Why Do Dream and Desire Hate Each Other in The Sandman? Here’s the Real Reason

Season 1 of The Sandman has already introduced a series of different villains that Dream had to confront. Of course, the first was Roderick Burgess, but villains like John Dee and the Corinthian were also quite prominent. Then there’s the fact that Desire, one of Dream’s siblings, was manipulating the strings behind the scenes because it wanted to mess with its sibling’s affairs. So, why do Dream and Desire hate each other in The Sandman?

Dream hates Desire due to one of the “jokes” that it played on him billions of years ago. It had something to do with Desire manipulating the feelings of one of Dream’s lovers. Meanwhile, Desire hates Dream because it simply is a casually cruel and meddlesome being that likes to mess with its siblings.

Throughout the entire storyline of The Sandman, Desire was always so meddlesome that it wanted to keep messing with Dream’s affairs in life, as the two were always so openly hostile. That said, the relationship was carried over to the live-action series as it was Desire who opened the floodgates in the entire problem with Rose Walker. Now, let’s look at what started this feud.

Why Does Dream Hate Desire?

The Sandman has a great storyline that follows a lot of different characters and how they play their role in the grander scheme of things surrounding the life and duties of the character named Dream, who is one of the Endless, which is a family of seven siblings charged with some of the most fundamental aspects of the universe. In Dream’s case, he is the third-eldest sibling of the Endless and is charged with overseeing the dreams of people all over the universe through his realm called the Dreaming, which is where people go whenever they dream.

During the series, Dream encountered a lot of antagonists that all had their own selfish desires. For example, Roderick Burgess wanted Dream to bring back his son from death or, at the very least, give him immortality. The Corinthian, of course, is a Nightmare created by Dream and went on to terrorize humanity because he believed that this was his function.

But during the second half of the series, it became apparent that Desire, one of the Endless, was plotting something against its older brother. Desire is an androgynous being that is the very essence of desire throughout the universe. And its desire was to plot the downfall of Dream.

Dream, on the other hand, was busy fixing the problem he had with Rose Walker, who was a Human Vortex that had the power to essentially take over the Dreaming or blur the borders between the Dreaming and the Waking World. As Dream told her, he once lost an entire universe due to a Vortex that he couldn’t stop.

As Dream was about to kill Rose Walker so that he could save both the Dreaming and the universe, Unity Kincaid, Rose’s great-grandmother, appeared in the Dreaming. She told Dream that she was supposed to be the Vortex of this generation. However, when Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, Unity was one of the people that fell into a coma, and that’s why she was never able to fulfill her role as the Vortex.

Nevertheless, while Unity was asleep, she ended up giving birth to a child through unknown means. Her child gave birth to a daughter, who turned out to be Rose’s mother. And it was through this line of succession that Rose became the new Vortex.

Rose gave up her “heart,” which was the source of her Vortex powers to Unity, so that she wouldn’t have to get killed by Dream. When Unity told Dream that she was already happy about the fact that she got to live her life in her dreams with her golden-eyed husband while she was in a coma, that was when Dream realized who had been meddling with his affairs.

Of course, Dream quickly approached Desire, who he knew was the one who fathered Unity’s child while she was asleep. He understood as much that Desire wanted to mess with his job and his realm, and that was when he threatened his younger sibling that it would have to deal with him, Death, and Destiny in the future if it did something like that again. Death also made it clear during the earlier episodes that Dream and Desire didn’t get along quite well. But why does Dream hate Desire?

In the series, it was never made clear why Dream hates Desire. The main comic book series also doesn’t fully explain this. However, the relationship between the siblings was made clear in the Endless Nights story, which took place billions of years before the main storyline of The Sandman.

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During the Endless Nights storyline, it was shown that Desire was once Dream’s favorite sibling. However, Dream fell in love with Killala of the Glow, who he took with him to see a gathering of the stars. Killala, however, left Dream when she fell in love with a star from her own world, and it was clear that Desire had something to do with what happened.

Before that, Dream introduced Killala to Desire. Nevertheless, Killala actually Desire if it had done something to Dream to make him so affectionate towards her. Nevertheless, Desire told her that it had done nothing to its older brother at all.

After Dream got abandoned by Killala, he blamed Desire for the entire affair. Desire, however, didn’t offer any defense or explanation for what it did. The only thing that Desire did was to ask Destruction if Dream didn’t have a sense of humor. Since then, both Dream and Desire had been openly hostile against each other, but it was never truly explained if this was the reason why Dream hated Desire.

Nevertheless, it was clear that Dream was already aware that Desire was going to mess with his affairs from time to time. It could be suggested that he learned to hate Desire when he realized that his younger sibling just loved messing with him and the other older members of the Endless. And that could be the reason why Dream hated Desire and did not agree with the way it viewed things, as this was clear in the live-action when Morpheus told his younger sibling that it was wrong to view humans as things that needed to serve them.

Why Does Desire Hate Dream?

As mentioned, there are seven members of the Endless. The third youngest member is Desire, who is also the twin of Despair. Desire is the entity that controls the desires of every living being in the universe, and that means that it is also the very essence of what desire is, similar to the fact that Death is the essence of death.

In the live-action version of The Sandman, it was made clear that Desire sort of hated Dream because it wanted to ruin its brother’s affairs and mess with his job as the one overlooking the Dreaming. And Desire used the Vortex to its advantage when it fathered a child with Unity Kincaid and allowed the Vortex to eventually pass on to Rose Walker.

It was made clear that Desire’s goal was to force Dream to kill Rose because it was against the rules of the Endless for them to kill members of the family. In the comics, the Kindly Ones would have to execute and kill any of the Endless who killed one of their own. Considering that Rose was a member of the Endless due to the fact that Desire was her great-grandfather, Dream would have gotten into trouble with the Kindly Ones had he killed her.

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In that regard, Desire wanted Dream to get in trouble or even die because it hated him. But the thing is that it was never really made clear why Desire hated Dream. None of the storylines in the comic books offered any explanation for why Desire hated Dream.

Desire is simply that kind of an entity in the sense that it did what it wanted to do and was the most casually cruel among all of the seven members of the Endless. That is why Desire is usually in open hostilities with Dream and even Death, as both of these siblings don’t like the fact that Desire usually sees people and the things that it does as meaningless and inconsequential in the grander scheme of things.

In that regard, its malice usually stems from the fact that it is the very essence of desire, and that is also the reason why most of the members of the Endless simply accept that Desire is simply like that. In the comics, however, Destruction noted that not everything that Desire does is out of malice.

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