Who Is the Samaritan Superhero? All About The New Stallone’s Character

Who is the Samaritan Superhero

Sylvester Stallone is a well-established actor mostly known for his action-packed movies. But his latest role might be his most unique yet. In the upcoming movie Samaritan, Stallone plays a presumably dead and retired superhero who’s living his ordinary life for years now, but when a new threat arises, he has to put his demons to rest and come out of the shadows once again. Samaritan is set to be released on 26 August 2022 by Amazon Studios and will stream on Prime Video. In this article, you can read and get more familiar with who is the Samaritan superhero and all about the new Stallone’s character.

Samaritan is a superhero that has gone missing 25 years ago and is presumed dead. However, he is now a senior citizen living his ordinary life working as a refuse collector who left his superhero days behind him. When he saves a young boy from a bunch of bullies, word gets out that he’s still alive. Although his powers weakened throughout the years, he is still superhumanly strong and durable and has plenty of fighting power left in him.

Although his best days of fighting crime are behind him and he now tries to live peacefully, he just can’t sit still while the city and the society around him are in chaos. We’ll explain this in detail and also provide you with some information about Samaritan’s powers and how strong he actually is.

What is Sylvester Stallone’s new movie Samaritan about?

Silvester Stallone’s new movie Samaritan is about Joe Smith, a.k.a. Samaritan, a superhero who is presumed to be dead for 25 years after the furious battle. Joe is now retired from his superhero life and works as a refuse collector. However, he has a hard time standing still and doing nothing about crime raging through the city but still watches it with disgust from the distance.

When a young boy Sam ( Javon Walton ) is attacked by some bullies, Joe saves him and Sam finds out who he actually is. Sam tries to tell others about the fact that Samaritan is still alive but nobody seems to believe him. When Joe is hit by a car at full speed in front of Sam, he heals almost immediately, so he can’t pretend any longer that he’s not the Samaritan. He gradually explains to Sam all about his powers, how he aged now, and about some damages he made through the years of being a superhero.

Eventually, word gets out that Samaritan is alive and villains come after him. He has to deal with the past he tried to leave behind him while also defeating the bad guys in the process.


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Is Samaritan Marvel or DC?

Samaritan has some similarities regarding his powers with other superheroes like Luke Cage ie., so fans have been wondering if is Samaritan from Marvel or DC Universe. Samaritan is neither Marvel nor DC.


Stallone’s character Samaritan is actually based on the character Samaritan, the main character of a graphic novel published by Mythos Comics’ and written by Bragi Schut. The storyline in the comics is very similar to the movie’s as it follows a superhero Samaritan who lived in the city Acropolis and made the streets of the city safe 20 years ago. He is now presumed dead and the city is in chaos, but there is one little boy who believes that Samaritan is actually his neighbor.

The comic was released in July 2014 and is now turned into a movie via the collaboration of a co-production of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Balboa Productions. So, Samaritan is neither Marvel nor DC.

Samaritan superhero powers explained

Samaritan is a type of superhero that relies on his brute strength mostly as he is superhumanly strong. He is able to lift people in the air and throw them at far distances. He has the brute force and can run through walls destroying them in the process. Samaritan is also very durable and can withstand high-impact hits such as hits by a speeding car. However, when a speeding car hit him he did get injured and his bones seemed to crack, but he was able to recover very quickly from it. So it is fair to assume that he has some regenerative abilities also.

He can also withstand being hit by various objects without any damage to him and seems to be bulletproof. His durability is superhuman, but he is not harmless because we get to see that years of battles and fighting left a toll on his body as his back is very scarred.

Samaritan has very developed reflexes and can jump very high also. He wears a helmet and armor and besides using his powers he also has a powered hammer that seems to be of his own making and can produce high-damage attacks with it and punch his enemies far away.


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How strong is Samaritan?

Based on everything we mentioned in this article we can conclude that Samaritan is superhumanly strong. He can lift people in the air and throw them with ease. When in battle he can easily overpower several opponents at the same time using his physical strength. He can also lift cars with ease and has the ability to punch people through doors and run through walls.

With his hammer, he is able to produce enough power to create powerful hits and make severe damage to his opponents and objects around him. His body is very sturdy and strong and he can withstand powerful hits to his body and gunshots also.

However, throughout the years, his strength has somewhat decreased due to his aging and not using his powers as much, so he was probably much stronger in the past. Regardless, Samaritan is still a powerful and strong superhero that can easily deal with opponents that are no match to him in a classic fight.

The trailer of the movie only showed us a glimpse of his abilities and strength, so it is fair to assume that we are yet to see him in his full might and power. Samaritan is set to be released on 26 August 2022 by Amazon Studios and will stream on Prime Video, so we can’t wait to see what this retired superhero has yet to show us.

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