Who Is the Jack of Hearts Alice in Borderland Season 2?

jack of hearets

While the first game that we saw in Alice In Borderland season 2 revolves more around teamwork and strategy, the second game involved more strategy and cunningness. Of course, that was why Chishiya played that game all on his own after he got separated from Arisu and the other players. But while he likes working alone, he had to play a Hearts game, which is what he hates the most, as he and several other players were forced to try to find who among them was the Jack of Hearts. So, who is the Jack of Hearts?

The Jack of Hearts was Matsushita, who was the emo kid with bangs. He worked together with Banda and was seemingly manipulated throughout the entire game. However, the truth was that he was the one who tried to manipulate everyone else, as Chishiya deduced with the help of Banda and Yaba.

Out of all of the games we’ve seen in the first half of Alice In Borderland, the Jack of Hearts game was the one that was trickiest due to how it required Chishiya to use not only his brains but also trust other people, the latter of which isn’t really his specialty. So, with that said, let’s look at what the Jack of Hearts game is and who the Jack of Hearts is.

What Is The Jack Of Hearts Game?

We know for a fact that the different games in Alice In Borderland involve different types of cards that have corresponding game types that depend on the card’s suit. Of course, all of the Number cards were already collected during the first season of the series, as the ending of season 1 finally allowed the Face cards to appear and become the next challenges that the players needed to overcome. And unlike the Number cards, the Face cards are actual people that the players need to defeat in their respective games.

The first few episodes of season 2 allowed us to see Arisu and his friends going up against the King of Clubs in what was an emotional and mental ride for the characters. Of course, we also know that Chishiya was separated from the group early in episode 1 because of the actions of the King of Spades. But after Arisu and the others defeated the King of Clubs due to Tatta’s noble sacrifice, we were able to see what Chishiya was up to, as he actually took part in a game all on his own.


But the most surprising part about this was that Chishiya actually took part in a Hearts game, which is one of the games he doesn’t excel in due to how it doesn’t rely entirely on a person’s critical thinking. In fact, Hearts games focus more on psychologically and emotionally tearing the players apart, as that was what we saw in the Seven and Ten of Hearts games during the first season. So, what is the Jack of Hearts game about?

The Jack of Hearts game, called Solitary Confinement, involves making the players wear collars that they cannot move or remove. These collars have card suit symbols at the back, and the players need to know what their symbols are before they enter their solitary confinement cells, where they will declare their symbols. A person with a wrong answer would die in the cell.


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However, the trick here is that the only way for a person to know their symbol is to ask other players. They need to trust other players, to tell the truth, and that means that trust is the major factor in the Jack of Hearts game. Moreover, the Jack of Hearts himself is in the game, and the goal is to find out who he is because the game will only end once the Jack of Hearts dies.

As such, the seeds of distrust were already planted due to the fact that players cannot trust each other so easily because they might actually try to kill each other by lying about their symbols in the hopes of weeding Jack out. And the symbols change every round until the Jack of Hearts is killed.

Throughout the game, different players tried to pair up or form groups that allowed them to succeed and stay alive. However, when the seeds of distrust started sprouting, was when the players started lying to one another as they had reasons to believe that certain players could be the Jack of Hearts.

Chishiya survived because he ended up paired with a nice guy that actually told the truth and was quite trustworthy. However, he ended up killing himself by opting not to say what his symbol was when his mental stability was already affected by the killings happening among the people playing the game. As such, at the end of episode 3, Chishiya became one of the prime suspects because the four other remaining players thought that he killed his partner on purpose by lying to him.


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Who Is The Jack Of Hearts?

Of course, we all know that Chishiya isn’t the Jack of Hearts because we’ve been following his story since the first season. That means that there are only four suspects left. The first is Matsushita (emo kid), Banda (Matsushita’s partner and the psychotic guy), Yaba (the gangster-looking guy), and Kotoko (the girl that Yaba has been having sex with).


Chishiya tried to win the trust of some of the remaining players when he approached Matsushita and told him that Banda could not be trusted because he used to be a serial killer in the real world. In that regard, Matsushita came to the conclusion that Chishiya could be the Jack of Hearts because he tried to tear him and Banda apart. That was why Matsushita lied about Chishiya’s symbol.

After that, Chishiya approached Kotoko, who he tried to win on his side. He asked whether or not what Matsushita said about his symbol was correct, but Kotoko opted to stay silent instead. In that regard, Chishiya knew that Matsushita lied about his symbol.

When they were now asked to enter their solitary confinement cells, Chishiya was in a bind because he was unsure what his symbol was. He had a 50/50 shot at telling what his symbol could be, and that led to an off-screen explosion that indicated that someone had been killed because they got the symbol wrong.


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Matsushita was the first to exit his cell, as he was seen maniacally laughing because he thought that he had already won the game. But he was surprised to see that Chishiya was able to survive the game when he exited his cell, as he obviously guessed his own symbol right. After that, both Banda and Yaba exited their own cells, as it was clear that they didn’t trust their own partners enough.

That means that the only one that got killed in that round was Kotoko, as Chishiya, Banda, and Yaba were actually working together in secret to determine who the Jack of Hearts was. They all deduced that Matsushita and Kotoko had been working together in secret as well, especially after Chishiya discovered that they were using the snacks in the pantry to communicate with one another secretly. In that regard, they all deduced that the Jack of Hearts was Matsushita the entire time.

Banda realized this possibility quite early but opted to keep Matsushita alive until the latter portion of the game because he wanted to extract information from him. He also revealed that he had been manipulating Matsushita the entire time in secret despite the fact that the emo kid thought that he was manipulating Banda behind the scenes. As such, the Jack of Hearts was defeated when Banda and Yaba tried to extract information from him, thus killing him in the process.

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