Who Is Mr. Nobody in ‘John Wick 4’? Meet Shamier Anderson’s Character

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The John Wick franchise is centered on the title character played by Keanu Reeves, but each movie of the franchise introduces some new supporting characters that can be either allies or enemies of John Wick. But the character we’re going to talk about now is kind of both. Apart from the new antagonists, played by Bill Skarsgård, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, and Marko Zaror, one of the supporting antagonists was Mr. Nobody, played by Shamier Anderson.

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Shamier Anderson plays the character officially known as the Tracker, or Mr. Nobody. He is a skilled professional assassin and a bounty hunter who is pursuing John Wick for the prize money. However, Mr. Nobody wants to wait for the prize money to be bigger because the bounty on John’s head increases over time as long as he’s alive. That’s why Mr. Nobody protects John at first so that no one can “steal” his kill, and once Marquis Vincent de Gramont promises Mr. Nobody a high enough award, Mr. Nobody goes into attack mode. Throughout the entire movie, Mr. Nobody is accompanied by his dog, which helps him during the operation by attacking his enemies.

Shamier Anderson is a Canadian actor best known for playing Xavier Dolls in the first three seasons of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp. He also played the role of Trevante Ward on Apple TV+’s Invasion. John Wick: Chapter 4 is most likely his most-known movie role now, and in the next paragraphs, we’ll look into the background of his character and explain what happened to him at the end and how his story concluded.

Spoiler alert for John Wick: Chapter 4

What is Mr. Nobody’s role in the movie?

The real name of the Tracker, aka Mr. Nobody, was never revealed during the movie; basically, nothing is known about his personal history. Still, the movie provided us with enough information to understand his character and his purpose in the movie. The audience meets Mr. Nobody when he arrives at the Osaka Continental Hotel, pursuing the contract on John Wick’s head. Mr. Nobody is accompanied by his dog, which follows him everywhere. Although Akira, the hotel’s concierge, says dogs are off-limits, we realize quickly how much Mr. Nobody cares for his four-legged friend.

Almost immediately after meeting Mr. Nobody and his dog, we learn what his business is here. Mr. Nobody is following the amount of prize money on John Wick’s contract, but he wants to wait until the prize increases. The contract started at $7 million in Chapter 3; at the beginning of Chapter 4, it was already $14 million. During the fight against the wave of assassins in the hotel, John is interrupted by Mr. Nobody, who decides to let him go after deciding the contract money is still not sufficient enough.


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Mr. Nobody later visits Marquis Vincent de Gramont, the movie’s main antagonist, to negotiate a sufficient price for John’s head, although that makes him a direct competitor to Caine, a blind assassin who de Gramont also hired. During the movie, John and Mr. Nobody meets and fight each other several times, but the audience starts to realize that Mr. Nobody doesn’t really want to kill John unless it’s strictly business.

What happened to Mr. Nobody at the end?

While John was fighting waves and waves of assassins in Paris in an effort to arrive at the duel with de Gramont in time, Mr. Nobody was following him, and still helping him, to save John for himself, so to say. Since it is important for de Gramont that John never reaches the place of the duel in time, Mr. Nobody calls and negotiates an even higher price for John’s head with de Gramont. Marquis eventually agrees, and Mr. Nobody attacks John while his dog is dealing with Chidi, Marquis’ right-hand man.

However, during the fight, John picks up the gun and has a chance to kill Mr. Nobody, but seeing Chidi attacking Mr. Nobody’s dog, John shoots Chidi instead, saving the dog. Afterward, John had a staircase in front of him filled with assassins, and he needed to reach the top of the stairs for the duel. Caine aids John in reaching the top of the staircase in time, and although Chidi attacks again and nearly kills John, Mr. Nobody kills him first by finally shooting him in the head. After that, Mr. Nobody’s dog urinates on Chidi’s head.

Feeling that he owes John for saving his dog, Mr. Nobody lets John go and then just sits and watches the duel, still accompanied by his dog. Ultimately, John manages to kill Marquis in a duel, ending all his obligations to the High Table before succumbing to his wounds.


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Mr. Nobody’s character explained

The movie wanted to present Mr. Nobody as a bounty hunter who is great at his job, but he won’t do it unless the prize is high enough. He often mentioned that he wanted to earn his pension with his last job, so we can presume that he wanted to leave the life of bounty hunting behind. That creates a reverse contrast between Mr. Nobody and Caine, who already left that life before Marquis threatened him with his daughter’s life to make him go after John.

Ultimately, Mr. Nobody decided to let John go because he didn’t care for the money as much as he cared for his dog. John saved Mr. Nobody’s dog, even though he had a clear chance to finish Mr. Nobody’s life, and after that, Mr. Nobody felt he owed John too much, so he decided to forget about the contract and just peacefully watch the final duel. We remember how the first John Wick movie was about John looking for revenge after his dog was killed, and although the life of John’s dog ended tragically, John didn’t want the same to happen to Mr. Nobody.

John Wick: Chapter 4 now plays in theaters.

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