20 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer (RANKED)

20 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer (RANKED)

In the world of Demon Slayer, Demons are creatures that kill and eat people. The very first demon is Muzan Kibutsuji, whose blood contributes to the emergence of new demons. Demons are the primary antagonists of the whole anime series and have appeared throughout the show, each of them being unique and different in their own specific way.

This list of the 20 strongest Demon Slayer Demons will give you a better insight into this group of antagonists. The characters will be taken from different narrative arcs. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you will be able to deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list.

Strongest Demon Slayer Demons

The list is going to include a total of 20 Demons. They are going to be ranked from 20th to 1st place, with the 20th being the weakest on this list, and the 1st one being the strongest.

20. Kyogai


Kyogai is a relatively calm and sincere person, despite the fact that he is a bloodthirsty demon. Instead of yelling or bellowing in annoyance, Kyogai mutters softly about what is annoying him. He believes that it is rude that people break into his house and destroy them for interfering with him. If he’s annoyed enough, Kyogai will raise his voice about trouble and insult his opponents.

Only after becoming a demon did Kyogai believe that Kibutsuji’s blood would make him infinitely stronger. However, when his power became finite after he could not grow stronger from the food of humans, Kyogai was banished by his master.

Desperate to please the Kibutsuji Master and prove the value of his Demon Blood Art, Kyogai became obsessed with consuming Marechi, people of rare blood. In fact, Kyogai really wants to be recognized for his talent. He wanted people to love his writing and was devastated when told to give it up.

To atone for this humiliation, Kyogai tries to prove himself as a powerful demon in the Twelve Demon Moons. This is why he is so desperate to reclaim his place. After his death, Tanjiro recognizes his talent and allows Kyogai’s soul to rest in peace.

19. Kamanue

Kamanue called in the Dimentional Infinity Fortress

Kamanue was a small young man with pale skin, his face decorated with a thick dark green line under both eyes and on his nose, which rose vertically in another shorter horizontal line on his forehead. Four large dots were also placed at the ends of the line on her cheeks, in the middle of that of her forehead, and under her lower lip.

His eyes were cat-shaped, with slit pupils and pale blue irises, and with a white ring on the sides, the kanji for “Six” engraved in his right one. Kamanue also had dark brown hair with bright orange tips that were worn back.

He wore a white haori with a yellow tortoiseshell pattern on the sleeves, as well as a white button-down shirt and dark hakama pants. Kamanue was a very cutting-edge individual who constantly wore an expression of fear, which is probably due to the fact that he felt weak as the last moon among the lower ranks of the Twelve Demonic Moons.

He appeared to be constantly nervous during his short stay in the Infinity Castle, suggesting a nervous personality.

18. Spider Demon (Father)

Father Spider Demon looking for Inosuke

As a demon, he possesses superhuman physical strength, reflexes, and senses, and of all his “family”, he seems to have the most physical strength after Rui, as Tanjiro noted. His skin is incredibly strong and durable despite using water breathing style to attack him, Tanjiro was barely able to do any damage.

The Spider Demon has the ability to shed its outer skin to transform into a more powerful form with increased physical strength and regenerative abilities, and this form is even stronger and more durable than its original form.

17. Tamayo

Tamayo introducing herself

Tamayo has demonstrated impressive skills in medicine and pharmaceuticals, possessing the ability to alter her own body so that she can only survive on a small amount of human blood. She was also able to transform the terminally ill Yushiro into a Demon without Muzan’s blood, and was later able to reverse the process while treating the person they encountered in the Asakusa Arc.

To once again demonstrate her pharmaceutical skills, Tamayo was also able to help Shinobu saturate his body with the deadly poison of wisteria without it as much as causing her slightest illness; a tactic she would use effectively against the Upper Moon 2, Douma.

16. Rui

Rui close up 2

He was a very capable demon and Muzan liked him. Rui was also a skilled fighter, like the First and Second Lower Moon. He wasn’t fixated on numbers, so he didn’t think about deadly combat to replace them. Muzan expected Rui to defeat the Hashira.

If he regained the strength he shared with his individual “family members” before they were defeated one by one, he would have a good fight with the Hashira. However, he made so many mistakes after losing control of his emotions during his fight with Tanjiro and others. As he lost his composure, his attacks became powerful but monotonous.

As a demon and one of the twelve moons under Muzan’s command, he received significantly more blood from the latter, giving Rui an incredible amount of power, easily surpassing the blood of other demons, which further enhances his strength.

Considering how he managed to subdue, rally numerous demons on Mount Natagumo and make them work for him, to become his “family”, he was clearly aware that he was far superior to them. Proof of his strength is that he was able to easily overwhelm talented fighters like Tanjiro and kill dozens of demon slayers with no apparent effort.

15. Mukago

Mukago bowing to Muzan

After all the other Lower Moons gathered together in the Infinity Castle, Muzan appeared before them in his female form. He looked at them with irritation and told them to lower their heads and crouch in front of him. Thereafter, Mukago expressed regret at being ordered to do this, as she did not recognize Muzan as he angrily asked why she spoke without permission and asked her to shut up if she was not directly asked a question.

