Who Is Samuel in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Samuel in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

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We all know that Attack on Titan is known for its diversity and the sheer number of various characters that have appeared in the series is amazing. Of course, we all know about Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Hange, and many others, but there are a substantial amount of relevant, but lesser-known characters in the series. One of them is Samuel Linke-Jackson and here is everything you need to know about him.

Samuel was a member of the 104th Training Corps. Four years after the appearance of the Colossus Titan in the Trost District, Samuel joined the Yeagerists along with other recruits from the cycle he belonged to. He was a quiet person, who was seen to speak little, but he was motivated and sure of himself after Sasha Blouse showed the piece of meat that he had stolen.

This article is going to focus solely on Samuel Linke-Jackson and his story. You’re going to find out all the relevant biographical information about him, as well as get answers to some related questions. Samuel Linke-Jackson is an interesting, but relatively unknown character, so it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Samuel in Attack on Titan explained

Samuel was a soldier in the Army of Paradis. He was a member of the 104th Training Corps before joining the Survey Corps, then the Yeagerists fraction. Not appearing much in the plot of the manga, Samuel’s personality was underdeveloped. Much of it was revealed during his last scene.

Indeed, at the sight of his reaction to being opposed to Conny Springer, one can guess that he was a sensitive young man far from the fanatical Yeagerists we commonly encounter. His motivation for joining them and defending the Rumbling was above all to aspire to lead a peaceful life as he had promised himself with Conny.

Samuel Link-Jackson was first introduced as a member of the 104th Training Corps. He was hazed by Keith Shardiz for the traditional “rite of passage” for new recruits. After Samuel gave him his full name, Keith ordered him to take another because his was too ridiculous. Then he yelled at him asking why he was there.

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Samuel, arriving to overcome his intimidation, answered him that he was here to sacrifice himself for humanity. The commander then moved on to the next one, not withing to torment Samuel more. Then, that same evening, after Eren acknowledged witnessing the Colossal Titan’s appearance, Samuel bombarded him with questions.

One of them was very clumsy; namely, he was asking for information on the “normal” Titans, momentarily upsetting Eren. Marco intervened by asking that he stop asking questions, having understood that it brought back painful memories. Eren pulled himself together and started bragging that he would be able to destroy the Titans.

Samuel was admiring Eren, which could not be said about Jean Kirschtein, who provoked him. As Samuel announced that dinner was over and it was time to clean up, the confrontation ended with the two guys apologizing to each other. Three years later, he was part of the team assigned to the maintenance service of the guns at the top of the Wall Rose.

He was initially horrified when Sasha Blouse brought in a piece of meat she had stolen from the Higher-ranking stores, which could have cost them dearly, and resulted in them receiving a heavy sentence. However, this went unnoticed by the enthusiasm of the others, and he then asked Sasha to share a portion with him for lunch.

Connie kills Daz and Samuel

The group of young recruits decided, after that, to return to their work, which is when the Colossal Titan made its second appearance. A massive explosion of steam hit everyone on top of Wall Rose. While most were able to switch to their Three-Dimensional Maneuver gear and anchor themselves to the wall, Samuel was struck by debris and lost consciousness.

He was saved by Sasha Blouse, who saw him fall from the Wall and fired one of her grappling hooks into his leg. Wounded but alive, he was withdrawn from the battlefield. Having joined the Survey Corps, Samuel participated in the Battle of Liberio and survived it. Thus, trained by Floch Forster, he celebrated the victory of his people against Marley inside the airship. He couldn’t do anything when Gabi Braun burst in and shot Sasha Blouse dead.

However, in response to this intrusion, he did little to molest Gaby and Falco. Samuel was a soldier from the Survey Corps who joined the Yeagerists, disappointed in their superiors who wanted to get rid of Eren. So he was one of those who came to welcome him after his escape. The next day, when the Second Battle of Shiganshina broke out, he left the units mobilized to fight the army of Marley who had invaded them. This resulted in a victory for his side.

What happened to Samual in Attack on Titan?

In two days, the Yeagerists took possession of the Port of Paradis. Samuel, on this occasion, was charged with Daz to monitor the plane of the Clan Azumabito and to blow it up if necessary. When Armin Arlelt and Conny Springer arrived, he blocked their way, suspecting them of being traitors. He allowed himself to be convinced of their loyalty and let Daz defuse the bomb.


Is Attack on Titan’s Ending Getting Changed in the Anime?

However, after hearing Frock Vorster’s screams, Daz rushed to prepare the bait and Samuel shot Armin three times to prevent him from approaching. He then held Conny at gunpoint and ordered him not to move but distracted by the arrival of the Armored and Female Titans, he was tackled to the ground by Connie, then shot along with Daz, by the latter, who fired three bullets at him at close range.

Samuel and other characters

In this section, we are going to briefly tell you what kind of relationship Samuel had with some other relevant characters from the Attack on Titan franchise.


He seemed to have a slightly condescending demeanor towards him, giving him orders most of the time. The two young men understood each other quite well, sharing the same desire for a simple and quiet life after all his precarious years, including at the cost of the Rumbling.

Conny Springer

It was revealed, shortly before his death, that he was very close to him during his time with the 104th Training Corps. They had the promise to clear new lands and fill their bellies. Although he was separated, in two different army corps, Samuel had kept affection for him and had a hard time killing him.

Armin Arlelt

He didn’t seem less close than with Connie, but on the other hand, like Daz and Frock, he had rubbed shoulders with him enough to suspect that his morality might make him stop the Rumbling and drag Connie there.

Eren Yeager

Initially, he was overexcited by what he had experienced, however thereafter he was not particularly close to Eren.

Floch Forster

He was not subject to his orders like many other Yeagerists and his alliance with him was, above all, pragmatic. When Floch ordered him to shoot Armin Arlelt and Conny, immediately he didn’t do it. When he actually shot Armin, it was above all, to immobilize him because he was advancing towards Daz to prevent him from blowing up the flying boat.

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