Dragon Ball: How Strong Is Goku at Full Power?

Dragon Ball: How Strong is Goku at Full Power?

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise is, without a doubt, one of the most popular manga and anime franchises in history. The story of young Son Goku, a brilliant and kind-hearted fighter who evolves to become the mightiest fighter in the universe and the protector of the world, has attracted millions of fans ever since the manga debuted in 1984. Son Goku and his powers have been the topic of debate for a while now – even we at Fiction Horizon have written several articles on Goku and his powers – which is why it should not surprise you that we are, once again, going to talk about Goku. In this article, we will tell you just how powerful Goku is at full power.

This article will list Goku’s current maximum powers, which coincide with his recently achieved Ultra Instinct mode. We are going to give you a list of his powers at full power and then analyze them briefly for you so that you actually know how powerful he is at full power and on what level his powers are at this stage, i.e., how relevant he is as a character when he is – now – at his full power. (Disclaimer: He’ll probably become even stronger quite soon, so take the article with a grain of salt, expecting a new level of power for Goku.)

How strong is Goku at full power?

As we have said, Goku’s currently strongest form is his Ultra Instinct, which he managed to achieve after training with Whis. With this, especially the Perfected Ultra Instinct, Goku has reached his current peak in terms of powers and abilities. What follows is an overview of Goku’s powers and abilities in the Perfected Ultra Instinct mode.

As we have said, Son Goku has attained a divine state known as the Ultra Instinct. Son Goku is currently in his most potent state. Akira Toriyama probably planned white hair rather than Super Saiyan Blue’s blue hair, which would explain the white hair. Toriyama was eventually forced to change the color to blue so as not to clash with a future enemy. Obviously, this enemy Toriyama was talking about was fused Zamasu, which hadn’t been revealed yet at the interview. The Ultra Instinct was created between 2015 and 2017 by Akira Toriyama.

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As the highest known power of the Autonomous Ultra Instinct, this is Son Goku’s most powerful transformation in history, surpassing any power he had before, including his previous Ultra Instinct Sign state.


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Upon entering this state, all of Goku’s abilities and skills (physical strength, speed, senses, reflexes, defense, resistance, dexterity) suddenly explode. The mortal reaches a level that even the gods cannot reach, surpassing the Gods of Destruction. According to the Japanese magazine Animedia, the God of Destruction of Universe 7 Beerus, in the anime, acknowledges that he believes that Goku in this state might be superior to him in power.

Just as Universe 11’s Pride Soldier, Jiren, and himself can do while using the Ultra Instinct Sign, Son Goku transformed into this divine state is capable of shaking, in his physical sense, the Kingdom of Nothingness, a great dimension consisting of an endless void where there is nothing and the concept of space-time does not exist. It, therefore, does not apply in its entirety.

In turn, the Saiyan in this transformation not only exceeds the speed of sound and light but also transcends the laws and the very concept of space and time as a whole and their control.

Son Goku, by using this transformation, fights much better and is superior to Jiren the Gray, with whom he perfectly managed to fight after he managed to increase his power to the maximum level, not only totally surpassing his strength but also being able to completely counter Jiren’s Superheated Magnetron ki, to the point where he not only held it in his hand but disintegrated it with nothing more than a flick of his fingers.

However, Jiren was certainly able to catch up, albeit without completely surpassing him, and apparently had some advantage over Goku during certain moments after remembering the traumas and bad memories of his dark past, which caused him to awaken a hidden potential beyond his abilities, limits and activate the Heat of the ultimate warrior, with which he was able to give Goku some fight for almost a full minute.

Goku’s hatred and bravery greatly boosted his power and speed in this form when he successfully deflected Jiren’s Power Slam when he assaulted his companions. From that point on, he was able to defeat Jiren easily by striking Jiren with powerful blows, effectively dodging and blocking all of Jiren’s attacks, including his numerous physical, ranged, and quick-hit offensive techniques and abilities, leaving him severely depleted. If Goku hadn’t suffered such severe physical damage from the Ultra Instinct, Jiren would not have had Goku at his mercy.


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Now that we have gone over Goku’s powers when he is in his Perfected Ultra Instinct mode, we can actually assess how powerful he is in the context of the universe he is in. After unlocking Perfected Ultra Instinct, Son Goku reached the level of a God of Destruction; initially, he was not as strong as Beerus, but even Beerus himself admitted that after reaching this level, Son Goku would be able to defeat him.

Now, even though he learned it from him, he is still not on the level of Whis, which means that at full power – at this moment in the story – Goku is somewhere on the level of a God of Destruction, but not on the level of Whis, as Whis is provenly stronger than Beerus (even Beerus himself has admitted that). Based on all of this, we can conclude that Son Goku has become quite powerful over the years and that he is absolutely one of the strongest characters in the lore of Dragon Ball, as he has consistently been at various stages of the story.

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