Who Is the War Devil in Chainsaw Man? Origin, Powers & How Strong She Is!

Who Is the War Devil in Chainsaw Man? Origin, Powers & How Strong She Is!

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Chainsaw Man is one of the weirder series you’ll encounter in your life, but that makes it so special and that is why this series has become so popular. The characters of Chainsaw Man are so interesting that they actually deserve more attention and that is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to present a new character that has been introduced in Part 2 of the manga (although she has been mentioned earlier) and is going to be a proper villain in the series – the War Devil, who is occupying Asa Mitaka’s body. In this article, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the character.

Who is the War Devil in Chainsaw Man? Origins explained!

The War Devil was first mentioned as a member of a powerful group of Devils known as the “Four Horsemen”. They, along with the Weapon Devils, once waged a bloody war against the Chainsaw Devil in Hell, but in the midst of the battle, he disappeared and the Riders were never able to find him.


At the beginning of the story, the War Devil takes control of Asa Mitaka’s body, while saving the girl’s life so that she can pretend to be an ordinary schoolgirl and not arouse anyone’s suspicions. War Devil reveals that her ultimate goal is to kill Chainsaw Man and retrieve the atomic weapon. When Asa wakes up, the War Devil brings the girl up to date on the situation and offers her a choice between cooperation or, otherwise, death.

At the school gate, Asa has a panic attack, which draws the attention of Hirofumi Yoshida. He offered to help the girl, and when she became flustered, the War Devil took control of Asa’s body and asked Yoshida about Chainsaw Man, after which he asked him to be her boyfriend. He refuses and leaves. Hoping to find Chainsaw Man, Asa and the War Devil enroll in a devil hunter circle, of which Hirofumi is a member.


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War Devil in Chainsaw Man: Powers and abilities

Moments before Asa’s death, the War Devil made a contract with her where they jointly share control of Mitaka’s body. To make this possible, the War Devil left only one-half of Asa’s brain intact, which, however, does not cause any special problems for the girl. Apparently, the transfer of control over the body can only occur at the request of the War Devil.

The War Devil also has the ability to read Mitaka’s mind, but it doesn’t seem like the girl can do the same for the Devil. When one of them controls the body, the other remains to observe what is happening as an outside observer and is felt only by the controlling side, while not being able to physically interact with the environment.

With Chainsaw Man destroyed, the contract will be terminated and Mitaka will regain control of his body. Up to this point, the War Devil can completely take over Mitaka’s brain and guide her body alone, however, she considers such an outcome undesirable and is ready to resort to it only as a last resort. When the War Devil replaces Mitaka, the girl gets scars on her face and the characteristic eyes of the War Devil.


In this state, Mitaki exhibits the traits of a fiend: she has a deformed head and no control over her body. After they change back, the resulting appearance attributes disappear. It is unknown if they exist in reality or only in Mitaka’s mind. In “hallucination” form, the War Devil appears as Mitaka with flowing hair, demonic eyes, and facial scars; in the same form, Mitaka’s appearance does not change in any way.

The ability to observe what is happening as a “ghost” while the Devil controls her body did not appear immediately for Mitaka. Apparently, she was absent during the murder of the head girl and the school teacher, but at home she remembers this event after being reminded by the Devil.

The War Devil is able to easily create all sorts of weapons from people she has “possessed”. In order for a person to belong to a War Devil, they must apparently experience some degree of sexual or romantic attraction to her. To create a weapon, War Devil needs to name the type of device desired and the name of the selected person.


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She has created the following weapons so far:

  • Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword: A curved long sword with a massive blade at the end. Made from Tanaka’s spinal cord, torn out along with his head. Sharp enough to cut through flesh effortlessly. It is worth noting that this metamorphosis did not lead to the death of Tanaka, and he was in agony for some time. Tanaka was considered the property of the War Devil, as he was attracted to Asa.
  • Flesh Hand Grenade: A hand grenade crafted from the severed hand of a girl who made a contract with the Justice Devil. To create this grenade, the War Devil did not need to name the girl. Perhaps the head girl’s severed arm was treated as a separate item from her, making it unnecessary for the War Devil to possess the girl.

As a Devil, she can make contracts with humans. She can also regenerate her health by consuming blood. As a Devil, after dying on earth, she is reborn in Hell, making her effectively immortal. The War Devil can possess the bodies of dead people and is proficient with all forms of human-made weapons.

She has shown skills in swordsmanship, as, with the help of a sword, the War Devil easily defeated the girl who made a contract with the Justice Devil. The War Devil can also handle hand grenade-type of weapons with ease.

What is the War Devil like?

The War Devil usually behaves sensibly and coolly. She perceives humans as inferior beings and will not hesitate to kill them for her own purposes or just to “warm up”. In addition, the War Devil does not fully understand the principle of human relationships and does not even want to understand this: she leaves Asa alive for the sole purpose of maintaining the image of an ordinary girl and not arousing anyone’s suspicion.

Her lack of understanding of human behavior leads to her nearly revealing herself, possessing Asa’s body right in the middle of the girl’s conversation with Yoshida Hirofumi to ask him a question about the Chainsaw Man. After that, she unashamedly asked Yoshida to be her boyfriend after less than two minutes of conversation: the War Devil intended this action to make Yoshida fall in love with Asa.


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The War Devil rudely commands Asa, warning that if she disobeys, death awaits her. Despite this, she is ready to cooperate with Mitaka and brings her up to date, honestly answering all her questions. So she openly admits that she sees people only as tools, and that her ultimate goal is the destruction of Chainsaw Man.

She almost does not offend Asa and expresses irritation towards her only in those cases when the girl hesitates and is in no hurry to follow instructions. At the same time, she has enough patience not to blow up the other half of Mitaka’s brain on the spot. War Devil has a twisted sense of humor and taunts her victims before killing them: before throwing a grenade at a schoolgirl, she places her lover’s head next to her and calls it a “happy ending”. She is excited about the idea of ​​killing Chainsaw Man and wishes to be the one to destroy him.

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