Who Does Emily End Up with at the End of Season 3? Alfie or Gabriel?

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris season 3 has recently come out, and it’s as drama-filled as it was in the first two seasons. As always, Emily is conflicted between choosing the man she fell in love with instantly, Gabriel, and a boy toy from London, Alfie, who she met in season 2 in a french class. At the end of season 2, Emily was having fun with Alfie but did she stay with him? Who does Emily end up with at the end of season 3? Alfie of Gabriel?

Emily ends up alone at the end of season 3, even though she was happy with Alfie through all of season 3 without even hinting at their relationship falling apart. It’s worth noting that there has been some turmoil between the two, but only at the beginning of the season. They have been a stable and seemingly happy couple throughout the rest of it.

How did it come to it that Emily ends alone, and when did it become obvious that Alfie and Emily will break up in the end? What happened to Gabriel, and can we expect to see them finally end up together in season 4? Let’s explore it throughout the rest of this article.

History with Gabriel

Emily Gabriel

Gabriel is a young and aspiring French chef who was taught to know his way around the chicken by his grandma, Gigi. He was Emily’s first-door neighbor in season 1, and the two formed friendships throughout the show. The attraction between the two could be seen from a mile away.

The problem was that Gabriel was in a relationship with Camille, so Emily’s hands were tied when pursuing a relationship with Gabriel. It all changed when Camille and Gabriel broke up for a while, and Emily and Gabriel shared a night of passion. Some drama ensued, and Emily and Camille made a pact; neither one of them will date Gabriel. Camille broke the pact in the end and moved in with Gabriel.

History with Alfie

Emily’s dating history with Alfie is much simpler than that with Gabriel, but it also seems to lack the passion she and Gabriel have. They met in a French language class, and it was supposed to be a fling that ended up being something more. Alfie was always aware of her previous problems with Gabriel.

Nonetheless, he decided to pursue a relationship with Emily. He was sent back to London, where he was from, because his business-related work in Paris was done. Emily didn’t show up at his going away party because she prioritized work over him, and the two ended their relationship.

It wasn’t until episode 2 that Emily discovered that Alfie stayed in Paris because he was the new CFO for Antoine Lambert, the perfume company Maison Lavaux. After singing a song to Alfie in public, the two resolved their relationship drama and went on to be a happy couple.

Emily alfie

No relationship drama throughout season 3

Even though the show is about Emily, there is no relationship drama around her whatsoever. The season was building up to one, but more on that later. If you read between the lines, you could perhaps see the tension between her and Gabriel, but he made sure not to get her hopes up because he was happy and very much in love with Camille.

The ones who witnessed relationship drama through season 3 were Sylvie, Mindy, Gabriel, Camille, and others. The tension between Gabriel and Camille manifested itself through Emily witnessing a kiss shared between Camille and an artist she worked with, Sophia.

She decided to keep it secret, only sharing it with Mindy to not cause any problems and drama. She didn’t want to be a part of it. She finally revealed what she saw to Camille in episode 10.

Episode 5 changes things.

Suppose you have already watched the show and are wondering why episode 5 changed things when nothing colossal happened during that episode. In that case, the reason is that the romantic tension between Gabriel surfaces again. They shared a meal at a Michelin-star restaurant in the country where every staff member thought they were a couple.

They didn’t say or do anything, but they didn’t even have to. You could see it in their awkward body language and the looks they shared after the fact. A few episodes have passed, and as it turns out, Camille is in Greece with Sophia, posting pictures with her and some guys, partying.


‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happens Between Alfie and Emily?

Gabriel saw the pictures and thought Camille was coming back to Paris to end things. He got drunk on whiskey and called Emily to join him. While drunk, he confessed that his relationship with Emily is hard to manage because he loves both her and Camille and in the end, he will end up with nothing.

Emily couldn’t keep a straight face but refrained from commenting further so as not to ruin the friendship the two have and his relationship with Camille.

Episode 10: the finale

Before I get into the season finale and the end term of Alfie’s relationship, it’s worth noting that Gabriel and Camille cleared up any confusion, and their relationship was stronger than ever. So much so that they decided it was time to get married.

On the other end, we have Alfie and Emily. Alfie introduced Emily to his parents, something that he was dreading because he’s been burnt before and wanted to make sure Emily wasn’t going to leave him when he introduced her to his parents.

The story leads us to an engagement party at Camille’s parent’s house in the Champagne region. Everything seemed to be going fine and dandy until Luc, Emiliy’s coworker calls Emily to tell her that Gabriel is heading for a Michelin star, a fact he knew because he was dating a Michelin star inspector and arranged for her to go to Gabriel’s restaurant.

Season 3 Finale

Gabriel is thrilled and says he’ll never forget what Emily did for him. He grabs her hand and kisses her on it, then they hug. The hug and kiss on the hand don’t go unnoticed as Camille had seen them. Gabriel announces the Michelin star to Camille and her parents and decides they should get married immediately.

In an unflattering turn of events, Camille tells Gabriel that he doesn’t have to do it and says she broke the pact with Emily only to win. She didn’t want to be with him, but she had to. She could see from the moment they met that they were in love which was the final straw for Alfie, and he decided to leave as well.

The final scene of the season features Gabriel and Emily. They talk a bit about their feelings and how it has been hard for both of them. Gabriel then finishes by saying how Camille didn’t come back to work on their relationship; she came to say that she’s pregnant.

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