Why Does Sasuke Want to Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

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Grief, revenge, and death are common things among the love and kindness in the Naruto series. Ninja world can be ruthless, and some of our characters lived through great trauma that in the end, mostly, made them stronger. We saw adults like Kakashi, Iruka, Guy, Kurenai, Hokage’s and more struggle, but the children, especially, Konoha 11 suffered the most. One of them is Uchiha Sasuke, who after chasing a ghost all his life, decided to go against his home village. In this article, we will analyze why Sasuke wants to destroy the Hidden Leaf?

Uchiha Sasuke holds a lot of grudges against Konoha, and that escalated when he encountered Itachi, his brother who massacred his whole clan, under the orders of Danzo, a leader of the Root. Sasuke wants to destroy the Konoha Village because it took away his family and “forced” his brother to do so. What also propelled Sasuke’s revenge is Uchiha’s love for their family – they love more than anyone and that fact affects everything in their lives.

We will further analyze why Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha, which event made him think like that, and what person influenced him the most in that decision. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

Potential Reasons Why Sasuke Hates Konoha Village

Well, we know about the Uchiha massacre that occurred when Sasuke was around eight years old. Then a 13-year-old Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, decided to massacre his clan under the orders of the Root leader, Danzo. After months of restless Uchiha clan leaders and their secret mission to coup d’état against the Konoha Village leadership, Danzo gave Itachi an ultimatum – either kill every single Uchiha beside Sasuke or let them all die. This was a no-way-out situation for Itachi, who loved Konoha with all his heart, wanted to become the best to protect future generations, but also loved his brother wholeheartedly.

Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

After killing everyone and encountering the little brother before leaving the village and joining Akatsuki, Sasuke vowed to kill Itachi and avenge his deceased clan.

Chunin exams, infiltration of the missing-nins from Sound Village, and eventual attack on Konoha village made Sasuke frustrated by, in his opinion, the lack of power and skill. Orochimaru marked Sasuke with his curse and offered him a tutelage. Konoha’s willingness to close its borders with other villages was getting stricter, especially after the attack, which took multiple lives including the Third Hokage.

Sasuke took the opportunity with both hands after Naruto defeated him, and went on a journey of getting stronger and killing Itachi. Uchiha Sasuke defected from Hidden Village when he was 13 years old, at the end of part one of the Naruto series. Another possible reason for hating Konoha is the village’s dislike and indifference to the Uchiha clan.


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He was old enough to hear stories within the Uchiha compound about the village’s politics that neglected his clan and possibly formed his opinion of Konoha’s leaders. After Kyuubi attacked the village, and the Uchiha massacre, Konoha’s leaders decided to double up their defenses and isolate themselves a bit from the rest of the Ninja Continent.

Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

Sasuke also disliked the pampering of the students and the limitations of the studies they learned in the Academy. Kakashi was a strict teacher to Team 7 but Sasuke, in his opinion, did not have that much time to improve and become better than his brother and eventually kill him. These reasons are probably the most concrete ones, but we won’t speculate much and go to the last, and probably, the closest to the true reason why Sasuke wants to destroy Hidden Leaf.

Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

After chasing his brother’s shadow, and sacrificing everyone and everything that he had, Sasuke finally reaches his brother Itachi and instantly attacks him. They share huge blows, and after some time, there is obviously something wrong with Itachi – he looks sick and worn. Sasuke uses that fact and goes even harder with his blows, but Itachi, as a genius ninja who even in a poor state, does everything to keep Sasuke on his toes.

Faithful moment of this conflict and then, a huge shock to Naruto series fans, Itachi manages to outmaneuver Sasuke. While he stumbles toward him, exhausted, Sasuke thinks his living days are over, and Itachi will kill him and rob him of his Uchiha eyes. Itachi does the opposite – tells his brother he always loved him and still loves him, taps him on the forehead, and dies.

Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf?

Sasuke is stunned – how did this happen? Why did his ruthless killer of the brother spare his life and told him he loves him? While the Uchiha brothers were fighting, Tobi, another member of Akatsuki, moves stunned Sasuke to the secluded spot and tells him the truth – how Itachi dedicated his life to the village, its future generations, and eventually, to his brother, who he always loved.

Throughout the story Tobi tells him, Sasuke realizes that Konoha Village used his brother to the fullest – his shinobi skills, his morals, ninja way, and most importantly, his love. Sasuke finds out what Danzo did since he is essentially plotting behind the scenes that even Hokage could not do anything against him.


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Sasuke is enraged and instantly filled with love and hunger for revenge – love for his brother, and revenge against his former home. Konoha Leaf Village is Sasuke’s hit list and nothing could stop him, even his friends and sensei. So yes, Itachi’s heroic sacrifice made Sasuke hate Konoha Leaf Village. Uchiha’s love is really powerful and intense, and in those scenes where Sasuke, Itachi, and Uchiha Shisui show their emotional side, they would do anything to protect their loved ones.

The same happened to Madara Uchiha when his brother died. This parallel is also a reminder of how Hashirama’s and Madara’s relationship reflected Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship as well.

This is the end of this article. Hopefully, we cleared some details around Sasuke’s constant disdain towards Konoha Leaf Village and propelled you to check out our other Naruto-themed articles. Thank you for reading, and until the next time!

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