Who Will Replace Ray Stevenson in ‘Ahsoka’? Here Are Our 5 Predictions

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Even though some fans believed that Baylan Skoll would be a one-off character in the ‘Ahsoka’ series and die at the end of season 1, that wasn’t what happened. That’s because Dave Filoni clearly wrote Baylan as a long-term character whose story would be explored in-depth in ‘Ahsoka’ and beyond that. Nevertheless, Ray Stevenson, the actor who masterfully portrayed Baylan, passed away earlier this year as he left a huge pair of shoes that can be difficult to fill.

While that may be true, the character of Baylan Skoll is far too interesting for Lucasfilm to discard in the future storylines of Star Wars. Using digital technology and CGI to make a person look like Ray Stevenson would also be a shame, as this would insult the actor’s powerful performance. So, with that said, here are some of our best predictions for Baylan Skoll’s possible recast.

1. Dominic Purcell


If Lucasfilm intends to recast Baylan Skoll, this wouldn’t be the first time Ray Stevenson would be replaced. That’s because he was shooting the movie ‘Cassino in Ischia’ before he passed away. A few weeks later, the team behind this film decided to recast him by hiring Dominic Purcell to take over the role.


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While Dominic Purcell doesn’t have Stevenson’s bearded look, giving him a beard wouldn’t be too odd to make him look like Baylan. Of course, if the casting director of ‘Cassino in Ischia’ believes that he could take over Stevenson’s role, we cannot doubt his ability to take over as the new Baylan.

2. Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler is a household name in the film industry, especially among fans of action films, because he was elevated as an actor with his performance in the ‘300’ movie. Of course, Butler has the same bearded and fit look that Ray Stevenson had, making him one of the ideal actors to portray Baylan Skoll in the upcoming Star Wars storylines.

Of course, because of his work in ‘300,’ Butler isn’t a stranger to fighting using swords. He is a proven action star and is known for having a commanding presence. And if a trait made Ray Stevenson stand out as Baylan Skoll, it was his commanding presence in the ‘Ahsoka’ series.

3. Graham McTavish


Graham McTavish is another fit and bearded old actor who could take over the role of Baylan Skoll. After all, while he is two inches shorter than Ray Stevenson, he still has the same commanding presence because of his buff build and commanding presence. He isn’t a stranger to using melee weapons as well because he was one of the Dwarves in Thorin Oakenshield’s company in ‘The Hobbit.’


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Graham McTavish is also fantastic with his accent and ability to command a scene with his voice alone. He did a fantastic job with Dracula’s voice in the ‘Castlevania’ animated Netflix series. In that regard, he would give Baylan Skoll a commanding presence with his look and his voice.

4. Liev Schreiber


One of the best options we have in mind regarding a possible Baylan Skoll recast is Live Schreiber, who fans might be familiar with in the ‘Wolverine’ films as he played the role of Sabretooth. That means he isn’t a stranger to action as he is large, fit, and skilled. He has the same height as Ray Stevenson.

But the one thing that makes Schreiber qualified to play Baylan is his non-action roles in ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Asteroid City’ as we were able to see just how good he is with his speeches. If there’s one thing that made Baylan so compelling, he could deliver great dialogues that perfectly embodied his identity as a fallen Jedi.

5. Russell Crowe


Last but not least, we have the famous Russell Crowe, a household name in the world of movies. Many fans are familiar with Crowe’s work in action movies like ‘The Gladiator’ and ‘Robin Hood.’ This means that he isn’t a stranger to wielding a sword around. Although he isn’t as tall as Ray Stevenson, he has roughly the same build and is just as good-looking with a beard.


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Crowe is just as talented with his dialogues as his ability to deliver great action scenes. As such, he would be a great Baylan in terms of his sword-fighting skills and his ability to deliver compelling lines. Of course, Russell Crowe is reportedly a big Star Wars fan, and giving him the role of Baylan Skoll would be a great way to introduce the actor to the world of Star Wars.

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