Who Is Capsule Corp Goku and How Strong Is He?

Who is Capsule Corp Goku and How Strong is He?

We all know that Son Goku is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise and that he is, in that aspect, one of its most interesting characters, which is why he is also the most often talked about character in the series. Son Goku is the character who started the story, and once it ends, we assume that it will somehow end with him. From the story’s beginning, Son Goku has been growing as a character and has become significantly stronger in that period of time, but the main Goku is not the only version of the character we’ve seen. Capsule Corp Goku, the version of Goku created to promote the Dragon Ball Heroes series, is one of the most famous and powerful iterations of Goku, and he is going to be the focus of this article. Since we are going to talk about him, we can tell you that in this article, you will find out who e is and just how strong he is.

Capsule Corp Goku, also known as CC Goku, is an iteration of Goku from the Dragon Ball Heroes series. The official Dragon Ball Wikia doesn’t really consider him a separate iteration of Goku, but since there are some major differences in their stories and their powers, we can actually consider him to be a separate version of the main character. Due to the fact that he has the collected experience and potential of all versions of Goku ever, he is considered to be the strongest version of Goku by far and the one with the most growth potential.

As you might assume, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Capsule Corp Goku and his powers. You will find out who he is, why he is considered a separate iteration of Goku, and why he is considered the most powerful iteration of the famous Saiyan. If you’re not fully acquainted with the story of Goku and his alternative versions, we have to warn you that this article will contain many spoilers.

Capsule Corp Goku isn’t even an iteration of Goku, but he is so powerful and so different that we can consider him as one

If you look at the official Dragon Ball Wikia, Capsule Corp Goku or CC Goku is a name that will not appear as a separate article. This is because Wikia considers Capsule Corp Goku to be the mainstream version of the character from the Heroes series, which means that it doesn’t consider him to be a separate version of the character.

But while that is partially true, Capsule Corp Goku is actually different than the mainstream version of the character in many ways, both in terms of their narrative and their abilities. This is why a lot of fans consider Capsule Corp Goku to be a separate iteration of the character, and based on that logic, we are going to structure our article as well.

Story-wise, Heroes are not considered to be part of the canon, so the story of Goku from that series cannot be directly connected to the story of mainstream Goku. In this non-canon series, we observe the events that happen after the end of the saga of the battle of the universes, where we can observe how Son Goku is training with Vegeta on the planet of Bills.


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Trunks then arrives to request help from these two against a new enemy that is bringing together different fighters from different universes and times on a planet dedicated to the battle between them. This narrative continuity was created to promote a very famous video game in Japan with the same name and is, thus, not considered canon, despite having some great stories. Now, we won’t be revealing the whole story to you here, and before we give our final verdict, allow us to tell you about Capsule Corp Goku’s powers.

As for his powers and abilities, on a base level, he has the same powers as the main timeline Goku. He is, like the main version of the character, a continually changing persona who improves his abilities and potential after every significant obstacle, growing stronger with each battle. In that respect, his potential is essentially limitless, and it is reasonable to infer that his potential is, in fact, limitless, even though there is no concrete evidence to support this.

But, unlike the original Goku, who is, as we’ve said, also a character with unlimited potential, Capsule Corp Goku has been created so that he has experienced everything that every version of Goku has experienced so far, meaning that he has materialized a lot of the potential of the other Goku’s. Thus, His growth potential is wholly different than mainstream Goku’s.

Well, we don’t exactly know how fast Goku is when it comes to speed. He’s fast; we know that. He can move really quickly and has excellent reflexes. But precisely how quick is he? We have no idea. We just know he is incredibly fast, like all versions of Goku. Probably, due to the fact that he has grown more than any of them, he is also faster than all of them put together.

Regarding his basic martial arts skills, CC Son Goku is an excellent fighter who never tires and improves stamina with each fight. CC Son Goku is a trained martial artist, making him naturally adept at hand-to-hand combat. Rather than relying on his strength and powers, CC Son Goku instead employs his talents and complex fighting techniques.

You, of course, know just how powerful Son Goku was and how much he had grown by the time Dragon Ball Super began. Now, multiply that by several… well, you can choose – thousands, millions… depending on which scale you prefer – and you’ll get the fighting skills and experience of CC Goku, who has managed to surpass every Goku known to us.


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As far as CC Goku is concerned, the skills he possesses are simply so amazing that we can confirm that his durability is night infinite. We always compare a character’s power level to the mainstream Goku, but CC Goku’s powers and abilities are on such a high level that we cannot really compare them from this perspective, as they are infinitely higher than those of regular Goku. So yes, when it comes to durability, CC Goku has basically infinite potential there, and he surpasses other iterations easily.

In the end, we can conclude the following. Capsule Corp Goku is not an officially recognized iteration of Son Goku, but his story and his powers are so different that we can consider him to be a separate iteration. He was originally created to promote a video game series in Japan but has since become so popular that a lot of people cannot stop debating him and his powers/abilities.

Aside from the narrative differences, the main difference between Capsule Corp Goku and the mainstream version of the character is that the former is an amalgam of all versions of Son Goku, both canon and non-canon, meaning that he has experienced everything that every Goku has experience and more. This means that the difference between him and mainstream Goku is immeasurable, which would make him the strongest iteration of the character we know, and we can confirm that here.

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