Why Is Frenchie Calling Kimiko Mon Coeur? Here’s What It Means

The Boys is probably right up there in terms of some of the most outrageous live-action TV shows on the planet because of how brutal and downright ridiculous it can be. However, there are a lot of innocent scenes in this series as well, and those scenes are usually helmed by the duo of Frenchie and Kimiko because of their sweet relationship with one another. Frenchie also loves calling her “mon coeur.” So, why does Frenchie call Kimiko mon coeur?

Mon coeur literally means “my heart” in French because that is what Kimiko is to Frenchie. He loves Kimiko and sees her as the one who brings out his soft side because he cares for her. And the relationship between Frenchie and Kimiko only continued to blossom in season 3.

There is no arguing against the fact that Frenchie and Kimiko are two of the sweetest characters in The Boys, especially when you look at their relationship and dynamic. They are willing to die for one another and are always there for each other. You hardly even see them in disagreements. Now, with that said, let’s take a good look at why Frenchie likes calling Kimiko “mon coeur.”

What Is Kimiko To Frenchie?

One of the first few characters that were introduced in The Boys was Frenchie, who Billy Butcher has a long history with and is someone that was quick to join The Boys when Butcher started putting the gang back in season 1. Frenchie has always seemed to be one of the nicer members of The Boys and has had his fair share of entertaining moments, especially with his French accent and terms.

But while the world of The Boys has often been full of different ridiculous and brutal moments involving supes and regular people alike, it was when Kimiko was introduced to the series and was added to the group that the softer side of Frenchie began to surface more. At first, Frenchie and Kimiko didn’t start off on the right foot. Frenchie was afraid of her and what she could do as a supe.

However, when Kimiko showed that she was actually a nice supe and was willing enough to put her life on the line to save Frenchie from Black Noir, their relationship began to improve. It came to a point where Frenchie became the only one who constantly communicated with Kimiko, who didn’t have the ability to speak, probably as a side-effect of her supe powers. Nevertheless, she and Frenchie used sign language to communicate with one another.

Frenchie and Kimiko eventually formed a strong bond, even though there was no exact definition of what their relationship was. In fact, Kimiko rejected Frenchie outright when he tried to kiss her. However, since then, their relationship gradually improved more and more, especially after Frenchie was there to help her get through a rough patch in her life with the death of her brother Kenji. Frenchie was the one who helped Kimiko with her grief and with the way she handled it.

Nevertheless, even after that, there was really no true definition of what their relationship was. It was only in season 3 that Frenchie and Kimiko were showing signs of being in a romantic relationship, especially with Frenchie calling her “mon coeur.” But it was only during episode 5 of season 3 when Kimiko finally showcased how much she cared for Frenchie by kissing him. This happened when her powers disappeared as a result of what Soldier Boy did to her and when she realized that she could now speak.

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So, in other words, Frenchie and Kimiko are now officially a true couple. People no longer have to speculate what their relationship is because the way that Frenchie took care of her while she was in the hospital and the affection that Kimiko showed him throughout the entire time prove that they do have strong feelings for one another.

What Does Mon Coeur Mean?

When Frenchie’s relationship with Kimiko started improving, he began calling her “mon coeur,” which eventually became the pet name that got stuck with her throughout the entire series. She didn’t even mind getting called mon coeur. So, what does mon coeur even mean?

In French, mon coeur basically means “my heart.” So, in a way, Frenchie keeps on calling Kimiko “my heart” by calling her mon coeur. And that is one of the sweetest things in the entire The Boys series, which is a show full of some of the most ridiculous things you will ever see on TV.

Why Does Frenchie Call Kimiko Mon Coeur?

We have established that Frenchie calls Kimiko mon coeur or my heart. But why does he even call her that pet name? Well, it goes back to the fact that they both have one of the sweetest and most innocent relationships in the series.

Frenchie and Kimiko never had the best start because of the entire dynamic between The Boys and supes. Nevertheless, they started to form a bond with one another up to the point that they each became each other’s most trusted person in The Boys.

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Kimiko leaned on Frenchie during a good part of her period of grief after her brother died. Meanwhile, Frenchie learned to rely on Kimiko when he decided to confront his past, especially in the encounter with Lamplighter. And the reason why Frenchie doesn’t even want to go back to working with Little Nina as her hitman is the fact that he loves the life that he now has with Kimiko.

It even came to a point where Frenchie and Kimiko have decided to leave The Boys so that they could live a simple life with one another and away from all of the different problems that came with The Boys and the supes.

So, in a way, Frenchie calls her his heart because that is what she is to her. Kimiko represents Frenchie’s soft side because she is innocent and sweet, and that is what brings out his sensitive side in a world that is far from being soft and sensitive. And by calling Kimiko his heart, she is also his weakness because he is willing to do everything he can to make sure that she is happy and safe.

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