15 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man (Ranked)

strongest chainsaw man devils

In the world of Chainsaw Man, Devils are a race of supernatural creatures that appear all over the world. Devils are born in Hell, and each of them is born with a name that correlates with something that exists and is feared; they manifest according to the collective consciousness that surrounds their names. Devils that die in Hell reappear in the human world, and vice versa, Devils that die in the human world reappear in Hell, effectively making them immortal; however, they cannot remember anything from their previous lives. Now, we are going to rank the strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man by strength.

15. Tomato Devil


We start off our list of the strongest Devils from Chainsaw Man with the Tomato Devil. The Tomato Devil is a Devil that has a large round red body, multiple eyes, and an upright mouth. He has multiple arms that he uses as legs to move around. Not much is known about the Tomato Devil’s personality, but presumably, like all non-humanoid demons, he possesses a great hatred towards humans.

A Tomato Devil was walking through a neighborhood when Denji, with the help of Pochita, went and killed him. Denji explained to his boss about the Tomato Devil’s ability and that he needs to burn it, claiming to pay for hunting it. Not much is known about the Tomato Devil’s abilities, except that he can come back to life from his seeds. So, to avoid that, they must be burned.

14. Blood Devil

power chainsawman

Blood Devil – Power, is childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated, tending to fight as if she has something to gain and is certain of her victory and has no problem running away from a fight in which she is outmatched. She also feels the need to brag about her superiority over her fellow Devil hunters due to her status as a Devil human.

Furthermore, Blood Devil has no allegiance to humanity, openly admitting that anyone is fine. She is often rude, and careless and feels that those around her should clean up after herself, she has even admitted that she rarely bathes or flushes the toilet and considers humans too sensitive to care so much about hygiene. Blood Devil is also a compulsive liar and has no problem gossiping and talking about her friends behind her back.


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Power is an insatiable glutton; she doesn’t see the difference between pork, beef, and human meat, as she is willing to eat them all, even if the meat is from a zombie. On the other hand, she hates vegetables and throws them away when she finds them in her food.

Although she is extremely selfish, Power was able to experience compassion for the first time towards her pet after previously caring only for the smell and taste of blood and the feeling of death. This led her to act for the good of another being when her pet Nyako was kidnapped. Power met an untimely demise during the Control Devil arc of the Chainsaw Man manga.

13. Eternity Devil

D3Fmon Eternit3F

The core of the Eternity Devil is an “8” shaped piece of flesh with one eye and mouth on each side and two mouths in the center. The Eternity Devil can manifest within its own stomach as an endless wave of flesh composed of many merged arms and heads.

Eternity Devil initially appears very small and weak but grows rapidly over time. The Eternity Devil amuses himself in the fear and suffering of others, openly laughing as Kobeni panics and is knocked unconscious. He is willing to make deals with humans in order to achieve his goals.

12. Shark Devil (Beam)

Beam27s Shark form

The beam (Shark Devil) is very eccentric. He often goes along with Denji’s plans no matter how crazy they are due to having a lot of respect for the Chainsaw Devil. Even when Denji misunderstood how he should use his chainsaw abilities to enhance his mobility, Beam continued to agree with Denji’s idea instead of correcting him.


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Shark Devil greatly enjoys fighting, enthusiastically diving into herds of zombies and eating them. Although he was very afraid of having to fight the Bomb Devil to the point of running away, he did not show any hesitation in trying to fight her when he was cornered.

11. Violence Devil (Galgali)


Next up on our list of strongest Chainsaw Man Devils is Violence Devil. Despite being nicknamed the Violence Devil, he is extremely polite and direct. He apologized to Beam after beating him up in self-defense and told the Spider Devil to evacuate the area when he mistook her for a human lady. The Violence Devil attributes this to him still possessing much of his human brain, which is unusual for a devil. He states that he loves peace and love, and remembers many details of his previous life as a human. He states that he cannot eat due to his mask but enjoys treating others as he can enjoy food through his reaction to it.

10. Bomb Devil (Reze)


Reze (Bomb Devil) can cause it to explode and transform into a hybrid form by pulling a pin on her choker, much like a grenade. She can also perform the same technique, but instead of just transforming, Bomb Devil blows her head off and leaves a decoy of herself to distract opponents from her. This decoy can hold her own head and throw it.

