Who Is Cassandra In The Boys? Meet Katy Breier’s Character


The Boys isn’t short on characters that play supporting roles that may or may not be important to the overall flow of the story. In that regard, the Deep has his own supporting character in the form of Cassandra, who has been there with him since the second season. So, who exactly is Cassandra in The Boys, and what does she do for the Deep throughout his entire character arc in the series?

Cassandra is the Deep’s wife, who he met when he was with the Church of the Collective in season 2. She was assigned to be his wife because it was believed that she would be able to help him improve his image to the public. Cassandra continued to play her role as the Deep’s coach during his return to The Seven.

Because of the things that the Deep had done in the past, it was important for him to have someone who could help improve his image and overall standing as a supe. That was what Cassandra was there for, despite the fact that he wasn’t really fond of her at the beginning. So, with that said, let’s look at who Cassandra is and what she does in The Boys.

Who Is Cassandra In The Boys?

There is no doubt that a good part of The Boys not only focuses on the war between Butcher and Homelander but also on the other characters who are in the background of the entire narrative. In that regard, even the individual members of The Seven have seen their fair share of the spotlight in the series, especially with the way The Boys wants us to see how morally corrupt and spoiled the supes are.

That means that even someone like the Deep, who was considered the lowest of the low among The Seven, was still given his own time to shine in this series. He was first introduced as the man who first met Starlight when she was just new to The Seven. However, he forced her to give him a blowjob as a way of telling her that it was the only way for her to be able to truly get into The Seven.


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Ever since Starlight learned that he was merely lying about being one of the most influential members of The Seven, the Deep’s career steadily went downhill. In fact, his obsession with sea creatures eventually led Vought to expel him from The Seven as he became a common supe that had to be assigned elsewhere.

It was during the Deep’s exile that he was able to meet a few people that allowed him to get back on his feet and find his way back into The Seven. That was when he met Cassandra, who he met through Alastair Adana, the leader of the Church of the Collective. 

deep and cassandra the boys

Adana and the Church of the Collective insisted that the Deep was going to have to marry into their congregation so that they could help him get back on his feet. That was when Cassandra was assigned to him to be his future wife because the Church believed that she was going to help his image.

After that, Cassandra became his wife, even though the Deep didn’t really like her. He preferred a different girl, but the Church believed that Cassandra was the best because of her ability to improve a person’s image. In that regard, he didn’t have a choice but to marry her as he became a part of the Church of the Collective. 

Cassandra and the Deep pretended to be in love throughout the different media appearances that they had, but it was all just a way for him to be able to improve his image so that he could once more become a member of The Seven. Meanwhile, Cassandra seems to be invested in his career because it would allow her to move up in the world as well.

Despite the bad start in their relationship, Cassandra and the Deep eventually adjusted to one another as a married couple despite the fact that it was clear that neither one of them was truly deeply interested in one another.

What Does Cassandra Do In The Boys?

After Alastair’s death at the end of season 2, the Deep was able to become more independent but still had Cassandra seemingly dictating everything he needed to say or do so that he could once again return to The Seven.

In season 3, the Deep was able to return to The Seven as he filled up one of the remaining two slots. Throughout the entire time, Cassandra was there dictating what he needed to say so that he could suck up to Homelander.


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During a meeting between The Seven, Cassandra dictated what the Deep needed to say regarding the issue that A-Train had regarding Blue Hawk. This allowed him to get to Homelander’s good side. But he ended up angering A-Train as the two quarreled in the hallway of Vought.

Nevertheless, Cassandra forced the Deep to do some of the most awful things imaginable. This included making him eat his friend octopus, Timothy, whole and alive because Homelander was forcing him to do so. And Cassandra never cared about what the Deep thought, and that was what forced him to cheat on her with sea creatures.

In fact, the Deep attended Herogasm because Homelander sent him there to investigate the matter involving Soldier Boy. That was when he met a new octopus, which he had sex with during Herogasm as he was seen escaping with it. The Deep even went as far as convincing Cassandra to introduce the octopus into their relationship, as she was clearly repulsed by the idea.

cassandra and the deep

After the Deep went too far by telling Cassandra that the octopus also wanted to have a taste of her, that was when she decided to leave. She and the Deep had a heated argument regarding what she had been doing for him the entire time. 

Of course, the Deep didn’t give her the credit she deserved for propping him up the entire time during their marriage. In that sense, while the Deep may have been doing what Cassandra has been telling him to do the entire time, he never really recognized her role as his “coach” after they got married.

Who Plays Cassandra In The Boys?

katy brier

Cassandra is played by Katy Breier, who has been in the acting industry for a while already. She has been around since 2005 and has played smaller roles in smaller productions ever since she started acting.

While Katy Breier has never had a big role in all of the productions she appeared in, she did appear in productions like Titans, American Gods, and the video game called Monster Hunters Stories 2. In fact, her role as Cassandra in The Boys seems to be the biggest role in her career.

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