In fear at his feet, Muzan went on to explain the death of Rui, the only Lower Moon who was not among those gathered in front of him, and asked the other demons why they were so weak. He lectured them that their stay in the ranks of the Twelve Moons of Demons was not the end, but only the beginning of things to come, and that their only purpose was to consume blood so that they might be useful to him.

Muzan says it has been hundreds of years since the Upper Moons were replaced, but the Lower Moons were replaced all the time, and Kamanue thought Muzan couldn’t just tell them about it. Since he could read the minds of those with whom he shared blood, Muzan angrily asked Kamanue why they had not been told this, reaching out in a tentacle to grab the Lower Moon by the neck and lift him into the air.

Kamanue tried to apologize but was quickly eaten by Muzan as Mukago and the rest of the Lower Moons kept their heads bowed in shocking silence.

14. Wakuraba

Wakuraba called in the Dimentional Infinity Fortress 1

As one of the Twelve Lower Demon Moons, he received more blood from Muzan than from normal demons, which supposedly gave him superior regenerative power over theirs. However, he did not have the necessary strength to regain growth / rebuild his body after being beheaded by Muzan.

As a result of his attempt to escape from the endless fortress, Wakuraba demonstrated increased physical speed in order to run a great distance from Muzan in a short time.

13. Rokuro

Rokuro about to be killed by Muzan

Little is known about Rokuro’s strength and abilities as a demon, but, as he was chosen to be one of the Lower Ranks of the Twelve Demonic Moons, it can be assumed that he possessed powers stronger than the average demons and was superior to Kamanue, Rui, Mukago and Wakuraba because he was given a rank higher than theirs.

However, it can also be assumed that he was not as strong as Enmu and the only one of the Lower Ranks to rank higher than him.

12. Nezuko

Nezuko trying to resist Sanemi27s blood

When Nezuko was turned into a demon, she demonstrated the ability to reduce her physical size at will, for example to fit into a small box or basket to hide from sunlight when out with Tanjiro during the day. She could also enlarge into a larger shape when fighting other devils.

Nezuko can ignite her blood and turn it into flames. She is able to decide how deadly her blood is and can also heal the wounds it causes in others if necessary. However, these flames only work against other devil art like Rui’s threads.


Is Nezuko the Strongest Demon in Demon Slayer?

Nezuko’s flames can also turn Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade from black to red, much like Yoriichi Tsugikuni changed his blade from black to red before the fight, further strengthening his blade’s effectiveness against devils. In addition, Tanjiro allows the dance of the fire god to be performed more effectively.

11. Kaigaku

Kaigaku profile

Due to his conversion into a Demon, Kaigaku’s Breathing techniques suffered a sharp increase in power, being enough to fill the vacant position of Upper Moon Six. However, Kaigaku was just beginning to adapt to the changes that his transformation into a Demon entails, so his exact power was just growing.

Yushiro comments that if Kaigaku had been allowed to live one more year, it is possible that Zenitsu would have died if they were to face each other after that time.

Taught by Jigoro Kuwajima, Kaigaku barely knew five of the six existing attack stances of the Thunder Breathing, despite not learning the first stance, which was the most basic and the main of the other attacks. Like Kokushibo, Kaigaku uses his Demon Blood Technique to increase the power of his attacks allowing him to break the skin and burn the flesh of his opponent. In his visual aspect, all of his attacks had a black coloration.

10. Enmu

Enmu27s smiling at other27s misfortune

Like all demons, Enmu has strong regenerative abilities. Since he is one of the Lower Moons, his self-healing was probably above average for normal demons. By mixing his blood with the ink on train tickets, Enmu can put anyone who held them in their hand to sleep, making them vulnerable to his powers. Enmu is able to fuse with large, inanimate objects. He has been able to transform his body into that of a train.

As the Lower Moon 1, Enmu is the strongest Lower Moon and most closely matches the strength of the upper ranks. After receiving more blood from Muzan, his powers and skills continued to improve. However, as evident from his loss to Tanjiro and Inosuke, he is nowhere near as strong as the devils of the upper echelons.

9. Gyutaro

Gyutaro scratching himself

Gyutaro’s degree of skill and strength is described in Tanjiro’s words after Demon Hunter first met him and noted that Gyutaro’s aura, murderous intentions, and lust were several leagues higher than his sister’s, causing the young hunter to subconsciously retreat from his fear of him. Gyutaro also later stated that he successfully killed and ate thirteen Hashira during his long life as a Demon, further demonstrating his abilities as the Upper Moon.

Another testament to his strength is the fact that even though Gyutaro was killed in battle, he was still capable of seriously injuring Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, and poisoning him. He would have killed Tanjiro and Inosuke without Nezuko’s unique demon blood technique. And if it weren’t for his own arrogance that overcame him, he would probably have defeated and killed them all himself.

