people with his breath. There is also the fact that Superman has fought and defeated beings that are just as strong or even a lot stronger than him, such as godlike entities that far surpass Homelander’s level. As such, there is no way that Homelander could even hold a candle to Superman himself.

9. Silver Surfer

One of the things that people know about Marvel is that their characters aren’t as overpowered as the ones you can find in DC, especially when it comes to the heroes. However, the ones who aren’t really part of the mainline heroes are actually quite godlike in terms of their powers and abilities but aren’t necessarily gods. One such character from Marvel that isn’t necessarily a god but has powers that could destroy planets is Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer has powers that come from the surfboard that Galactus himself gave him, and we all know that Galactus is a galactic-level cosmic entity that can basically eat entire planets and solar systems. He uses the Silver Surfer as his herald, and that’s why he gave him powers that allow him to rival a god. There is no way that Homelander can match the sheer raw power and speed that Silver Surfer possesses. 

8. The Hulk

This one is an interesting choice because we have seen several incarnations of the Hulk in the comics and in the movies. But one of the aspects about the Hulk that the movies have failed to explore is the fact that this is basically a creature that is nearly immortal and gets a lot stronger the angrier that he gets. In that regard, the Hulk was able to defeat a lot of different enemies in the comics because they made him angrier, even though they were originally stronger.

Of course, Homelander might have the initial strength and speed advantage over the Hulk, but he’s going to have a hard time killing him immediately because we all know that the Hulk is as durable as they can get. Conventional weapons don’t work on him, and the only time we ever saw him getting hurt was when blunt force that’s strong enough was used. And if Homelander gets the Hulk angry enough, he probably won’t stand a chance.

7. Captain Marvel

At this point, Captain Marvel is probably the strongest Avenger in the MCU and has powers that are actually quite interesting and powerful to the point that Carol Danvers was able to manhandle Thanos all by himself in Avengers: Endgame. We all know that Thanos is a powerful being that could hold his own against Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all at once, but Captain Marvel still managed to overpower him.

In that regard, Captain Marvel shouldn’t have any problems with Homelander. She has the strength and speed that would allow her to overpower Homelander with relative ease. Of course, her powers are cosmic in nature and are probably more than what Homelander can handle. If Thanos, through his own strength, wasn’t able to faze Captain Marvel, we don’t think Homelander would stand much of a chance.

6. Darkseid

Darkseid is one of the most powerful DC villains ever created and is powerful enough to overpower Superman numerous times. He is so powerful that he could match extradimensional beings like Trigon in power. There is also the fact that he is basically a god in the DC universe, and that means that not a lot of characters could stand up to his combination of raw power and strength.

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If Darkseid has the strength that could match or even overpower Superman, he has more than enough strength to decimate and destroy Homelander. Meanwhile, his best weapon is his Omega Beam, which is capable of changing directions and can overpower Superman’s own heat vision. In that regard, there’s not much Homelander’s heat vision can do against one of the most powerful weapons in the DC universe.

5. Wonder Woman

The Boys series has its own Wonder Woman parody in the form of Queen Maeve, who is often regarded as the second-strongest character on the show. However, Maeve’s own strength isn’t comparable to Homelander’s. But the thing about Wonder Woman is that she is far stronger than Queen Maeve and is strong enough to give problems to Superman himself because she is the superior fighter.

Wonder Woman’s ability to fly and overpower gods in the DC universe makes her a lot stronger than Queen Maeve of The Boys. Then there is also the fact that she is a great fighter that can simply use her superior combat skills against Homelander in a straight-up fight. As such, while she doesn’t have the raw power of the other characters on this list, her combination of strength, fighting skills, and experience will be more than enough to destroy Homelander.

4. Hancock

Hancock is one of the most obscure superheroes of all time because of the fact that he doesn’t belong in any kind of fictional universe. Instead, he belongs to his own universe and is the strongest being in that world. He and his kind were basically worshipped as gods by the ancient people of the planet because of their sheer power and invulnerability. Hancock’s only weakness, however, is when he is close to his destined love, as that is the only time he becomes vulnerable.

As seen in his movie, Hancock is a lot more powerful than Homelander. In fact, he is so powerful that he could go to the moon and carve out a huge heart symbol on it. On top of that, he is immune to any kind of damage except when he is near Mary, who is his other half. That means that there is no way that Homelander could deal any kind of damage to him.

3. Omni-Man

Amazon Prime has another superhero universe that isn’t related to The Boys. That is the world of Invincible, which is an animated series that stars a Superman expy called Omni Man as the primary antagonist. Omni Man, in that series, dominated the Justice League counterpart of that universe so that he could weaken the planet’s defenses in time for his people to invade Earth. And he defeated them all almost effortlessly.

Omni Man, as a Superman expy, has all of his powers except for his heat vision. However, he is just as strong, as fast, and as durable as Superman. On top of that, Omni Man can level cities in an instant because he is simply that powerful. We are yet to see Homelander doing anything remotely close to what Omni Man can do, and that means that he probably won’t have a chance against this superhero from another universe.

2. Saitama

The biggest parody superhero of them all is Saitama, who stars in the One Punch Man manga and anime. This character was made to be so powerful that simple logic cannot explain why he is so strong. The only part that was ever explained was that Saitama, a regular human, trained hard enough that he was able to become stronger than everyone else in his universe. And his signature attack is his punch, which is strong enough to take down any person.

Saitama is so strong that he has gotten bored with the fact that he hasn’t found anyone strong enough to take him on in a prolonged battle. He can kill anything and anyone with a single punch due to his absurd strength levels. If you think about it, there is not much that Homelander can do against a parody character that was made to defeat anyone with one punch.

1. Son Goku

Yes, Son Goku tops this list because he has always been the gold standard when it comes to powerful fictional characters. He is powerful enough that he could destroy an entire planet in an instant. In fact, he can do that in his base form and before he even taps into his more powerful forms, which are exponentially stronger than his base form. And when he enters his powerful Super Saiyan Blue state or even his Ultra Instinct, he has powers that can reach the level of a god.

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Homelander wouldn’t stand a chance against base Son Goku. Even the Son Goku back in the Frieza saga would probably defeat Homelander without too much trouble. In that regard, the base Goku we currently have is exponentially more powerful than Homelander could ever be. And when he transforms into any of his Super Saiyan forms, he could probably kill Homelander with a single pinky finger.

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