One Piece Film Red Spoilers: Every Spoiler So Far Included

one piece red spoilers

One Piece fans have been hyped for the 15th movie ever since it was teased, and there are tons of questions that might be answered. We’ve outlined some of the most prominent One Piece Film Red spoilers for you to anticipate, based on numerous discussions from those lucky enough to have watched it already!

One Piece Film Red (All Spoilers So Far)

One Piece Film Red made its debut via a premiere in Tokyo back in July 2022, and it was scheduled for release on the 6th of August 2022 in Japan – set for release in Fall 2022 for other regions. According to viewers in Japan who have already seen it, One Piece Film Red features some incredible battle scenes, music, and iconic characters – not to mention an enhanced emotional experience for the audience as well.

One Piece Film Red Poster Visual

Eiichiro Oda served as the general producer and supervisor for the movie and did provide some amazing official information as to what viewers can expect. Oda stated that One Piece Film Red will be far more jaw-locking than any other One Piece movie to date, and will also shed light on many One Piece mysteries, which definitely increased the excitement even further.


Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

Although the movie has only been out for a couple of weeks in Japan, plenty of fans have already come together and shed light on some of the movie’s most interesting plot twists and character arcs. In addition, a canon information booklet came with One Piece Film Red as well, which revealed a handful of details about what the movie has in store.

A few minor changes occur, such as Helmeppo and Koby joining SWORD and Blueno joining CP0. But, below are the most mind-blowing and plot-twisting spoilers in One Piece Film Red, compiled thanks to the One Piece community with Oda’s booklet sneak peeks thanks to fans on Reddit.

Shanks In One Piece Film Red

Shanks uses a burning sword to take on villains and is known as an Observation-killer, as he can prevent his opponents from seeing into the future. Shanks’ bounty was 1.004 billion berries 12 years prior, and One Piece Film Red reveals much more about the character’s past.

He was abandoned when he was young and was found in a treasure chest by Roger and Rayleigh when he was only 1 year old. This only happened as a result of Roger stealing the chest during the God Valley incident.

shanks 1

Shanks gets beaten up by a group of misled and manipulated citizens in One Piece Film Red, but he refuses to attack them in retaliation since he is concerned about their possible deaths. He ends up having a rather simple battle with Vice-Admiral Momonga and knocks him out using his Conqueror Haki.


Is Shanks the Strongest Pirate in One Piece? (& What Are His Powers?)

A variety of other things happen regarding Shanks, and the film does reveal a range of interesting details. But, a burning detail that’s featured in One Piece Film Red is the fact that Shanks belongs to the Fearland Family, according to the Gorousei (the Five Elders), which could mean Shanks was a member of the Celestial Dragons.

Luffy and Shanks

One Piece Film Red has had many fans wondering if Luffy and Shanks will meet again, perhaps if Luffy will fight Shanks.

Will Luffy Fight Shanks in One Piece? (& What Could It Be About?)

So far, it’s been revealed that Luffy and Shanks kind of meet in One Piece Film Red, but under more unexpected circumstances. They ‘acknowledge’ each other but do not actually meet face to face, since Luffy is unconsciously down at the time.

Uta In One Piece Film Red

There has been a ton of mystery surrounding the introduction of Uta, supposedly Shanks’ world-famous and musically talented daughter. Many fans have believed that Uta is in fact Shanks’ biological daughter, while others believe that Uta is the adopted daughter of Shanks.

Is Shanks' Daughter Uta Canon in One Piece?

So far, it seems that she is not the biological daughter of Shanks after all. It appears that Shanks actually found her in a box as a baby while pilfering for treasure – considering how he was found (indicated by a flashback), it would have definitely sparked some emotion.

But, he ends up abandoning her in order to protect her – possibly knowing she may be endangered by her own powers. Uta is the main cause of conflict throughout One Piece Film Red, as Akainu orders Uta to be killed no matter how many citizens die in the process.

uta hair

Aside from all of the mayhem that Uta seems to cause (intentionally or not), there is another random yet interesting fact that Oda mentioned about her character – her hair goes down when she is sad and goes up when she is happy!

Kizaru & Fujitora

Kizaru is very eager to witness Shanks’ Haki in One Piece Film Red, stating “So…this is the Haki of Yonko Shanks..” He doesn’t hesitate to try killing any citizen who attacks him in One Piece Film Red, using his laser beam as they attack Marines, although he is prevented by Beckman.