8. Gyokko

Gyokko emerges from his pot CH110

Gyokko can use his pot to teleport to any location to avoid attacks. Although he will no longer be able to do this if the pot is destroyed. After destroying the pot, Gyokko emerges from it in his “true form”.

His body is covered with scales that serve him as armor because they are much harder than the diamonds that were also inside his pot. Only three people have seen Gyokko with this appearance since in this state everything he touches with his hands turns into a cute little fish.

7. Nakime Otokawa

Nakime anime

Although Nakime’s Demon Blood Art was not as martial as the rest of the Upper Moons, her ability was as strong, if not more, than that of her comrades in terms of utility and strength, as she alone could control and manipulate an entire fortress at will as if they were her limbs.

Nakime has the ability to manipulate and control a seemingly endless interdimensional fortress while playing the Biwa, capable of leading anyone to a fortress and capable of creating entrances and exits wherever she wants, and by attaching and rooting her hair to a wall nearby within the fortress, she can control position fortress, as she likes, moving and changing the position of the various walls, as she wants.

Later, attaining the rank of Upper Moon 4 and presumably receiving more blood from Muzan, she demonstrated a new ability to create and detach multiple eyeballs from her body, which allowed her to spy on others from a great distance.

With this new ability, she was able to locate almost all of the members of The Demon Hunting Corps throughout Japan, as well as the hidden mansion of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, who did his best to hide his whereabouts even from high-ranking members of the Demon Slaying Corps.

6. Daki

Daki Anime

Daki is considered a powerful Demon, whom Muzan personally recognized as a “special Demon”. She was able to overwhelm and maintain an advantage over Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira – all of whom were talented fighters.

She maintained her original claims as one of the Upper Moons of the Twelve Moon Demons. However, her rank and position among the Moons are only due to her brother’s powers and abilities, which enhance her own.

5. Hantengu

Hantengu at the Upper Rank meeting

Hantengu can split into several younger forms, each with its own distinctive emotion and abilities. What distinguishes them from each other is their clothing and a kanji tattoo that denotes their basic emotions. The main form of the Upper Moon 4, which is a smaller version of the original body, as well as a body that has a Hantengu “core”. This body possesses incredible physical strength and durability that even Genya’s bullets or sword cannot penetrate its flesh, despite Genya using his increased demon power to further enhance his attacks.

4. Akaza

Akaza escapes Anime

As the holder of the title of Upper Moon 3, Akaza possessed tremendous power, thanks to which he was able to defeat Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, as well as several former Hashira, according to what he stated. Later, he was able to fight on equal terms with Tanjiro and Giyu, even when both of them used their Demon Slayer Marks, and Tanjiro used the Dance of the Fire God.

If he had not lost the will to continue fighting, he would most likely have killed both of them. Further evidence of his power is that he is the fourth most powerful Demon in the series, who did not kill or eat any women, which drastically interfered with his growth in power as a Demon.

It is safe to assume that Akaza would have been much stronger and probably of a higher rank in the ranks of the Demon of the Twelve Moons, if he did not limit himself to killing only males.

3. Doma

Douma Profile Pic

His main form of combat was to channel his moves through his two fans, both powerful destructive attacks and paralyzed attacks from opponents. According to Doma, Akaza, the Upper Moon 3, would have had no chance of defeating him in battle. With this in mind, it can be assumed that Doma is an extremely powerful demon, even if he hadn’t been seen in serious fights until he was severely weakened by Shinobu’s poison.

Taking the position of Upper Moon 2, Doma is considered the third most powerful demon in the series. His combination of fighting techniques and skills was powerful enough to defeat Shinobu, the Insect Hashira without much difficulty, and it was noted that he also defeated Kanae Kocho, the previous Flower Hashira.

2. Kokushibou


Kokushibo was an extremely powerful swordsman, considered the strongest of the Twelve Moon Demons and the second strongest Demon in the series, after Muzan Kibutsuji. As one of the oldest demons in the series, he has fought numerous demon hunters and gained immense experience and knowledge in combat.

He was able to easily decipher the methods and skills of at least two Pillars and crush them in battle. As a Breathing user, he possessed high levels of strength and reflexes, which were further enhanced by his Demon physiology. As he began to use more and more of his power, Kokushibo managed to crush both Gyomei and Sanemi, both of whom were reinforced with their Demon Slayer Marks.

As proof of his power, it ultimately required a combination of attacks from Gyomei, Sanemi, and Muichiro to seriously injure him. In the end, Kokushibo’s death was mainly the result of his sudden inability to regenerate and began to crumble due to the realization of his mistake rather than the skills of his opponents.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan is pissed of

It is revealed later in the series that Muzan was getting slower and slower, due to the effects of the aging medicine provided by Tamayo, which sped up his age massively. Despite everything, he was able to subdue the Hashira that faced him, as well as Tanjiro who was just learning to use the Sun Breathing style.


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