15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Invincible is an American adult animated superhero television series based on Robert Kirkman’s, Cory Walker’s, and Ryan Ottley’s Image Comics comic of the same name. The story begins with 17-year-old Mark Grayson and his metamorphosis into a superhero under the supervision of his father Omni-Man, the world’s most powerful creature.

Here we bring 15 of the strongest characters!

15. Doc Seismic

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Doc Seismic demonstrates his might and nearly kills numerous people if the two heroes are not around. Doc Seismic attempted to strike after Mark narrowly saved a bunch, but his wristbands were destroyed by Atom Eve.

Doc Seismic triggers eruptions and the splitting of Mount Rushmore. He asks the tourists if they have come to pray to that obscene statue, explaining that the previous presidents were tyrants, bigots, and slave owners and that he is a new deity deserving of worship.

As Abraham Lincoln’s face dropped, Invincible caught it just in time and reattached it before it injured anyone. Doc Seismic fights Invincible and Atom Eve, who uses his bracelets to flee at great speed and tells them that they should be on his side so that they can take down the old power structure and create a new order.

14. Monster Girl

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Amanda is a human superhero who goes by the moniker Monster Girl, formerly Monster Woman.

Amanda, a member of the new Guardians of the Globe after Omni-Man destroyed the former team, can shift from her human body form into a huge, troll-like creature, but at the cost of her body de-aging, giving her the appearance of a 12-year-old despite her age of 25.

At the Pentagon, Robot and Invincible examine the numerous heroes queued up to be chosen as the next Guardians of the Globe. Robot, on the other hand, wanted Invincible to try out as well, but Invincible told him that his father preferred to teach him personally. Robot expresses gratitude to everyone who attended the tryouts.

Amanda, due to a curse, can turn into a masculine-looking troll-like monster being at command. She couldn’t manage it at first, but through practice, she was able to achieve control. Her monster form offers her the following abilities:

Monster Girl possesses the magical power to shift herself from a human girl to a significantly larger, stronger, and more robust humanoid-like male form as a result of the gypsy curse cast on her. This modification adds over 2,700 lbs of bone mass and tissue to her body by employing smart atoms to modify the usual flow of her body’s atoms’ quarks and gluons, raising or reducing their mass as needed.

Enhanced Combat: When battling Rex Splode, Amanda is skilled in close combat. As Monster Girl, her battle style is based on instinct and physical force, which would be her undoing against Battle Beast, who, in addition to being an enormously strong creature, was also a highly accomplished warrior.

13. Cecil Stedman

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Cecil Stedman is the head of the Global Defense Agency for the government. Following the murder of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he sought to track down the perpetrator, only to learn that it was Omni-Man.

Cecil was taken hostage as a young agent by The Order of the Freeing Fist, a brother-sister pair of supervillains intent on igniting a revolution by destroying a whole city with a highly corrosive gas known as chemical X. 

The superhero Brit was dispatched to halt them and save Cecil, but he arrived too late to stop the siblings from detonating the toxic X canisters to which Cecil was tethered. Cecil gets severely burnt and loses much of his skin in the subsequent struggle.

A few weeks later, Brit pays a visit to a completely healed Cecil in a hospital, and Cecil informs Brit that most of his skin is now artificial, with the scarring on his face being the only portion of his flesh that could be salvaged. Cecil opted to retain it as a reflection of his inability to do his duty resulted in the deaths of others.

12. Green Ghost

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Alana, sometimes known as the Green Ghost, was an unidentified superheroine. Her alter ego was a Photographer who, after eating an amulet she found, transforms into an ethereal green creature.

The young lady who would become the Green Ghost would undergo a change altering his physical appearance after eating a tiny, jade-colored amulet of unknown provenance, supposedly generating a green aura coming from within her. The Green Ghost would revert to her human form after spouting the amulet she had eaten to initiate the metamorphosis.

Her facial characteristics were distorted to the point of being unrecognizable when she took on the Green Ghost appearance. She has the power to become immaterial at command as the Green Ghost. She was able to reduce the weight of her atoms to almost nothing while retaining their chemical characteristics and volume.

11. Aquarus

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Aquarus was a hydrokinetic monster from an underwater nation and the first Guardian of the Globe. They had collaborated with Omni-man, only to be deceived and slain by him.

Aquarius can conjure, shape, and control water into strong streams with his hands. Aquarius’s influence is enormous as a result of his tenure as King of Atlantis.

10. Mauler Twins

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

The Mauler Twins are brilliant. The first was a bright scientist who invented the cloning machine and tested it on himself. This resulted in his clone believing he and subsequent clones were the original.

