Why Did Agent Smith Help Neo in The Matrix Resurrections?

Why Did Agent Smith Help Neo in The Matrix Resurrections?

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Agent Smith is resurrected in the most recent installment ofThe Matrix franchise, this time played by Jonathan Groff rather than Hugo Weaving and in the end, he does something rather unexpected – he helps Neo. Why exactly did Agent Smith help Neo?

Near the ending of The Matrix Resurrections, Agent Smith, who was a preprogrammed entity whose sole purpose was to follow and target Neo, was finally presented with the possibility of choice, i.e., freedom. Breaking away from his programming and opting to be free, Agent Smith actually helps Neo defeat The Analyst.

The rest of this article is going to elaborate on the answer given above. We’re going to dig deeper into the psychology of Agent Smith, as well as the plot of The Matrix Resurrections, explaining exactly why the ending of the movie was as it was. There will be a lot of spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know what happens in The Matrix Resurrections before watching it, be careful when approaching this article.

Why Did Agent Smith Help Neo?

Now, in order to properly understand why Agent Smith, who had chased after Neo during the majority of the franchise, ultimately helped “The One”, we have to explore the history of their relationship in the franchise. You’re going to read about how it all began and how it all led to the final moment where Agent Smith decided to break free and help Neo.

Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in The Matrix

Agent Smith hates the Matrix and wants to leave it. To do this, he wants to capture Morpheus in order, among other things, to gain access to Sion, an underground human city that still escapes the control of machines, and destroy the last humans resistant to the Matrix, which will make his presence in it useless.

He gets his hands on Thomas A. Anderson, a young hacker contacted by Morpheus, and tries to bribe him, to no avail. Having captured Morpheus thanks to Cypher’s betrayal, Agent Smith attempts to extract his secrets from him. Morpheus is delivered by Anderson, who has since become Neo, and Trinity. Agent Smith confronts Neo and ends up murdering him.

But he resurrects, presumably because the Chosen One is able to see clearly enough into the Matrix that his mind doesn’t consider his virtual death to be his actual death, and kills Smith.


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As a result of this crushing defeat, the Agents must undergo updates and for that, they must return to the Source (the Matrix database that is located in the Real World). Smith, having received certain codes from the Matrix as a result of the fight, is not required to return to Source and decides to remain in the Matrix.

He is no longer dependent on Source and can do whatever he wants to spread and destroy humans. So it becomes a virus, and even the Matrix cannot do anything about it.

In The Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith obtained the ability to copy himself

Smith endures. It has been transformed by Neo into a renegade program which can fit into any entity in the Matrix, absorb the person and transform them into another Smith in every way similar to the first. As regards the protection program, the bug caused by Neo – which is itself a bug – turns it into a virus.

Smith gradually transforms the beings of the Matrix into copies of himself, infesting the whole system, destroying the other agents like a Trojan horse, so that the machines themselves, the creators of the program, can no longer l ‘Stop. The multiple Smiths will face Neo several times in the Matrix, without managing to absorb him, but without Neo managing to defeat them either, who have become too numerous.

The Smith virus manages to “copy” itself in a human, Bane, when the latter was about to return to his body envelope in the real world. Smith thus has a “human body” in the real world. This “Smith / Bane” will repeatedly attempt to assassinate Neo, and sabotage Zion’s resistance.

The Matrix Revolutions showed us what we thought was the ultimate, final confrontation between Neo and Agent Smith

Smith / Bane again attempts to kill Neo in the real world, but to no avail. However, he managed to seriously injure him. In the Matrix, Smith absorbs Seraph, Sati, and the Oracle. It spreads throughout the Matrix and gets out of hand. Neo will negotiate Smith’s destruction in exchange for peace between humans and machines as the siege of Zion turns to the machines’ crushing advantage.

During the final confrontation in the Matrix between Neo and his nemesis Smith / Oracle and when the two entities cannot really defeat each other, Neo lets himself be absorbed when the Oracle manifests in the guise of Smith reminding him that “Everything who has a beginning has an end, Neo ”, thus revealing himself, because the Smith program usually calls him“ Mr. Anderson ”and does not understand what he just said.


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Neo eventually allows himself to be “infected” and absorbed, thus allowing the Machines to remove the Smith “renegade program” in the same way as in the first film visually. The Chosen One being linked to Source, the Smith program is therefore identified and deleted.

There is another theory on the suppression of the Smith program which is this: Smith is the inverse of Neo, his antimatter, his Yang. And during the absorption of Neo by Smith, the union of matter and antimatter implodes and self-suppresses.

Jonathan Groff replaced Hugo Weaving in The Matrix Resurrection as the revitalized Agent Smith

Since the machines changed matrix, Smith has come back in a different light. He is now the boss of a video game company which employs Mr. Anderson / Neo who returned to the matrix against his will (after being revived by the machines). The programmer is world famous for programming the Matrix trilogy from his memories (although his memory has been erased).

Neo discovers the identity of his boss who is his old enemy when the outside world tries to contact him. Later after Neo comes out of the Matrix, Smith fights his opponent when his opponent returns to the Matrix.

Later, when Neo finds Trinity (brought back to life and locked in the Matrix by the machines) to bring her out, Smith goes after the Analyst, the new leader of the Matrix, which allows the outside team to extract Trinity’s body from Machine City while keeping her connected.

Following this, Smith announces the unexpected end of the alliance to Neo and leaves. Neo and Smith will meet for an upcoming clash, as it is presumed.

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