Why Is Anri Teieri the Only Female Character in Blue Lock?

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Blue Lock is one of the most popular sports manga today and is currently being adapted into an anime as exciting as the original material. It follows a grand journey where many characters are competing to become the world’s strongest striker. However, there is a character in the story that does not participate in the competition and is actually one of Blue Lock’s managers, the only female character Anri Teieri. Anri’s existence leads many fans to wonder if she is the only female character in Blue Lock and, if so, why is that?

Anri Teieri is indeed the only female character in the Blue Lock series. The explanation behind the fact that Anri is the only girl in Blue Lock is that the Blue Lock project itself is only composed of male players, so no girls are participating in it. Also, the only Blue Lock managers we know of are its creator, Ego Jinpachi, and Anri, so there is not much room for more female characters.

Even though Anri Teieri is confirmed to be the only female character in Blue Lock, there is a lot to know about her character and why exactly the authors decided to only make one female character participate in their series. Let’s dive a bit deeper and get to know who exactly Anri Teieri is.

Who Is Anri Teieri from Blue Lock?

A new employee of the Japan Soccer Union is named Anri Teieri. Anri proposed a strategy to the Japan Soccer Union officials sometime after the Japan U-20 team was eliminated from the 2018 World Cup in order to assist Japan in winning the tournament.

Anri has chocolate-brown eyes and brown hair that hang down to her neck and is braided twice in the back, one on each side. She typically dresses like a secretary, although on cover pages and in color spreads, she is seen wearing more revealing clothing that accentuates her figure.

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Anri is a composed yet tenacious woman whose greatest wish is for Japan to get a chance at winning the World Cup. Anri is extremely passionate about soccer, and despite the fact that the majority of the Japan Soccer Association laughs at her and regards her as nothing but a lady with lofty ambitions and a huge chest, she persists in pursuing her aspirations. She also expresses herself without being influenced by the business-oriented ideas of the Japan Soccer Association.

Ego Jinpachi was suggested to the Japan Soccer Association by Anri, who called him an “indispensable” coach who would both demolish and reconstruct Japanese soccer. Anri promises Ego that she will comply with all of his demands after the 300 players who were invited to participate in Blue Lock were accepted, and she formally accepts the position of his assistant, working alongside Ego while also picking up more soccer knowledge over time. Anri holds Ego in great respect and frequently seeks his opinion or counsel over the style of play displayed by the Blue Lock players. She ultimately has faith in him and entrusts him with the direction of Japanese soccer.

Why Is Anri Teieri the Only Female Character in Blue Lock?

Anri Teieri is currently the only female character to have a significant impact in the series. Even though we have seen other women in the series, like Isagi’s mom and Chigiri’s family, they have not made any notable changes or participation in the story.


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The reason for Anri is the only woman in Blue Lock is that there is no need or space for other female characters. Since the Blue Lock project’s objective is to win the male soccer World Cup, there are no female characters participating in it, so there can not be any girl acting as a soccer player. Besides that, we do not have the need for many characters that would act as managers or coaches in Blue Lock, the two most important of these are Ego Jinpachi, who commands the entire project, and Anri herself, who is in charge of assisting Ego with anything he needs, despite being the one who had the idea to make Blue Lock.

Now that we have clarified who exactly Anri Teieri really is and that she is indeed the only girl in Blue Lock, you know everything that there is to know about her. You can safely watch Blue Lock’s future episodes without any doubt in your mind.

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