Why Does Fortnite Keep Crashing? (SOLVED)

Why Does Fortnite Keep Crashing

Fortnite has many game modes that are constantly evolving with every update. The game is becoming better by every day. Every update is crucial for improved gameplay and user engagement. Epic spends millions every year to make sure players get a bug-free experience. But still, users can get in-game crashes. So why does Fortnite keeps crashing?

Fortnite can crash due to several factors, including hardware and software problems. As the new updates roll out, the game becomes heavier, meaning it requires more processing power and data storage. Not all users enjoy the updated version without changing their hardware.

Like any other game, Fortnite frequently updates errors and adds new gameplay options. It is not difficult to troubleshoot any errors or report any bugs in the game. Players need to identify the source of the problem. It’s mostly hardware or software.

Here’s why Fortnite keeps crashing

Fortnite is available for play on PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and not on Android. All these platforms use different settings and hardware to run the game. But the game can crash on any of these platforms. You might have already come across a few bad days when your game completely gave upon you.

Let’s see the major factors that lead Fortnite into crashing on different platforms and try to resolve them.

Why does Fortnite keep crashing on PC?

The number one reason for Fortnite to crash on PC is the system requirement. Every game has a minimal system requirement mentioned on the back of the disc cover. If the game was downloaded from the web, the system requirement is mentioned on the Epic Games website. It is necessary to check it and then install the game.

The software also plays a major part in the Fortnite crashes. Windows and Mac keep on releasing their software updates regularly. But if due to some reason the OS is not updated it may result in the game crashing. Both the game and OS should be up to date so that the chances of bugs crashing the game become less.

How to stop Fortnite from crashing on PC?


Sometimes even minimum system requirement is not enough to run the game, and it will crash. The best way to troubleshoot is by upgrading the hardware. Check the official epic games website and compare your system for the requirements. 

According to the official release by the Epic games. You can use the recommended system configuration or the minimum system configuration.

Fortnite basic system requirement

These are the minimum system requirement for running Fortnite. You might have to play the game in basic graphical settings. If you don’t like the look of the game, then upgrade your system configuration.

Sometimes a game will crash if you try to push the limit of your hardware by increasing the graphic settings. Just restart the game and reduce the graphics settings.

System configuration recommended

These are the recommended settings by Epic games. You can use any graphic settings in your game with this configuration. If your game is crashing with this configuration, then you need to keep troubleshooting further.

Below is the official system requirement data from epicgames.com

System ConfigBasicRecommended
Operating SystemMac 10.14.6 or Windows 7,8,10(64 bit)Mac 10.14.6 or Windows 7,8,10(64 bit)
ProcessorCore i3 with 3.3 GHz clocking speedCore i5 with 3.5 GHz clocking speed
Graphics card/Video cardIntel HD 4000 on windowsORIntel Iris Pro 5200/AMD GPU on MacNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660ORAMD Radeon HD 7870

Overheating can cause your game to crash. Just restart your computer and check again. If the problem is still there and the game crashes after few minutes or few hours, check your hardware. There might be some issue with your computer or laptop fan. When you use your computer or laptop to run high-resolution graphics or videos, everything inside your machines releases more heat. This heat needs to escape the motherboard, or else the system can crash due to overheating.

To avoid overheating, check your PC fan for dust. Or change it if it is making unnecessary sounds. For laptops, the surface below the base needs to be supporting proper ventilation. Sometimes, users use laptops in the bed or on surfaces that absorb heat and won’t let it dissipate. If you face overheating, place your laptop on a stable base on a table or wooden surface.


Regular updates are rolled out by epic games. Some are visible, and some are bug fixes. These bug fixes might not seem to be important changes till your game crashes. Once your game crashes it becomes imperative to update the version you are using.

Check for errors in the Fornite game directory

Fortnite gives every user the option to check their game files for errors. If the files are corrupt or missing, it can lead to a game crash. To check the files, open the game launcher. From the library, use the verify option to check for missing files.

Check Windows and hardware drivers

The second option is to run the game as an administrator. Windows 10 can be used by multiple users on the same computer. It depends upon the administrator profile to make any user account the administrator. Right-click on the game launcher icon and choose the option of run as administrator.

If you have administrator rights, then you will be able to run the game as the administrator. If you cant run the game, try login in with the administrator account on the same computer.

Use device manager

If all the above things don’t work then reinstall all the graphic and sound drivers. 

Open the device manager from the windows search bar. Then right-click on the sound and graphics hardware and use the option of uninstalling the driver or update the drivers.

Remember don’t uninstall the drivers if you don’t have the driver backup on the hard drive or sure that it can be downloaded from the web. Once you uninstall the drivers your speakers and the graphic card won’t work. Therefore use this option after downloading the proper drivers. Or try to update the drivers without uninstalling.

Flush RAM

Us the task manager to stop the unwanted processes and free the RAM. Open the task manager and click on the Process tab, right-click on the processes you want to end and click the end process. After stopping all the unwanted programs, run the game.

Good old restart

If everything fails to work. Give it a good old restart. And if you want to go to extreme levels, repair or re-install the windows.

Why does Fortnite keep crashing on Xbox?

Fortnite on Xbox can crash due to several reasons, including overheating and network connection. Users complain about going Xbox freezing on one frame or completely shutting down. Both issues can probably be due to overheating of the console.

How to stop Fortnite from crashing on Xbox?

To make sure that the console doesn’t overheat, restart the console using the restart button long press. Place the consol on a surface that is good for ventilation. If you still keep on getting in-game crashes, contact Microsoft support.

Why does Fortnite keep crashing on PS4?

The most common error on PS4 while playing any game is “CE_34878_0.” According to the PS4 official support website. If your PS4 is falling to start the game or the game is crashing while playing, it could be because of the console itself or the software updates.

How to stop Fortnite from crashing on PS4?

Contact PS4 support to troubleshoot these issues. If you don’t want to wait for the support to answer your email or call then do the following things first.

  • Restart the console and update the system software and the game.
  • Restore factory settings on the console and then install the game.
  • To re-install the basic system hardware removes all upgrades.

Why does Fortnite keep crashing on Nintendo Switch?

Fortnite can freeze or crash while updating the game or the software for your Nintendo Switch. There can be other instances where the Nintendo switch would crash Fortnite. This could be because of the device itself or the wireless network.

How to stop Fortnite from crashing on Nintendo switch?

To make sure that Fortnite runs smoothly on Nintendo switch perform the following checks and repair

  • Press the power button for 3 seconds to reboot the device. If your game is stuck on a screen and the device is not responding to any buttons, then the long press power button to hard shutdown. Turn the device on again, and try to play the game.
  • Use the Nintendo Repair Tool to update missing files or remove errors.
  • Use the system setting option to update the software or delete the game. Re-install from the official website and try to run the game.
  • After all of the above, if your still face frequent crashes, check your micro SD card. There might be a problem with the card. Remove and re-insert the data card. If the problem is still there, then the card might be corrupt and needs to be formatted or replaced.

Contact Nintendo customer support if all the efforts end in vain.

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