Why Does Disney+ Keep Logging You Out? Here Is The Solution

Why Does Disney Plus Keep Logging You Out Here Is The Solution

Picture this, you’ve logged in to Disney+, set up a new Marvel show to watch, you’ve got the popcorn ready, lay back, start watching the show, and then Disney+ logs you out of your account. It happens a few times until you give up and go to bed or move on with your day. So why does Disney+ keep logging you out and how do you fix it for good?

The method that seems to have the most success is the turn it off and on again method. This will require you to force close the app on the device you’re streaming on, delete it, and then reinstall it back and log in again.

For most, deleting Disney+ from all your devices and then reinstalling them will work, but no fix is a one size fits all type of thing. It’s up to Disney to completely fix the issue but until then, if the first method didn’t work you can try any of the following methods depending on what device you’re streaming from.

Method #1: Browser Streaming

This method helps if you’re streaming on a browser from your computer or laptop. The thing to do here is to clear your cache, remove cookies, and delete your browser history.

  • If Your Browser Of Choice Is Google Chrome: click on the Menu bar —> go to Preferences —> select Privacy Settings —> clear all data.
  • If Your Browser Of Choice Is Mozilla Firefox: click the Menu button —> go to Settings —> select Privacy & Security —> navigate to the Cookies And Site Data section —> clear all data


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Method #2: App Streaming

These methods will help if streaming from the Disney+ app on your Android/iOS devices. The way to approach it is by force stopping or closing the app although there are other ways to do it, which we will mention as well. Before you move on to these methods though, make sure that your Disney+ app has been updated.

  • Force Closing The Disney+ App: go to Settings —> scroll and tap on Manage Apps, Applications, or Apps —> scroll the list of apps to find Disney+ and tap on it —> click Force Stop —> go to the Disney+ app and log in again
  • Restarting The Device With Disney+ On It: hold the power button for a few seconds until your device turns off and restart —> go to the Disney+ app —> Log in to your account
  • Turning On Mobile Data: sometimes the cause of the issue is the drop of Wi-Fi from your device so if it’s possible, turn on mobile data as well
Why Does Disney Plus Keep Logging You Out Here Is The Solution 1

Method #3: Logging Out Of All Accounts

If none of the above methods work, you might also try logging out of your account on all devices and logging in again. You will be immediately logged out of the device you did the method from but you’ll have to allow up to 4 hours to ensure it has been done on other devices.

  • Logging out of all devices: go to the Disney+ app —> click on Profile in the upper right corner, if you’re on a mobile device it will be located in the lower right —> go to the Account Details section —> click Log Out Of All Devices


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Why does it happen?

There are many reasons why one might run into this issue but it mostly affects people whose Wi-Fi seems to drop and the ones that use the service on tablets. If you fall into one of these 2 categories, you might want to try streaming from other devices or make sure your internet connection is stable.

None Of The Methods Worked

One of the methods is bound to work but if the problem persists you can always try and contact Disney Plus customer support. If you’re like me and don’t want to deal with customer support, my proven method is logging out of all accounts method and force-stop one. My tip for you is to try and do all of these before continuing to watch whatever it is that you wanted to watch since you won’t know if a method worked or not until Disney+ logs you out again.

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