Mauler is a crazy scientist who keeps a clone of himself around for insurance and to aid with his fringe scientific experiments. When the Mauler Twins create a clone, they make sure that none of them knows who is the clone and who is the original. It never ends well, they say, when a clone realizes they’re the clone. They are bulletproof and can withstand punches from Omni-man, the Immortal, and War Woman.

Both Maulers have limited superhuman strength and endurance. They had previously been seen lifting at least five tons each, but are certainly capable of considerably more.

They have previously shown that they are capable of hurting the superhumanly durable Invincible with repeated fist strikes.

However, it is crucial to note that his abilities had just recently been revealed at the time. In subsequent years, he got much more powerful.

9. Titan

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Titan was a supervillain who was stealing a jewelry store when he was stopped by Mark Grayson, who possessed superhuman abilities.

Titan possesses extraordinary strength much beyond that of ordinary humans. His power extends to his legs as well, allowing him to jump to unfathomable heights. His strong granite shell protects him from most gunshots and strain. Titan’s speed hasn’t slowed despite his rough appearance, and he can move at breakneck rates in combat.

The narrative of Titan, the superhuman mobster, is a twisted mirror of the American ideal.

Titan rose through the criminal ranks from modest beginnings to become the leader of a formidable criminal gang.

Titan, despite his super-strength and stony skin, owes his rapid ascension to pure ambition and cleverness rather than physical power.

8. Red Rush

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Josef, better known as Red Rush, was a Russian speedster and the first responder for the Guardians of the Globe. He was an initial Guardians of the Globe member who collaborated with Omni-Man before being betrayed and slain by him.

Red Rush can sprint at supersonic speeds, faster than Omni-Man, who can go from Egypt to Mount Everest in a matter of minutes.

Red Rush is physically stronger than average humans with comparable physiques, capable of carrying numerous adult humans with him while running. He can also provide a lot of kinetic force with his strikes. Red Rush was able to tear a large hole in Omni-suit Man’s and even make him spit up blood with a torrent of blows.

Red Rush’s vision is far faster than that of a regular human since he was able to detect Omni-attack Man’s on Immortal and intervene before any of the other Guardians could. It was stated that he cannot turn it off and that he perceives time differently than everyone else, causing him to become bored fast. Red Rush can navigate about and fire strikes while traveling at fast speeds due to his distorted sense of time.

While he possesses far greater resilience than the typical human, it has been demonstrated that if he is not cautious, he may shatter his hands from the power of his fists.

Because few opponents can keep up with Red Rush’s assaults, he is too reliant on his unparalleled speed. As a result, his attacks are anticipated, and he is unable to attack without getting captured by Omni-man.

7. Atom Eve

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Atom Eve’s real name is Samantha Eve Wilkins. She had previously been a member of Teen Team and, later, the new Guardians of the Globe. However, after finding Rex Splode and Dupli-Kate were having an affair, she ended her relationship with Rex Splode and left the squad.

Atom Eve’s willpower allows her to perceive and manipulate matter and energy at the subatomic level. She can transform organic and inorganic materials into anything she wants. She can transform typically unhealthy meals, such as cakes and other sweets, into healthful foods, as well as reorganize the surroundings. 

Her outfit is readily made by refashioning her clothing into an Atom Eve suit. She can also fly by decreasing the air density around her and creating force fields. Eve can construct force fields using her transmutation abilities. She can lift, propel, and control things and matter with the force of her thoughts by employing her matter manipulation abilities.

She has learned to harness her transformation talents into strong energy blasts capable of causing concussive and/or explosive damage to matter.

Because her abilities allow her to heal from injuries, the trauma assisted her in overcoming mental blockages that prevented her from altering biological stuff. In addition, when Eve dies in old age, she is instantly resurrected and de-ages to her youth.

6. Allen the Alien

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Allen the Extraterrestrial is a member of the Unopian alien species. Allen was born at a breeding center for Unopians. His goal was to be the strongest Unopian because they were on the verge of extinction at the hands of the Viltrumites. After traveling through space, he eventually came upon Omni-Man, with whom he battled numerous times. Later on, he came across Invincible as well.

Allen possesses enormous superhuman strength, considerably beyond the strength levels of the average Unopian.

Indeed, Allen’s strength exceeds that of most mature Viltrumite men, making him one of the toughest creatures in the world and allowing him to effortlessly lift (press) weights over hundreds of millions of tons.

