20 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer (RANKED)

strongest demons in demon slayer

In the world of Demon Slayer, Demons are creatures that kill and eat people. The very first demon is Muzan Kibutsuji, whose blood contributes to the emergence of new demons. This list of the 20 strongest Demon Slayer Demons will give you a better insight into this group of antagonists. The characters will be taken from different narrative arcs. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you can deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list.

20. Kyogai


Kyogai possesses six Tsuzumi Drums embedded in different parts of his body, each with a unique effect when played. These effects include rotating the room in different directions, unleashing a slash attack, and teleporting within his mansion, with the caveat that the influence is confined to the interior of the building, and Kyogai remains unaffected by the room rotation.

19. Kamanue

Kamanue called in the Dimentional Infinity Fortress

Kamanue’s overall demon abilities remain largely unknown, but it is presumed that he surpassed Kyogai, his predecessor in the Twelve Kizuki, indicating that he possessed formidable strength beyond the average demon.


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18. Spider Demon (Father)

Father Spider Demon looking for Inosuke

Father, a powerful non-Kizuki demon and second strongest in the Spider Family, showcased enhanced durability, speed, and strength, making him a dangerous opponent against Tanjiro and Inosuke. Additionally, he exhibited a unique ability for metamorphosis, shedding his outer skin to attain increased power and regenerative capabilities, though ultimately proving no match for the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka.

17. Tamayo

Tamayo introducing herself

Tamayo, one of the oldest demons predating the Twelve Kizuki, possesses dangerous powers, including the ability to enchant and manipulate others with her Blood Demon Art. Her greatest strength lies in her extensive knowledge of medicine and demon physiology, enabling her to reverse demon transformations and contribute significantly to the downfall of Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji by developing a potent drug that weakened his unparalleled physical abilities.

16. Rui

Rui close up 2

Rui possesses the unique ability to share his power and appearance with other demons through the consumption of his blood, granting them similar pale white skin and red markings, along with potential spider-like characteristics. However, if Rui is defeated before his “family,” the demons who received a portion of his power lose the ability to use the Blood Demon Arts he bestowed upon them.

15. Mukago

Mukago bowing to Muzan

Mukago’s demon abilities remain largely undisclosed, but her higher position as Lower Rank Four in the Twelve Kizuki suggests she was stronger than the average demon and superior in power to Kamanue, her counterpart with a lower rank.

14. Wakuraba

Wakuraba called in the Dimentional Infinity Fortress 1

Wakuraba, the Lower Three of the Twelve Kizuki, demonstrated considerable demon strength, having claimed to rise in rank from Lower Six and displaying confidence in plotting an escape from his master. While possessing enhanced regeneration from Muzan’s blood, he ultimately fell short in power compared to prominent demons like Rui and Enmu, unable to regrow his body after decapitation by Muzan.


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13. Rokuro

Rokuro about to be killed by Muzan

Rokuro, the second strongest demon among the Lower Ranks as Lower Rank Two, remains an enigma in terms of his true strength. His claim of successfully acclimating a portion of Muzan’s blood, coupled with Muzan’s statement about Rui matching Lower Rank Two and One in strength, suggests that Rokuro may possess formidable and potentially equal power to the top-ranked demons.

12. Nezuko

Nezuko trying to resist Sanemi27s blood

Nezuko possesses unique traits that distinguish her from other demons, notably the ability to continuously restore her power through sleep without consuming human blood. Her extraordinary growth rate allows her to rapidly increase in strength during battles, showcased when she overcame injuries and triumphed against Susamaru, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Nezuko’s flames can also turn Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade from black to red, much like Yoriichi Tsugikuni changed his blade from black to red before the fight, further strengthening his blade’s effectiveness against devils. In addition, Tanjiro allows the dance of the fire god to be performed more effectively.

11. Kaigaku

Kaigaku profile

Kaigaku, a former Thunder Breathing user turned Upper Rank demon, showcases immense speed and reflexes derived from the Thunder Breathing swordsmanship style, emphasizing swiftness and rapid bursts of speed. Assimilating large amounts of Muzan’s blood further enhances his agility, allowing him to not only keep up with Zenitsu but also overpower him during their clash.


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10. Enmu

Enmu27s smiling at other27s misfortune

Enmu possesses advanced manipulation of his own flesh, allowing him to mix blood with untraceable ink, create dream-invading tools, and form formidable tentacles. These abilities, including tentacles that nearly overwhelmed Demon Slayers, were only thwarted by Tanjiro’s successful decapitation during their encounter.

