15 Most Powerful ‘Invincible’ Characters (Ranked)

Most Powerful 'Invincible' Characters

Ever since I picked up an issue of ‘Invincible‘ and later binge-watched the show, the Viltrumite bloodline and the intense intergalactic conflicts have been etched in my mind. It’s not just about the raw power but the weight of responsibility, choices, and consequences that Mark Grayson and others face. This isn’t your typical superhero tale; it’s brutal, raw, and deeply personal. I’m sharing my take on the most powerful characters from ‘Invincible,’ ranked.

If Omni-Man’s brutal lessons or Battle Beast’s thirst for worthy opponents left an impression on you as they did on me, you’re in for a treat. Join me on this journey through strength, legacy, and the challenges of living up to the title ‘Invincible.’

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on October 13, 2023, to include the most recent releases and adaptations in the Invincible series.

15. Dinosaurus


Dinosaurus is a character that strikes immediately with his unique appearance: a humanoid dinosaur, both imposing and vibrant. His very creation resulted from a human’s transformation when he believed humanity was in its most desperate times. His motives, though twisted, are rooted in a desire to save the planet, even if it means causing mass destruction to achieve those ends.

Dinosaurus is on this list due to his raw power combined with his intelligence. However, while he poses significant threats, there are others in the Invincible universe whose power and influence far surpass him. His destructive nature and his ability to strategize make him formidable, but some overshadow him in sheer might.

14. Space Racer

Space Racer

Space Racer is known for his unmatched loyalty and his unique weapon: a gun that can shoot through virtually anything. This gun, paired with his determination and fearlessness, makes him a formidable adversary in any cosmic battle.

Ranking Space Racer is a nod to the power of his gun, combined with his unyielding spirit. Yet, while his weapon is almost unparalleled, the character himself, in terms of raw power and abilities, doesn’t match up to some of the higher-ranked entities in the Invincible world.

13. Levy


Levy stands out, not due to raw physical might but because of his intelligence and technological edge. His devices and strategies could level the playing field against stronger opponents.

However, Levy’s reliance on technology is both his strength and limitation. He might find himself outmatched without his gadgets against pure brawn and innate power like that of the Viltrumites.


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12. Rognarr


Raw, fierce, and built for combat, Rognarr has shown his strength in various battles. His reputation on the battlefield precedes him, and few would want to engage him in direct combat.

Still, in the Invincible narrative, there are beings with celestial power and strategic minds. Rognarr’s might is substantial, but when compared to the likes of Omni-Man or other Viltrumites, he hasn’t showcased the same level of dominance or influence.

11. Kregg


As a Viltrumite, Kregg inherently possesses superior strength, speed, and resilience. His loyalty to the Viltrumite cause and his combat skills make him a force to reckon with.

However, within his own race, individuals like Omni-Man and Thragg have demonstrated greater feats of strength and combat prowess. Kregg’s power is undeniable, but he might find himself outpaced in confrontations with these top-tier Viltrumites.

10. Anissa


Another formidable Viltrumite, Anissa showcases an intense tenacity and brutality in combat. With her Viltrumite abilities, she is a force to be reckoned with and has displayed her power against notable figures, including Mark Grayson.

Yet, while Anissa is undeniably powerful, she is a Viltrumite soldier, and there are higher-ranked figures in the Viltrumite hierarchy and beyond who have showcased even more incredible strength and influence.

9. Lord Argall

Lord Argall

Lord Argall, the former ruler of the Viltrumite planet, possessed an inherent strength and leadership fitting of his title. His reign was significant, marking him as a beacon of power within the Viltrumite hierarchy. However, since the true extent of his powers and capabilities was never fully revealed, he’s ranked here. Given his stature and position, it’s entirely possible that he could have ranked higher had we seen more of his might in action.

However, it’s worth noting that he met his end at the hands of Thaedus, which speaks volumes about Thaedus’s strength and strategic acumen, impacting Argall’s placement on this list.


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8. Thaedus


Thaedus stands out for his physical strength and, more significantly, his strategic intellect. As the Coalition of Planets founder and a Viltrumite secretly opposing Viltrumite domination, he cast a vast influence. The act of assassinating Lord Argall, the ruler of the Viltrumites, is undeniable proof of his capabilities.

