Who Is the King of Clubs in Alice in Borderland Season 2?


We all know that the second season of Alice In Borderland was going to focus on Arisu’s group’s quest to clear the Face card games in the hopes of finding a way out of the Borderlands. In that regard, the first Face card game that Arisu and his friends officially and willingly joined was the King of Clubs game, which was the most challenging out of all of the Clubs games in Alice In Borderland. So, who is the King of Clubs?

The King of Clubs is Ginji Kyuma, who works together with four of his bandmates in the King of Clubs game. His game involves a team-based game of tag, which he calls Osmosis. Kyuma was eventually defeated by Arisu and his teammates in the very last moment due to the sacrifice of Tatta.

It was the King of Clubs game that actually allowed Arisu to understand more about himself and what he needed to do to win life-or-death games wherein he needed to be able to not only listen to what his teammates had to say but also willing enough to sacrifice something on his part. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about the King of Clubs in Alice In Borderland.

What Is The King Of Clubs Game?

Season 2 of Alice In Borderland, as expected, explored Arisu and his group’s quest to find and defeat the Face cards so that they could hopefully escape the Borderlands. Of course, while the first Face card that they formally encountered was the King of Spades, whose game involved everyone in the Borderlands, Arisu and his friends attempted to defeat a different Face card first before they could find a way to defeat the King of Spades. This Face card was the King of Clubs.

Unlike the Number cards, the Face cards required the personifications of the cards themselves to appear and play against the players. Meanwhile, in Number cards, there are no opposing players that the players need to defeat. The King of Clubs game was the first Face game that Arisu and his friends willingly participated in. And this game is the most difficult out of all of the different Clubs game in the series.


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Of course, considering that this is the King of Clubs game, it was a team-based game that required Arisu to have four other teammates. He already had Usagi, Kuina, and Tatta. However, Niragi appeared and volunteered himself to be the fifth member of the team despite the fact that he and Arisu’s group never got along together back on the Beach.

When they got inside the venue of the King of Clubs game, they met the King of Clubs, who explained what the game was all about. The entire game took place on a seaport that’s full of different container vans. This game was called Osmosis, and its rules game were quite complicated.

There are five members on each side, and each member on both teams is given a bracelet that will allow them to have points that depend on how the team would want to distribute whatever points they have. The game is basically a tag game where the members of both teams would have to tag an opposing member. However, the one who has more points on their bracelet would win the tag and would take away 500 points from the losing member and team.

king of hearts

The players could also travel in pairs so that they could combine their points as long as they were holding hands. As such, this would allow them to defeat an opposing player with a higher number of points on their bracelet.

Meanwhile, both teams have bases, which would allow the opposing team to gain 10,000 points for every member that touches it. However, if a player is defending the base and has his hand on it, he gains infinite points and will defeat anyone who attempts to touch the base when he tags them.

There are also numerous containers with points that will allow both teams to gain an advantage over the opposing team. However, the number of container vans with points tends to be limited, and that means it is still more important for the team to tag an opposing player or even the base of the opposing team to gain the advantage.

A player whose points go down all the way to zero would die. Another instance of how death can happen is when a player defending the base touches someone. Of course, all of the players of the losing team will die at the end of the time limit.

Who Is The King Of Clubs?

The name of the King of Clubs is Ginji Kyuma. He is first introduced as a fit and ripped man that wears absolutely nothing because he claims to be a nudist due to how he believes that clothes are social constructs that are meant to limit the freedom of a person. His teammates are members of the band that he used to be in when they were still in the real world. Kyuma and his teammates called themselves “citizens of this world,” implying that they were citizens of the Borderlands.

During the game, Kyuma showcased how honorable he was as he was quite possibly the friendliest and most honorable out of all of the different Face cards in the game. He was willing enough to share his insights with Arisu, especially when it came to his style of leadership. Kyuma told Arisu that he saw his teammates as his equals, and that was the reason why the initial 10,000 points that they all had were divided equally amongst all five members of his team.

However, the thing about Kyuma is that he always looked at the King of Clubs game as a life-or-death situation. That meant that he was willing to risk everything in order to have a chance to win the game. His teammates also had the same mindset during the entire game.


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While Kyuma initially lost the first round of the Osmosis game, he and his teammates found a way to turn things around when all of them attacked Arisu’s group’s base, which was defended only by Tatta. In that regard, Kyuma was willing to sacrifice himself, as did his teammates when they all attacked the players’ base.

Kyuma lost his best friend in that attack on the players’ base but ended up gaining a huge advantage in terms of points over Arisu. Using this advantage in points, Kyuma was able to put pressure on Arisu’s team because all of the members of his team had more points than Arisu’s teammates. And they all defended their base very well.

Arisu, however, mounted an all-out attack on Kyuma’s base to try to regain the points that they lost. While they were almost successful, they were 3,000 points short of tying the game with only ten minutes left on the clock. All of them had lost hope except for Usagi, who found the final bonus points in one of the containers. 

That meant that Arisu’s team was only 500 points behind, but it was still too difficult for them to catch up because the only way for them to do so was to tag one of the players on Kyuma’s team. But because Kyuma’s team decided to defend the base instead of going out, it was almost impossible for Arisu and his friends to win.

usagi and arisu

Tatta, however, had an idea. He had a flashback of his past when everyone around him said that he was useless. That was when he decided to maim and crush his hand to a point where his bracelet would come off. Tatta gave the bracelet to Arisu, who kept it in his pocket to make it seem like he and Tatta were holding hands, thus combining the points on both of their bracelets.

Arisu met up with Kyuma in the final minutes of the game, as they both talked about their own insights into life. In what seemed like a genuine gesture, Arisu wanted to thank Kyuma for teaching him a lesson in leadership and teamwork. Kyuma was initially hesitant to shake hands with him because he knew that Arisu would lose because he had more points.

However, what Kyuma didn’t know was that Tatta’s bracelet was in Arisu’s pocket, as the handshake allowed Arisu’s team to steal 500 points from Kyuma’s team to steal the lead at the very last second.

As such, Kyuma and his teammates were defeated. Nevertheless, they were thankful for having Kyuma as their leader. Kyuma, of course, in his last moments of freedom, accepted his death with open arms as the King of Clubs and his teammates died after losing to Arisu. But Arisu’s team ended up losing Tatta, who died due to blood loss. 

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