Reze can detonate her own skin from her arms to make explosions and enhance her physical attacks. By ripping them out, Reze can detonate them so they explode. She can also fire them by snapping them out of her hands. Bomb Devil can transform her exploding limbs into torpedoes, making her punches and kicks more devastating.

Reze can cause explosions around her at will, enhancing her mobility with explosive force. She can also travel through the sky through continuous consecutive explosions. Reze becomes drastically more durable in this form, as she can withstand a full-powered kick from the Violence Devil without taking any damage. As a hybrid, Reze can restore her health by consuming blood. After drinking blood from the Typhoon Devil, she could instantly regrow her severed leg.

9. Curse Devil

Demonio Maldicion

When summoned, the Curse Devil manifests as a large two-headed skeleton with horns, its right skull appears human while the left skull has three eye slits and longer teeth. The Curse Devil has clawed hands and a large distended ribcage. The Curse Devil appears as a pair of dark lips floating in the darkness or as a monstrously large mouth whenever it speaks to someone.

When his contractor stabs his target multiple times with her nail, the Curse Devil will manifest, grab the target’s arms in a crossed position, and mortally wound them by biting their shoulders and neck while crushing their arms.

8. Ghost Devil


The Ghost Devil has great physical strength; with just one of his numerous limbs, he could hit Aki hard enough to make him drop his sword and lift him up in the air by the neck to strangle him. He can turn invisible as Himeno could use his right arm to grab the Eternity Devil without anyone seeing it.

The Ghost Devil’s body is selectively intangible, preventing others from touching it; however, special weapons can cut it. The Ghost Devil has no eyes, as he perceives through fear; however, this can backfire, as he cannot feel someone approaching if that person is not afraid. As a Devil, the Ghost Devil can grant contracts to humans for a price.

The contracts with him seen so far are A contract with Himeno in exchange for his right eye. Himeno can use the power of the Ghost Devil’s right arm which stays with her at all times. By sacrificing more parts of her body, Himeno can use the full power of the Ghost Devil’s body for a short period of time.

As a devil, the Ghost Devil should be able to restore his health by consuming blood. After being killed, the Ghost Devil should be reborn in Hell, making it immortal.


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7. Gun Devil


Next on our list of strongest Chainsaw Man Devils is Gun Devil. The Gun Devil is extraordinarily quick and can was able to kill 1.2 million people in different nations worldwide in just five minutes. It moved with such speed that parts of its flesh burnt off the body. The Gun Devil can quickly and accurately fire bullets from a variety of weapons that are a part of its body.

He can shoot a bullet through the heart of every living thing born in the months of January, February, March, May, June, August, September, and November, or December, as well as through the head of every adult male within a radius of about 1,000 meters, every child up to the age of 12, and every living thing within a radius of about 1,500 meters.

The Gun Devil can discard his own flesh, which resembles bullets due to its own speed and power. When Devils of any kind consume pieces of the Gun Devil’s flesh, the Gun Devil’s power is greatly increased. These bullet parts attract each other and fuse together when touched and will attempt to rejoin the Gun Devil’s main body to regenerate.

As Makima said, Gun Devil’s body is currently separated into several parts and remains in an unconscious state. The United States possesses twenty percent of his body, twenty-eight percent is possessed by the Soviet Union, eleven by China, four by other countries, and the remaining thirty-seven are in the hands of Devils from all over the world like pieces of meat.

6. Cosmos Devil (Cosmo)


Cosmo (Cosmos Devil) doesn’t exhibit many emotions aside from his usual smiling and seemingly calm demeanor. Cosmos Devil does not speak except to repeat the word “Halloween” and, like the rest of Quanxi’s girlfriends, follows Quanxi and seems to have a crush on her and is under her command.

When Cosmo uses her powers on the Master, another version of herself appears during the conversation, which probably happened in the Master’s mind or in her mind, implying that this is her true personality. While she retains her happy demeanor, she is shown to be calmer and able to speak normally, conversing with Master about what is going on. Cosmos Devil’s shallow personality may be a result of her powers affecting herself, causing her to repeat and be unable to think of anything but “Halloween”.

5. Angel Devil


The Angel Devil is a unique case, differing from the rest of the mass of Devils in that he does not have hatred for people. Despite this, he states that people must die in agony and describes himself as more of a demon than an angel, but he later comforts a dying woman and grants her a painless death. The Angel Devil is passive and has no will to live: according to him, he prefers death to work.

