Why Is It Called Archive 81? What Is The Meaning Of The Title?

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Archive 81 is one of the newest horror shows that you can watch on Netflix. This series was able to explore a different type of horror because it focuses more on a slow-burn type of horror that allows the terror to steadily build up as the series moves. And one of the things you should know is that it is actually based on a podcast that also explores supernatural events as well. So, why is Archive 81 even called Archive 81?

Archive 81 is called Archive 81 because that is the name of the podcast it was based on. The podcast, which follows the same basic premise of cleaning old footage, uses the Archive 81 name because the archive that the protagonist of the podcast is the cleaning and restoring is numbered 81.

One of the things that people may think about the Archive 81 title is that it has a cryptic meaning behind it and that it is up to us to try to decipher why it was given that title. However, the basic reason behind the title of the series is actually pretty simple and straightforward once you understand where the title came from. And that is something we are here to talk about.

Why Is The Series Called Archive 81?

Netflix has a lot of different horror movies and shows that help give people the creepy and spooky treat that they want to have on a lazy weekend. One of the more interesting horror shows that have just recently entered the Netflix library (pun intended) is Archive 81. And the best part about Archive 81 is that it is quite unique.

The unique part about Archive 81 is that it doesn’t make you jump out of your seats every 10 minutes by using jump scares and sudden scary scenes that will shock you to your bones. Instead, it has a more cerebral approach in the way it scares you.

Archive 81 uses a slow-burn horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wait for the next scene. Moreover, the way it scares you is through a tense manner that steadily builds up until the story’s climax. Of course, there is also a psychological aspect that may end up making you question your own sanity.

So, as good as Archive 81 is, there are some people that are wondering why it is called Archive 81. There are speculations that look at the title as something that is as cryptic and as cerebral as the show itself. So, why is it even called Archive 81 at all?

For those who don’t know, Archive 81 is called Archive 81 because it is based on a podcast that is also entitled Archive 81. And the plot of the Archive 81 series is based on the premise of the Archive 81 podcast itself as well.


As you probably already know, the Archive 81 series follows the story of Dan, who works as someone restoring old footage. In the series, he is charged with restoring old videos regarding a project about the history of the Visser building, which burned down during the 90s. As Dan works on the restoration of the videos, he experiences supernatural events that are due to the things that he sees in the videos.

So, in that regard, the Archive 81 podcast is where the plot of the series comes from because the podcast also explores the same story. In the podcast, the protagonist (also named Dan) works on found footage that he tries to restore and clean up. However, he also witnesses supernatural events in the footage that he is tasked to work on.

The amazing part about the podcast is that it was able to deliver a good horror story that was able to follow the found-footage format without even showing any video scenes. It was a hit podcast among those who love listening to horror podcasts, and that is why it was adapted into a live-action Netflix series with a similar premise but a different story.

What is the Meaning of the Archive 81 Title? 

As mentioned, the Archive 81 title was simply chosen because that is the name of the podcast that the series is based on. However, is there a hidden meaning behind the Archive 81 title? If yes, what is the meaning of the Archive 81 title?

While there is no hidden meaning behind the Archive 81 title, what we do know is that this is a title that isn’t entirely cryptic in the sense that you need to try to figure out what it means and why the number 81 was chosen.


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The podcast simply chose the name because of how the character is working on video archives. Meanwhile, the archive number of the footage that he was working on was numbered 81. That is all there is to it.

In the series, we also know that Dan is working on archives of found videos that he needs to restore. It was revealed near the end of the series that Dan was working on an archive that was numbered 81. That means that it takes a similar approach to the podcast in terms of the meaning behind the title.

However, neither the podcast creators Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell nor the series was able to fully explore why the number 81 was specifically chosen for the title of the archive. There might be a meaning behind why the creator of the podcast chose the number 81, but that might be too late because the podcast has already lived through its lifespan.

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As to the Netflix series, the showrunners might want to explore the number 81 more if Archive 81 gets the green light for a second season. They might want to look at the significance of the number to the events of the series, as the podcast failed to explain the meaning behind the number 81. And since the creators of the podcast are also co-producers on the Netflix series, they might end up revealing the reason behind the number 81.

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