9. Gyutaro

Gyutaro scratching himself

Gyutaro, the true Upper Rank Six, boasts immense demon power with over a century of combat experience, having killed and devoured 15 Hashira. He demonstrated strength by easily overpowering both Tengen Uzui and Tanjiro Kamado simultaneously, and even when the tide briefly turned, he and Daki swiftly regained control, driving the Demon Slayers into a corner.

8. Gyokko

Gyokko emerges from his pot CH110

Gyokko, the Upper-Rank Five in the Twelve Kizuki, is an exceptionally powerful demon with unique Blood Demon Art and techniques, enabling him to easily outclass average demons and pose a significant threat to Hashira. In a duel with Muichiro Tokito, Gyokko showcased impressive feats of strength, overpowering the Hashira and bringing him to the brink of death, with only Muichiro’s awakening of his Demon Slayer Mark preventing Gyokko from likely achieving a kill. Additionally, Gyokko’s talent as a skilled artist, particularly in crafting pots, garnered Muzan’s interest and high market value for his creations.


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7. Nakime

Nakime anime

After attaining the rank of Upper-Rank Four and likely receiving more blood from Muzan, the demon showcased a new ability to create and detach multiple eyeballs from her body, enabling her to spy on others from a considerable distance. This newfound skill allowed her to successfully locate and reveal the positions of nearly all members of the Demon Slayer Corps and Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s hidden mansion, previously concealed even from the highest-ranking members.

6. Daki

Daki Anime

Daki, the secondary holder of Upper Rank Six, is an immensely powerful demon, having killed seven Hashira in the past. Her ability to detach sentient flesh in the form of a powerful obi sash proved formidable against seasoned Demon Slayers and experienced kunoichi, even overpowering Tanjiro Kamado, and upon regaining full strength, her enhanced speed and durable sashes allowed her to effortlessly destroy buildings and outclass powerful techniques like Zenitsu’s Thunderclap and Flash.

5. Hantengu

Hantengu at the Upper Rank meeting

Hantengu, the holder of the fourth highest position in the Twelve Kizuki, is an exceptionally powerful demon whose Blood Demon Art allows him to create four emotion-manifested clones, each possessing Upper Rank demon-level strength. These clones overwhelm seasoned Demon Slayers like Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya, requiring a strategic cat-and-mouse approach to locate and defeat the main body. When the clones merge into Zohakuten, they successfully fend off multiple skilled Demon Slayers, including Mitsuri Kanroji, who can only evade and stall until the main body, Hantengu, is defeated, highlighting the formidable challenge presented by the demon.

4. Akaza

Akaza escapes Anime

As Upper-Rank Three, Akaza possesses an extraordinary regenerative ability, assimilating a massive amount of Muzan’s blood, allowing him to instantly recover from severe wounds, including the regeneration of limbs and even his head. His remarkable control over his regeneration speed is demonstrated in various instances, such as purposefully slowing it down to showcase injuries and choosing not to heal wounds inflicted on his chest as a demonstration of his invulnerability as a demon.


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3. Doma

Douma Profile Pic

Doma’s Blood Demon Art grants him potent cryokinesis, allowing him to generate lethal ice and frost from his flesh and blood, manipulate it at will, and unleash powerful ice techniques. The extreme coldness of his creations is demonstrated by the near-freezing surroundings and the ability to induce rapid cell death in the lungs of those who inhale the ice, rendering them unable to breathe.

2. Kokushibou


Kokushibo’s Blood Demon Art, complementing his Moon Breathing, enables him to create and control unpredictable crescent moon blades from his flesh katana, constantly changing in size, direction, and speed. These chaotic blades enhance the lethality of his techniques, making every sword swing highly dangerous and challenging for Demon Slayers to anticipate. Sanemi acknowledges the difficulty of defending against Kokushibo’s attacks, stating that years of demon-hunting experience were crucial for his successful defense.


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1. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan is pissed of

Muzan’s Blood Demon Art grants him potent biokinetic abilities, allowing him to manipulate his body with unparalleled speed and precision, shapeshifting instantly. He demonstrated this ability by deceiving the Lower Ranks with the appearance of an adult female, contorting his arm into a monstrous appendage, and adopting disguises, including that of a child. During the battle, Muzan showcased the capability to transform into a gigantic flesh cocoon for poison dissolution, grow whip-like appendages with sharp edges, and release shockwave energy-like blasts from his distorted mouth, highlighting the versatility and deadly nature of his biokinetic powers.

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