Allen possesses virtually unfathomable amounts of superhuman strength, stamina, restorative capacity, and resistance to damage as a result of his people’s genetic engineering.

His physique is capable of withstanding the devastating effect of concussive forces greater than that of an anti-tank rocket without damage.

Furthermore, he appears to be resistant to fluctuations of both heat and cold and can exist eternally in space. Even more amazing, if Allen is ever badly injured, his physical qualities will expand exponentially upon recuperation.

5. Invincible

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

In Invincible, the title primary protagonist is Mark Grayson.

He is the Viltrumite/Human Hero, Invincible, and the son of Omni-Man Nolan Grayson and Debbie Grayson. Mark, a Viltrumite-human by birth, gets abilities sometime after his seventeenth birthday and starts training to be his hero under the tutelage of his father. Following a brief time with the Teen Team, Mark joins Samantha Eve Wilkins/Atom Eve and the second incarnation of the Guardians of the Globe to defend Earth from domestic and extraterrestrial threats.

Mark/Invincible is a Human/Viltrumite hybrid, which grants him Viltrumite abilities. Viltrumite genes are highly strong and versatile, allowing Viltrumites to marry and breed with people of many ethnicities. The more compatible the race, the more probable it is that the Viltrumite genes will flourish and come to dominate the hybrid genome structure. 

Mark is a one-of-a-kind case because humans are genetically very close to Viltrumites. Not only does a human/Viltrumite hybrid closely match a full-blooded Viltrumite, but given enough time to develop, Mark’s genome will be almost indistinguishable from a full-blooded Viltrumite, with his powers reaching the same level.

Mark/Invincible possesses superhuman strength due to being half-Viltrumite. When he initially gained superpowers, he was able to toss a garbage bag from the United States to England. He was able to divert an asteroid from colliding with Earth and launch it back into space. Only Battle Beast and his father, Nolan, are known to be stronger than him.

4. War Woman

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Holly has all of the numerous superhuman abilities shared by Amazons. War Woman appears to have God-like skills as a result of her relationship with the Gods. War Woman can throw her mace with immense force and fly through the air at incredible speeds by clinging onto the leather thong.

War Woman typically flies at Mach 32 in an Earth-like environment and may reverse course in mid-flight. She can float in mid-air with the wind at her back. When War Woman lived on Earth as a mortal, she could utilize thunder to shift from her Holly identity to War Woman and vice versa. 

The body of a War Woman is tougher and more immune to traditional types of physical harm than the physique of a human. She can survive falls from vast heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, high caliber projectiles, and massive impact pressures without damage.

3. The Immortal

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

The Immortal has significantly more strength than normal people. Immortal was able to launch Bi-Plane into space from the skies. His power has been proven to match Omni- Man’s, as he was able to compete with him throughout their battle, even damaging his eyes with his fingers before being defeated. The skin of the Immortal is significantly more difficult to penetrate than typical human skin. 

Only creatures with comparable or higher strength may gravely harm him. Immortals can recuperate from injuries far faster than normal people. Immortal cannot age as a result of an unexplained accident that occurred to him. Immortal has been alive for millennia and is still in his prime physical condition. If the Immortal’s brain and heart are medically reunited, he can be revived. If the procedure is effective, his regenerative mechanism will take over and he will ultimately recover consciousness.

2. Battle Beast

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Battle Beast possesses enormous superhuman power, comparable to, if not equal to, that of Viltrumites. As he demonstrated during his combat with the new Guardians of the Globe, he could wield his mace with incredible speed and skill. He overpowered Mark Grayson/Invincible, leaving him clinging to life after disemboweling him with his mace.

1. Omni-Man

15 Most Powerful Invincible Characters (RANKED)

Nolan Grayson is the secondary antagonist of Invincible, acting as the main antagonist in Season 1 and returning in Season 2.

He is the father of Mark Grayson/Invincible and the Viltrumite Villain/Anti-Hero Omni-Man. Debbie Grayson’s husband.

Nolan, as a Viltrumite, possesses a vast range of skills that are shared by his species. Viltrumites develop power and strength as they age, with Nolan being revealed to have tremendous power owing to his thousands of years of existence. Viltrumite genes are very adaptable and potent. Nolan, as a Viltrumite, may mate with a variety of species, and the ones with the highest compatibility will have children with Viltrumite ancestry, with the progeny ultimately gaining regular Viltrumite skills.

Nolan, like other Viltrumites, has an extraordinarily lengthy lifetime. He can and has lived for thousands of years, and because Viltrumites age more slowly, he preserves the look of a robust middle-aged man.

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