Upon learning that Aki has less than five years left to live, Angel calls him lucky and says that he also wants to die as soon as possible, because “while you are alive, you have to spend your strength, and when you die, you can relax.” On the verge of death, Angel Devil asks Aki to let him die and says that he has been ready for this for a long time.

He dislikes being ordered around and seems to dislike fighting as well, preferring instead to bring an unconscious enemy outside. When forced to fight, he showed reluctance to use his powers and apologized to all the people whose lives he used to create weapons. Angel is partial to soft ice cream but is willing to eat anything, including zombie flesh and the corpse of another devil.

4. Hell Devil

da3a6 strongestdevilsinchainsawmanhelldevil8818697346497951604.

As the Hell Devil, he can manifest as a giant hand with six fingers that emerges from a gate in heaven that connects to one of the many gates in Hell. This allows the Hell Devil to send certain individuals to Hell. The Hell Devil can also transfer victims back to the human world from Hell.

The Hell Devil can restore his health by consuming blood as a devil. After being decapitated by the Chainsaw Devil, a Devil hunter fed him his blood, allowing him to send the Chainsaw Devil to Hell. The Hell Devil can be reborn in Hell after being killed, effectively making him immortal.

3. Control Devil (Makima)

We’ve reached the top 3 and our list of strongest Chainsaw Man Devils is getting serious. Makima (Control Devil) is a girl with a serious but at the same time calm personality, which is denoted when she explains the current situation in a slow and orderly manner, without getting excited. She is always seen maintaining a sympathetic air, at least with Denji when he settles in. On the other hand, she is also very cunning and manipulative.

She controls Denji with promises of a romantic and sexual relationship while threatening him with extermination if he disobeys her. Clearly, Control Devil desires more power and will do anything to obtain it. She is ruthless and willing to sacrifice the lives of others and harm innocent people if it benefits her.


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Makima is an extreme fan of Chainsaw Man, the “hero from hell.” Fascinated by his ability to remove the embodied concept of a Devil when she eats them, her stated that her goal was to bring Chainsaw Man under her control, using his power to create an “ideal” world without fears, and if she doesn’t, be eaten by Chainsaw Man, as she thinks that it would be an honor for her to be a part of the Chainsaw Devil.

However, Makima’s true unstated goal was to be together forever with Pochita and lead a happy life with him, as she always yearned for something like a family, due to being unable to form equal relationships with others like him, e.g. her own Control Devil.

2. Darkness Devil

Demonio de la Oscuridad 28manga29

Darkness Devil has one of the most grotesque and disturbing appearances seen in Chainsaw Man so far.

Darkness Devil’s appearance is made up of several human bodies connected to each other with two bodies acting as his legs and four other human bodies acting as his torso, each with a unique face: the one immediately below the neck has no eyes, nose and a vertical mouth, the second head has open eyes and its mouth is sewn shut, the third has no nose, its mouth remains open and its eyes are sewn shut, and the fourth has no eyes and maintains a grim expression.

His head is similar in shape to that of a pterodactyl with curved horns. The first human body has its arms outstretched holding what appears to be a cloak of darkness. Very little information is known about this Darkness Devil, except that he will attack anyone he perceives as a threat and that he is one of the most powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man.

1. Chainsaw Devil

chainsaw man pochita

The top place on our list of strongest Chainsaw Man Devils goes to Chainsaw Devil. Denji is cheeky and naive due to living in extreme poverty and not having proper education and upbringing as a child, thus he comes across as rude and harsh in a childish manner. However, he has a good sense of empathy toward other people, willing to save those in danger as much as he can, showing that he is a kind-hearted person despite his flaws.

While Chainsaw Devil doesn’t necessarily possess the highest intelligence, he is able to come up with clever strategies to defeat Devils, like the time he set himself on fire and used light to weaken Santa Claus enough to kill her. After becoming a Public Security Devil Hunter and having his basic needs met, Denji is unsure of what he wants in life and laments that the fulfillment of his dream is fleeting, fearing that he will lose his empathy and attachments, even his emotions.

As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that Denji is emotionally damaged and desperate to love and be loved, thus becoming emotionally dependent on Makima as a coping mechanism, even telling her that his wish was to be her dog without sense. This mental disturbance led Denji to resolve not to kill Makima, but to become one with her, to allow himself to defeat her.

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