Why Is Elrond Half-Elven (Peredhil)? Who Are His Parents?

One of the Elves that we have always regarded as an important part of the history of The Lord of the Rings is Elrond. His importance was highlighted during the Second Age when he took part in the Last Alliance and in the Third Age when he participated in the fight against Sauron in the War of the Ring. But one of the things that we learned in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is that he is peredhil or half-elven. So, why is Elrond half-elven?

Elrond is half-elven because he is the offspring of half-elven parents, Eärendil and Elwing, who themselves were also the offspring of half-elves. However, after the First Age, the half-elves were allowed to choose which between Man and Elf they wanted to be. Elrond chose to be an Elf.

The story of Elrond is one that is actually quite interesting because he was the offspring of a union that was said to be rare among the people of Middle-Earth, as Elves and Men rarely fell in love. Nevertheless, the fact that Elrond himself used to be half-elven eventually trickled down to his line, as his daughter, Arwen, chose a mortal life because of her love for Aragorn.

What Is A Half-Elf?

Throughout the history of The Lord of the Rings, the two main races were always Elves and Men. These races are often called the Children of Ilúvatar because Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme creator god, was the one who designed them and gave them life. However, upon their creation, Elves and Men mostly procreated with their own kind, as they almost never fell in love with people from other races.

But the thing is that there were still Elves that fell in love with Men, and vice versa. This was a rare occurrence during the history of JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium. In fact, there are only three recorded occurrences of a union between Elves and Men. And two of them happened during the First Age when the Elves and Men mingled with one another in Middle-Earth during the time when the war against Morgoth was still ongoing.

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During the First Age, Lúthien married Beren and Idril married Tuo. These were the first two recorded marriages and unions between Elves and Men. Of course, the union between these marriages produced offspring that were fertile. They were called the half-elves, as they were the product of a marriage between Elves and Men.

Both of these half-elven families lived in separate places in Middle-Earth. In fact, they were also able to have children of their own, who ended up living their lives as half-elves. And, throughout a good part of the First Age, the half-elves were able to live in peace as they didn’t swear allegiance to either the Ñoldor or to Morgoth.

Why Is Elrond Half-Elven?

During the First Age, the last of the half-elves were actually Elrond and his brother, Elros, who went on to have their own separate lives after Morgoth’s defeat at the end of the First Age. We know for sure that Elrond became a great Elf lord that lived until the end of the Third Age, as he sailed to Valinor together with the other Elves shortly after Sauron was defeated. Meanwhile, Elros became a Man and was the first king of Númenor.

This happened because the Valar gave the half-elves a choice to become either an Elf or a Man. Elrond, of course, became a true Elf when he chose to become an Elf. His twin brother, on the other hand, chose the mortal life when he became a Man. And we all know that Elrond became one of the most respected Elves during the Last Alliance and the War of the Ring, as he participated in both of those battles against Sauron.

However, why was Elrond half-elven? Well, this is because of the fact that Elrond was born to parents who were also half-elven. He was not the product of a union between an Elf and a Man. Instead, he was the product between two half-elves. And as mentioned, the half-elves are actually fertile and can also produce offspring.

In that regard, Elrond and his brother Elros carried the half-elven bloodlines of their parents but eventually chose their own paths later in life. And Elrond and Elros came from noble bloodlines of Elves and Men.

Who Are Elrond’s Parents?

Elrond was born to half-elven parents Eärendil and Elwing. Both Eärendil and Elwing were half-elven offspring themselves. Eärendil is one of the children of the half-elven named Dior and the Elf named Nimloth, and Dior, of course, is the son of Beren and Lúthien. Meanwhile, Elwing is the daughter of the union of a Man named Tuor and an Elf named Idril.

The parents of both Elrond and Elros were quite legendary in their own right. In fact, they were both the two most important figures that helped end the war against Morgoth during the end of the First Age.

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Elwing raised Elrond and Elros in the Havens of Sirion during the First Age. However, the Sons of Fëanor attacked the Havens because Elwing possessed a Silmaril that she inherited from Beren. However, instead of giving the Silmaril up, Elwing threw herself and the jewel into the sea as she transformed into a bird that held the Silmaril on her breast.

Meanwhile, during that time, Eärendil was sailing in search of his parents. However, he reunited with the bird form of Elwing as he heard about what happened to the Havens of Sirion. In that regard, he and Elwing used the Silmaril to guide their way to Valinor, where Eärendil asked the Valar to intervene in the war against Morgoth because he no longer wanted Elves and Men to suffer due to this war.

Eärendil the Mariner, by Jenny Dolfen

Manwë, the king of the Valar, was touched by this gesture and prevented any of the Valar from executing Eärendil, who violated the ban of the Valar by going to Valinor. Instead, he asked the Valar to aid the Elves and Men on Middle-Earth against Morgoth, as the war was concluded with Morgoth’s defeat at the end of the First Age. In that regard, both Eärendil and Elwing became legendary heroes, as the Valar rewarded Eärendil by bringing him up to the sky to forever sail there together with his Silmaril so that he can be a guiding star to anyone who needed help.

As such, both Eärendil and Elwing, who united the two half-elven families, were two of the greatest heroes of the First Age. And it is only right that their son, Elrond, also became a hero in his own right as he went on to live until the Third Age, where he was an important figure in the defeat of Sauron. 

Of course, Elrond was not the last of the half-elves because his daughter, Arwen, fell in love with a Man named Aragorn, who became the king of Gondor. As such, the union between Aragorn and Arwen continued the line of half-elves that we thought had ended with Elrond when he chose to become an Elf.

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