Who Is Robert Singer from The Boys? Meet Supernatural’s Jim Beaver’s New Character

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Season 3 of The Boys keeps on getting more interesting because of the inclusion of different characters that may or may not play important roles in the future. Of course, some of them were there only for a few short minutes but were still able to make an impact on the future of the series. One such character was Robert Singer, who we only saw a few times in the series but was quite impactful over the course of The Boys. So, who is Robert Singer from The Boys?

Robert Singer is the US Secretary of Defense in the universe of The Boys. He was the one who first discussed the idea of supes in the military. Meanwhile, in season 3, he was in discussion with Stan Edgar about using V24 in the military because it only has temporary effects.

It is worth noting that Robert Singer from The Boys is a play on the character named Bobby Singer in the Supernatural series played by the very same actor. In that regard, The Boys not only parodies superheroes from comics but other characters from other series as well. So, with that said, let’s get to know Robert Singer from The Boys a bit more.

Who is Robert Singer From The Boys?

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At its surface, The Boys is a series that’s all about a group of ordinary people trying to take down corrupt supes that were spoiled by their fame and the way they are treated by their fans and the company that backs them up. However, there are more things about this series hiding under the overall narrative of what The Boys is all about.

Of course, the supporting characters involved in the series are some of the factors that add more layers to the overall plot of what The Boys is about. While we do focus more on Butcher and The Boys looking for a way to bring down Homelander, the supes, and the rest of Vought America, there are some stories that take a good look at the motives of the other characters.


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For instance, we know for a fact that the CEO and president of Vought, Stan Edgar, has his own ulterior motive and is looking to make use of his position to reach goals that are yet to be fully cleared up as the series moves along. That is where Robert Singer enters the picture as one of the supporting characters that have allowed Stan Edgar and the corporate side of Vought to chase after their ulterior movies. But who is Robert Singer in The Boys?

Robert Singer is actually the Secretary of the US Department of Defense. That means that he is in charge of the different transactions that the military enters and that he is the US President’s alter ego when it comes to the different decisions that he makes in relation to whatever the military needs. That is why he was involved with the discussions with Stan Edgar in relation to possibly militarizing the supes.

What Happened To Robert Singer In The Boys?

The truth is that Robert Singer isn’t new to The Boys because he has been around since the first season. However, it was only in seasons 2 and 3 that his role expanded a bit. In season 2, we saw him in a meeting with Stan Edgar in relation to the possibility of incorporating the supes into the military.

In episode 1 of season 3, the air changed a bit when he was once again in a meeting with Stan Edgar in his office in Vought America. Robert Singer was seen holding a vial of a green compound that is called V24. Edgar told him that this compound could provide anyone with powers for a period of around 24 hours, give or take. However, the compound is still unstable and is in the middle of testing, and that’s why the meeting in relation to V24 was still in its preliminary stages, as Edgar was merely proposing what this could do to the military.

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Robert Singer, however, was not too sure about the idea of using V24. He didn’t like the way the supes were operating, especially with the massacre that Black Noir committed in Lagos, Nigeria, as he believed that the supe should have been tried for war crimes. Singer even said that Compound V was synonymous with Nazi because of what happened during season 2 when it was exposed that Stormfront was a Nazi supremacist.

However, the idea was for Vought to supply the military with V24 so that their soldiers could take it and dominate on the battlefield. And because the effects are just temporary instead of permanent, they didn’t have to deal with the undisciplined and spoiled supes that were running rampant throughout the world.


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Then again, Singer was not too pleased with the fact that every vial of V24 could cost $2 million and that an entire battalion supplied for a month could cost the entire military $600 million. Still, Edgar tried to sell the idea that this could work for Singer’s campaign, as he was probably running for president. He told the Secretary of Defense that it was going to be a good idea for the government to spend millions of dollars instead of sacrificing soldiers on the battlefield.

Stan Edgar went on to tell Robert Singer that his ultimate goal was to steer Vought into a different future that no longer babysits supes. Instead, he wanted the company to be more of a military and defense corporation that focused more on selling products like V24 so that he could do away with working with spoiled supes. But when Singer told him that Congress wasn’t going to buy the idea of using V24, Edgar told him that he had someone in the Congress. And he was referring to Victoria Neuman, who was his adopted daughter all along.

Who Plays Robert Singer In The Boys?

Bobby gets angry at Dean for giving up on Sam in Supernatural copy

Despite the fact that Robert Singer hasn’t had a lot of screentime in The Boys, there are already fans who were able to recognize him from another popular TV series. Yes, we are talking about Supernatural, a series that ran from 2005 to 2020. Jim Beaver, the actor that plays Robert Singer in The Boys, is Bobby Singer in Supernatural as he plays the role of a mentor to Sam and Dean Winchester. And we already know that Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean in Supernatural, is Soldier Boy in The Boys.

As you might have noticed, Jim Beaver’s characters in The Boys and Supernatural have similar names. That’s because his The Boys character’s name was specifically a gag reference to his character’s name in Supernatural. Bobby Singer in Supernatural was named after Robert Singer, who is the show’s producer.

Aside from Supernatural, Jim Beaver has been in the industry for a while already. He first started acting in 1977 and has appeared in different movies and TV shows. He has since appeared in Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Crimson Peak, The Ranch, and Watchmen. Beaver is a staple in the television industry because most of his roles are characters from TV productions instead of from feature films.

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