Who Is Shanks’ Wife in One Piece? Relationship Explained

shanks wife

One Piece flaunts tons of unique characters and protagonists, all of which have their own interesting backstories. Shanks is one of the most mysterious characters within the One Piece saga, and while there are many questions surrounding his past, plenty of fans wonder who Shanks’ wife is in One Piece.

Most One Piece fans believe that Shanks and Makino either had a past relationship or have an ongoing relationship – there is a chance they are already secretly married. While there is no official confirmation, it is believed that Shanks is the father of Makino’s son since there was a time skip that leaves room for many possibilities.

Although Shanks is well-known for keeping fans on their toes not knowing which plot twist will come next, his love life remains one of the most perplexing topics – with only minuscule crumbs to use as evidence. Stick around to find out about Shanks’ potential love interests in One Piece, as well as what we know about his past, present, and future romantic relationships so far.

Does Shanks Have a Love Interest?

Shanks is considered one of the strongest pirates within the One Piece world, being the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and an incredibly unique individual as is. He has some really powerful Haki that can make enemies quiver, but he has far more mystery surrounding his past compared to nearly every other character in the story.

Shanks in the Digitally Colored Manga

He keeps a ton of personal information under wraps, with very few characters in One Piece ever getting truly close to him. His character has always been shrouded with mystery, and there isn’t much information concerning his whereabouts for the majority of the story’s progression – which can make tying shreds of evidence together challenging. Still, there is no official proof of him having a love interest.

Does Shanks Have a Wife or Girlfriend In One Piece?

This adventurous character does not typically show any sense of vulnerability, at least not on paper or on screen. While his personality does indicate that he has a soft side, especially considering the One Piece Film Red spoilers that were recently leaked, there is little to no evidence of Shanks showing emotions that revolve around love and romance.


One Piece Film: Red – US & UK Release Dates Revealed

While there is no canon evidence to show he has suitors or romantic entanglements, fans have various theories and enjoy shipping Shanks and Makino. Still, even if he did have a romantic relationship with Makino at some point, there is no ‘official’ evidence to suggest that Shanks is currently married, has a girlfriend, or is involved in a romantic relationship with anyone at all.

Who Did Shanks Have a Child With?

There are two children that are said to be fathered by Shanks in One Piece, at least biologically. These children could very well be key in identifying his love interests or past relationships.

“Unknown Child”

Makino is a bartender from Foosha Village, the owner of Partys Bar, and the mother of an “unknown child”. She is classified as a ‘close friend’ to Shanks in One Piece, and the entire storyline leaves plenty of details up for interpretation. When Makino had her baby, many fans instantly assumed it was Shanks’ son.

makino son

Some fans speculated that it would have been impossible for Shanks to be the father since he reportedly visited the village many years before the child was born. Some even stated that the idea of Shanks having a baby with Makino wouldn’t make sense from a story arc standpoint.

“If Shanks went to the village, then during the times when the world realises Luffy’s bounty, like when he got 1.5 billion, the villagers would mention or maybe hint that Makino has a son w Shanks. Also there’s no point in Shanks having a son. If Shanks dies, his son isn’t going to avenge him; he’s like 1 year old.”

However, it would not be the first time Oda teases fans with hints and mysteries, and it’s not entirely impossible after all. This is especially since, apparently, Oda responded to the question in the SBS with something along the lines of “probably that person”.

As pointed out in the snippet from a debate on the One Piece Wiki, Shanks is infamous for being MIA and suddenly popping out of absolutely nowhere:

“There was this two year gap, where we didn’t see what most of the people in One Piece were up to, so I’m not saying it is his baby but at the same time we don’t know if it’s not his baby.”

We do not have any confirmation that he was in the village around 9 months before Makino’s child was born – but, there’s nothing to suggest he wasn’t. Many fans believe that Oda intentionally created the plot holes and missing gaps in the story so that fans would naturally begin speculating, but there is nothing that confirms it.


Uta has become an incredibly important part of the One Piece storyline, literally taking center stage in the newly released One Piece Film Red. It has been revealed that Uta is Shanks’ daughter, but the entire topic had been shrouded with mystery and tons of questions – up until the movie was released in Japan.

Shanks' Daughter Uta in One Piece: Who Is She?

We now know that Uta was actually found by Shanks when she was just a baby, bundled up in a treasure box while he was searching for valuables. He felt connected to her and took her in as an adopted daughter, but the truth about her biological parents is still unknown.


Is Shanks’ Daughter Uta Canon in One Piece?

But, even if we did know who Uta’s mother was, it would not necessarily make a difference to Shanks’ love life. Since she’s not his biological daughter at all, he would have had no part in her being born in the first place.

Who Will Shanks End Up With In One Piece?

Most fans like to believe that Shanks will somehow end up with Makino, considering the previously interpreted ‘history’ between Shanks and Makino. Although, Oda has not made any official statements or pointed to the possibility of Shanks developing a romantic relationship with anyone in the future – at least, not in an open and official sense.

Will We See Shanks Get Married Before The End?

In the ideal world, it would be great for our favorite anime characters to end up getting married and living happily ever after – even more so if it was with a character that fans had been shipping all along. But, Shanks has a ton of work cut out for him, and he’s got his hands full with whirlwinds of conflict and drama – it’s highly unlikely for Shanks to ever truly settle down.

However, the hints seen on the covers of Chapters 806 and 838 may tell a different story, as seen below thanks to One Piece fans on Reddit. It’s possible that Shanks may already be secretly married to Makino.

shanks married

Although Shanks might have had relationships in the past, it’s still up for debate. His relationship with Makino remains ambiguous to this day, and it’s unknown if romantic interests between them will ever be revealed. But, Oda does enjoy teasing the audience quite often – fans may just get to see Shanks’ love life unfold, only time will tell.

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