Who Is Ace’s Lover Isuka in One Piece?

Who Is Ace's Lover Isuka in One Piece?

With more than 1,000 chapters, you can imagine how many characters Eiichiro Oda has introduced in his One Piece series. Some of them are well-known and need no further introduction, while others are – actually – lesser-known characters that are, nevertheless, intriguing; we just don’t know much about them. One such character is Isuka, the lover of Portgas D. Ace, one of the most important characters in the series. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Isuka.

“Nailing” Isuka is a Marine Ensign that confronted the Spade Pirates during their time of activity. She is best known for chasing Portgas D. Ace and having several clashes with him. She saw a good man in Ace and even tried to draw him out of the life of piracy, since the two of them were on different sides of the law.

The rest of this article is going to further introduce Isuka, Ace’s lover, to you. You are going to find out some details about her, her story, and her importance to the world of One Piece. We are going to give you some known biographical details about her, and we are going to answer some questions relating to her role in the story.

Who is Isuka, Ace’s lover in One Piece?

While Isuka was a smalle girl, her village was set on fire during a pirate attack by Marine Lieutenant Commander Draw. Her parents were killed, but Draw saved her. She suffered a burn scar on her hand in the attack. At an unknown date, she then joined the Marines and was promoted to the rank of ensign very quickly.

At some point, as the Spade Pirates were having a party, Isuka infiltrated their ship. While being pursued by warships, the ship easily repelled the pirates on board; she easily blocked a bullet fired by Mihar, and Skull later named her “Nailing Isuka,” a name she earned for leaving people’s bodies full of holes with her sword.

Isuka prepares to stop Ace and his crew, but Ace is unafraid and joking. Isuka attacks Ace with fast attacks and cannot hit him as he sets her body on fire, but she can dodge the Spade Pirates if they try to attack her back. The Navy warships catch up with Spadille’s Piece and begin the attack, as Isuka had boarded earlier so that she could distract the Spade Pirates from the approaching warships.

However, Masked Deuce had an idea for the warships the whole time, leading them to a rocky reef area. When one of the warships hit the rocky reef, it began to sink. Isuka immediately stops fighting and jumps into the water to save her castaway teammates, but she weakens and is threatened by a large wave after a while.

However, Ace saves her life by giving her a lifeline, and she is angry at his actions. From that day on, she swore to hunt down Ace. As a result, she would have numerous encounters with the Spade Pirates. Isuka reunites with Ace and Deuce on the Sabaody Archipelago as they get off the Ferris wheel in Sabaody Park.

When she and Ace argue, her gondola becomes locked, and the three of them are sent on the ride. Although the mood is initially awkward, Isuka tells Deuce that the burn scar on her hand he was looking at was from the time when pirates burned down her village during her childhood, during which her parents were also killed. She, herself, had been saved from the flames by Lieutenant-Commander Draw, who had since become Vice-Admiral. She now wants no child to have the same experience as hers.

She recommends Ace to stop being a pirate as she doesn’t see it as evil. She even offered Ace a chance to become a Marine, but Ace doesn’t like the idea of ​​ending piracy and jumps off the gondola. Deuce wonders if Isuka will hold him hostage so Ace can return, but she replies that Justice isn’t taking hostages and she’s on vacation anyway.

Three days later, Isuka, accompanied by Vice Admiral Draw Ace and Deuce, approached a slum where pirates were feeding starving children. Isuka shows a letter from the Five Elders offering Ace the opportunity to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but Ace refuses that, saying he doesn’t like the Warlord system. Draw smiles and show that he shares the same opinion but then starts attacking Ace, taking the opportunity to bring him down after deciding he won’t be a warlord.

Revealing flamethrowers strapped under his arms, Draw prepares to fight Ace’s fire with his own as he unleashes his weapons and lights up the slum around them. Ace is horrified and tries to save the children from the slums, but the fire is too strong. However, as Deuce throws Draw, Ace and Isuka manage to save the kids. Deuce takes Draw’s fuel tank, and Ace punches the vice-admiral, but his punch does no damage.

Draw grabs Ace by the neck and, despite Ace’s Logia power, lifts him off the ground using Busoshoku Haki, which Ace is aware of. Draw gets ready to kill Ace in the name of justice, and Ace criticizes Draw’s justice, leading to him burning children. Draw reveals that he views burning innocent people as a critical prize in defeating the pirates, and this revelation shocks Isuka, who bursts into tears.

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Ace’s flames explode in Draw’s fuel tank, injuring them both. The two continue to fight, and Deuce knows Ace can win despite Draw’s skill. Ace overpowers Draw in the fight, and Draw reveals that Ace is now using Busoshoku Haki, which Ace doesn’t think much of. The two punch each other’s faces simultaneously, which ends up defeating Draw.

Deuce helps Ace get his ship back, but Ace can’t leave Isuka desperate. He reaches out and offers to let her come to his ship where she can be a bounty hunter and follow him while she is on the same ship as him. Isuka laughs, confused at his request, and says pirates and bounty hunters don’t shake hands.

Ace urges her to board his ship as he begins to leave Sabaody, but she stays behind, intent on continuing on her path as a Marine. She says her thank you to Ace, calling him by his name rather than his epithet for the first time in her lise, and Ace is sad to part with her.

What is Isuka’s relationship with Ace?

Ace and Isuka’s relationship was similar to Luffy and Smoker’s relationship, with somewhat more friendly terms. The Ensign attacked Ace and his crew, seeing it as her duty to enforce justice. As she was about to drown, Ace threw a life preserver at her, causing her to change her point of view on him. Since then, she attacked her crew several times, but Ace easily dealt with her with no hard feelings.


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After several capture attempts, Isuka decided to try to get Ace to give up piracy, as she thought he was not a “bad” pirate and she saw him as a good person. After Ace stopped Draw’s assault, Ace offered her a place in his crew, but Isuka refused and parted ways with him on good terms.

What is Isuka like?

She seems like a good person. Deuce sees her as kind and honest, but a bit careless as well. She believes children shouldn’t have to go through the pain she endured as the child of pirates but doesn’t seem to be willing to do anything to get her way, unlike Draw.

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