Who Is Gorr The God Butcher’s Daughter In Thor: Love And Thunder?

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At the beginning of Thor: Love and Thunder, it became clear that Gorr’s mission was to kill all of the gods when his daughter died due to starvation and weakness when the god of his world abandoned them. When he was chosen by the Necrosword, Gorr went on a god-killing spree that saw him murdering countless gods all over the universe on his way to make it to Eternity to make a wish. But a seemingly reformed Gorr only had one simple wish when he got to Eternity—the return of his daughter. So, who is Gorr the God Butcher’s Daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Gorr’s currently unnamed daughter is most likely an entirely new character to the MCU. She isn’t exactly the same daughter that Gorr had but was most likely a girl born out of Eternity but was able to take on the form of Gorr’s daughter due to the wish that he made. Thor took her in as his own due to Gorr’s request.

There isn’t anything in the comics regarding Gorr’s daughter coming back to life, and that means that it is possible that this girl that Thor took in is an entirely new MCU character. It is also interesting to note that she was born out of Eternity, and that means that she is a cosmic being beyond a god. With that said, let’s look at what we know about Gorr’s daughter.

How Was Gorr’s Daughter Brought Back?

One of the things that we already knew about Thor: Love and Thunder was that it was going to be Gorr the God Butcher that was set to become the main antagonist of the new Thor movie. The film opened up with Gorr’s back story as he was traversing through a barren wasteland with his daughter, who was dying. Gorr’s daughter couldn’t make it as Gorr was left all alone when he heard a voice calling out to him from an oasis.

That was when Gorr saw a rich oasis full of water and fruit as he was also quick to realize that the god of his world was the one that created the oasis. But instead of meeting someone who he thought was going to save him, he met a selfish god that didn’t care about Gorr and all of the people that had to die in his name. That was when Gorr was chosen by the Necrosword as he slew the god and vowed revenge on all of the gods in the universe.

As the movie unfolded, Thor had to leave the Guardians of the Galaxy so that he could investigate this matter involving Gorr. He found out through a wounded Sif that Gorr was going to target New Asgard next, and that was when he, Valkyrie, and a Mjolnir-empowered Jane Foster fought Gorr. But the God Butcher escaped New Asgard with a lot of Asgardian children that he was going to use as a bargaining chip against Thor.


Then, when the group went to Omnipotence City to ask for help from Zeus and the other gods, their request fell on deaf ears. But the one thing that Thor found out was that Gorr wanted to get to Eternity, which is a cosmic entity that could grant any wish. Zeus, however, was confident enough because he knew that Gorr needed a key that he didn’t have to open the gate to Eternity. And the problem was that when Thor and his group went to the Shadow Realm, they found out that Gorr was only baiting Thor to save the children because the Bifrost, which could be accessed by Stormbreaker, was the key to the gate of Eternity.


How Was Thor Able To Grant His Powers To The Kids?

Gorr was able to steal away Stormbreaker from Thor and use it to open the gate to Eternity. But before Gorr was able to get to Eternity to make his wish to kill all of the gods in the universe, Thor and Jane destroyed the Necrosword and ended its control over a corrupted Gorr. Still, Gorr was able to get to Eternity as Thor was on his way to stop him from making his wish.

But when Thor saw that Gorr was about to make his wish, he decided to stay with a weakened Jane instead because she was already dying. Thor said that the only thing that he wanted to do at that point in his life was to stay with the one he loved. This touched Gorr, who was no longer under the control of the Necrosword, as he made a wish to Eternity.

This wish, however, did not involve the death of all of the gods in the universe. Instead, Gorr brought back the daughter that he had lost at the beginning of the movie. His daughter was standing over him as the image of Eternity disappeared. Gorr was dying when he told Thor to take care of his daughter.

At that moment, both Gorr and Jane died as Thor was left to be the one to take care of the daughter that the former God Butcher had wished back. And the most surprising part about all of it was that Gorr’s daughter was emotionless throughout the entire scene, as that could be a clue as to who or what this being is.

Who Is Gorr The God Butcher’s Daughter?

In the comics, Gorr did have daughters, but they all died back on his home planet due to starvation. And instead of his daughter being the final one of his children to die, it was his son that ended up being the last of his children to face death, as his son’s death was what prompted Gorr to hate the gods.


Why Does Gorr Hate Gods & Wants to Kill Them All?

So, while Gorr did have a daughter in the comics, she was not important. This makes us wonder who exactly is Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder.

As of this moment, we aren’t sure who Gorr’s daughter is because, as mentioned, the comics never showed anything about Gorr wishing for his daughter to come back to life. But there are clues that were left behind in the movie.

The first clue was the fact that, as mentioned, Gorr’s daughter wasn’t even showing any emotions while he was dying on the ground. And another clue is the fact that, when Gorr’s daughter was brought back, the image of Eternity disappeared.

Then, in the final parts of the movie, Thor did indeed stay true to his word of taking care of the little girl as he was now playing the role of her adoptive father/uncle. In fact, they traveled the universe together as the titular Love and Thunder duo. But the surprising part was that she was able to shoot cosmic energy from her eyes on top of the fact that she was able to wield Mjolnir effectively as well, as it was clear that her powers and physique were, at the very least, godlike.


As the movie ended, Korg was narrating the scene and said that the girl was born out of Eternity. This could mean that this was not the same daughter that Gorr had at the beginning of the movie. It is possible that, when Gorr made his wish, Eternity merely used its powers to bring back Gorr’s daughter but sacrificed itself to do so.

The possibility is that Eternity merely reshaped itself to become the image of Gorr’s daughter because it might have been impossible to totally bring her back from the dead. But another possibility is that this was indeed Gorr’s daughter but was infused by Eternity’s powers because the cosmic being needed to sacrifice itself to bring back someone who was already dead.

But what we believe here is that, with the introduction of Gorr’s daughter/Thor’s adoptive daughter, Thor: Love and Thunder is treading new grounds that have never been treaded in the comics before. It is more than possible that she is an entirely new character in the MCU, considering that Phase Four has been introducing new concepts that were never in the comics. In that regard, this only makes the future of Thor and the MCU more exciting as not even comic book experts know what will happen next.

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