However, much like Argall, the full extent of Thaedus’s power remains a mystery. While he is ranked here due to the information available, there’s a possibility that had we known more about his true might. He might have claimed a higher spot on the list. His rank, as presented, reflects a combination of his known strength and the strategic moves that profoundly influenced the ‘Invincible’ universe.

7. Atom Eve

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Atom Eve possesses an incredible power set, able to manipulate matter on a molecular level. She could, in theory, be one of the strongest characters. However, her mental blocks have often prevented her from tapping into her full potential. Only in moments of intense emotional turmoil, such as a near-death experience, has she showcased her complete strength.

Her placement here reflects her potential power and the glimpses of it we’ve seen, but also the inconsistency in accessing that power due to her psychological barriers.

6. Conquest


Conquest is a seasoned Viltrumite warrior known for his battle-hardened cruelty. His experience in combat positions him as one of the most feared among the Viltrumites, and he’s clashed with some of the most potent forces in the universe, such as Mark Grayson and Omni-Man. However, despite his overwhelming physical prowess, Conquest’s Achilles’ heel seems to be his ability to be outwitted.

On several occasions, tactical thinking and strategy have led to his defeat, showing that raw strength isn’t always the deciding factor in battle. This combination of immense power and vulnerability to strategic maneuvers defines his placement on the list.

5. Invincible (Mark Grayson)


Mark Grayson, better known as Invincible, represents the potential and growth of a young Viltrumite. As he navigates his journey of heroism, Mark constantly finds himself tested against formidable foes. Notably, he has faced defeats against several of the characters ranked above him, revealing certain gaps in power and experience.

However, it’s essential to consider Mark’s age and the nature of Viltrumite strength. Viltrumites grow stronger with age, and Mark is still young. With time, his power will undoubtedly amplify, making it entirely plausible for him to climb higher in rankings like these in the future. His current position is a testament to his current capabilities but also a nod to the immense potential he holds for the future.

4. Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson)

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Nolan Grayson, known as Omni-Man, is not just a force due to his Viltrumite heritage but also because of his decades of experience on Earth and beyond. His strength and combat skills are undeniable, and he has often been the benchmark for power in the series.

Yet, even with his prowess, Nolan has faced defeats. His confrontations with beings like Thragg highlight that, while he’s immensely powerful, there are entities in the universe who can challenge or surpass him, determining his rank here.

3. Allen the Alien

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Allen the Alien is a testament to growth and evolution. Initially introduced as a character testing Earth’s defenses, Allen grows in both strength and stature, becoming a key figure in the cosmic realm. His battles have shown that he can rival, if not surpass, many Viltrumites, including Nolan and Mark.


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However, Allen himself has acknowledged that while he can contend with the likes of Nolan and Mark, beings like Thragg and Battle Beast stand on a different pedestal of strength, influencing his position in this ranking.

2. Battle Beast

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Battle Beast’s thirst for combat is unparalleled. He lives for the thrill of a fight and seeks out opponents who can challenge him. His brute strength, ferocity, and combat experience make him one of the most formidable beings in the universe.

While Battle Beast has showcased his dominance against many, including Viltrumites, his insatiable desire for a worthy adversary sometimes leads him to reckless engagements. Nevertheless, his sheer might is nearly unmatched.

1. Grand Regent Thragg

Grand Regent Thragg

Grand Regent Thragg stands as a monument to Viltrumite power and dominance. His sheer might and tactical acumen have often swayed the tide of many significant confrontations. When Mark defeats Conquest, Thragg’s surprise and decision to give Conquest another chance highlights his leadership. His actions during the Viltrumite War, especially after the destruction of Viltrum, demonstrate his unyielding spirit. Thragg’s vision extended to Earth, seeing it as a means to rejuvenate the Viltrumite legacy through interbreeding with humans.

Thragg’s position atop this ranking is a testament to his formidable abilities. His clash with Battle Beast ended with Thragg donning Beast’s pelt as a trophy, a chilling display of his might. His engagements with characters like Omni-Man and Invincible further solidified his standing. Thragg’s strategic prowess and his raw power make him the most daunting figure in the Invincible universe, even though his reign eventually met its fiery end near the Sun.

Who do you think is the strongest ‘Invincible’ character? Let us know in the comments below!

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