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After seeing Shanks’ Haki, Fujitora suggests retreating since a fight will harm civilians. Shanks warns Kizaru and Fujitora that they will die if they try to steal Uta, and he releases his Conqueror’s Haki.

Red Hair Pirates

One Piece Film Red also provides fans with some great information about the key members of the Red Hair Pirates.

red hair pirates

Some sneak peeks were leaked via the booklet – in addition to an updated character chart thanks to fans on Reddit and Twitter as well.

Below is a quick overview of the Red Hair Pirates, sneak peeks, as well as their most notable traits:



Beckman is both strong and agile, combining his rifle with his Haki for some super fast bullets. While he is always cool-headed, Beckman is also said to be a playboy that loves women.



Yasopp’s sniping skills are first-class, and this skill is the main reason why he gained the nickname “Chaser”. Yasopp is essentially perfect with any sniper weapon. Much like his son, Yasopp uses observation Haki.

Lucky Roux


Lucky Roux is the happy and cheerful cook of the Red-Haired Pirate crew, and while he is skilled in the kitchen, he can still stand his ground. Lucky Roux typically fights by using his big body like a bowling ball and using Haki, and he has some really powerful legs that actually make him pretty agile.

Bonk Punch

bock punch

Bonk Punch is one of the oldest members of the Red hair Pirate crew, and he generally fights alongside Monster in just about every battle. Bonk Punch and Monster make an incredible team, and they form the current musician duo of the Red-Haired Pirates.



Monster is an executive of the Red Hair Pirates and although he is not a human, he is just as strong in battle. Monster is incredibly intelligent, and he is able to understand human emotions – often ready to put his life on the line for others.



Hongo is the doctor of the Red-Haired Pirates, and he is an excellent surgeon with superb knowledge of both medicine and various technologies. He is really good at disassembling machines, which makes him a really important member of the team.

Howling Gab


Howling Gab fights in a really strange but effective way since he fires a laser type of roar out of his mouth, which can cut through enemies. Although Howling Gab has a towering physique and a vicious attack style, he’s actually very kind of heart – he hates bugs and ghosts.

Building Snake


Building Snake is the navigator of the Red Hair Pirates, and he enjoys fighting with a unique “Two Sword Juggling Style”, doing tricky moves similar to an acrobat. He plays a prominent role in the crew but has also been distantly looking over both Luffy and Uta’s growth.



Limejuice fights with weapons that give off electric discharges, such as the electric bat that he wields. He can make use of Geppo akin to Sanji’s Sky Walk to attack from above.

Luffy Uses Gear 5 In One Piece Film Red

Does Luffy Die In One Piece And Will He Come Back To Life?

A surprising twist that occurs in One Piece Film Red is that fans actually get a glimpse of Luffy in Gear 5! Although it’s very short and fans barely see it, this is very surprising since most fans thought the reveal of Gear 5 would occur in the anime before being featured in a One Piece movie.

Big Mom Pirates In One Piece Film Red

Many One Piece fans have been wondering what the future holds for Big Mom and her crew, but they are making an appearance in One Piece Film Red. However, it’s not for a great reason – since Big Mom Pirates arrive to seize Uta for their collection.

Charlotte KatakuriOP

However, One Piece Film Red will be answering one of the burning questions concerning the Charlotte family as well – if Charlotte Katakuri is ever coming back, and whether he’ll be playing the role of a villain or an ally. Katakuri and Oven will crucial roles in One Piece Film Red since Katakuri will actually fight alongside Shanks due to odd circumstances.

Who Is The Final Boss In One Piece Film Red?

In the end, Zoro and Sanji fight together, and the characters pair up with unexpected people – such as Nami using Zeus and Robin using her Demonio Feur attack. Above all else, the most mind-blowing spoiler for One Piece Film Red so far is that Uta is the final boss!

uta angry

Check out more on Uta as the final boss as well as discussions on the other spoilers in the video below by Major:

Although there are still quite a few pieces of key information being kept under wraps, it definitely keeps the hype around One Piece Film Red alive. Many of these spoilers unravel fascinating twists and age-old questions – One Piece Film Red certainly has a ton of entertainment lined up for fans!

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