‘Ahsoka’: Here’s What Really Happened Between Ahsoka and Sabine in the Past

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One of the things that fans often wondered about in relation to Ahsoka Tano’s relationship with Sabine Wren in ‘Ahsoka’ is the event that changed the dynamic between them. While they hardly interacted in the events of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ they traveled together sometime after the Liberation of Lothal as Ahsoka took Sabine in as a Padawan. However, they parted ways before reuniting once more to get Ezra back from Peridea. But what really happened between Ahsoka and Sabine in the past?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Empire destroyed Mandalore and killed almost all of the Mandalorians, including Sabine’s entire Wren clan.
  • Sabine wasn’t there to help her family and was overcome with sadness and grief.
  • Ahsoka was afraid that Sabine could get tempted by the dark side if she trained to become a Jedi for the wrong reasons.

The Purge of Mandalore changed Sabine

Back in the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ we could see just how conflicted Sabine Wren was as she had problems with her family after she unwittingly helped the Empire develop a weapon meant for killing Mandalorians. Nevertheless, she reconciled with her family and went on to help them resist the Mandalorian clans loyal to the Empire.

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During the events of season 4 of ‘Rebels,’ Sabine and the other members of the Spectres were successful at sparking the initial flames of Mandalore’s rebellion against the Empire, and Bo-Katan Kryze was left in charge of both the leadership of the Mandalorian rebels and the Darksaber, which was a symbol of power and leadership within Mandalorian culture.

But Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorian rebels were not successful at resisting the Empire. Moff Gideon threatened to bomb Mandalore, forcing Bo-Katan to give him Mandalore. Nevertheless, he still decided to destroy Mandalore and all of the Mandalorians because the Empire knew they were far too difficult to control. As such, Mandalore was believed to be uninhabitable until the events of ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3 proved otherwise.


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Nevertheless, it was clear that most of the Mandalorians died during the Purge of Mandalore as the major population centers of the planet were wiped off. And unfortunately for Sabine, her entire family was on Mandalore when the Purge of Mandalore happened.

Although Clan Wren lived on an entirely different planet in the Mandalorian system, the entire family was on Mandalore to help the other Mandalorians in the rebellion against the Empire. It just so happened that the entire clan was wiped out when the Empire decided to destroy Mandalore and kill all of its people.

Bombing of Mandalore

Like all of the Mandalorians who lost family on Mandalore, Sabine was naturally overcome with sadness and grief. She lost her entire family in Mandalore while she was still trying to overcome the fact that she also lost Ezra when he disappeared during the Liberation of Lothal. And this was made clear by Baylan Skoll when he used the Force to look into Sabine’s mind.

Baylan sensed that Sabine was determined to look for Ezra because she felt that he was the only family he had left after she lost her entire clan on Mandalore. On top of that, Baylan also sensed that Sabine developed negative feelings toward Ahsoka when she realized that she could do nothing to help the people of Mandalore during the Purge of Mandalore.

In that regard, Sabine was overcome by all sorts of grief and sadness. That was why she retreated to Lothal, where she spent years hiding from Ahsoka and her other friends. She became a reclusive individual living with sadness and regret because she couldn’t do anything about Ezra and her entire clan.

Ahsoka was afraid of Sabine’s dark side

Of course, Ahsoka felt the burden of being a master when Sabine was at her lowest while she was training her to be a Jedi. At that time, Ahsoka didn’t know what it meant to take someone under her wing, which meant that she was yet to be good at becoming a master. And it became harder for her to empathize with what Sabine was feeling because Ahsoka had yet to get over her past with Anakin Skywalker and the things that happened to her master.


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According to Huyang, Ahsoka feared what Sabine could become if she trained to become a Jedi for the wrong reasons. Ahsoka thought that the only reason Sabine wanted to be a Jedi was to take revenge for what the Empire did to her people and her family. And Ahsoka knows more than anyone else what negative feelings and attachments can do to Jedi.

Back in ‘The Mandalorian,’ Ahsoka told Din Djarin that she didn’t want to take Grogu on as an apprentice because she knew what attachments could do to the best Jedi. She was obviously talking about Anakin, but it is possible that she was also referring to Sabine because her attachments led to the negative feelings she developed after her entire clan had been wiped out. As such, Ahsoka failed to empathize with Sabine because she still had to get over how her master fell to the dark side due to his feelings.

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Nevertheless, Ahsoka eventually learned that the only thing Sabine ever wanted from her was support. This thought crossed Ahsoka’s mind when she realized that the only person who ever supported her through her ups and downs was her master. And that was when she realized that she needed to be just like how Anakin was to her when she was younger.

Ahsoka was vocal about this to Sabine in the season 1 finale when she told her that she was determined to be there for her at all times so that she would have someone who would support her. Sometimes, the only way to keep a person away from the dark side of life is to provide the support they need. And in Ahsoka’s case, she realized that it was by standing by Sabine’s side that her Padawan could be kept away from the dark side of the Force.

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