Will There Be a ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Season 2? Here’s What We Know About the Live-Action Netflix Series

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It has always been difficult to adapt manga and anime storylines into the live-action format due to how there are budget constraints involved when it comes to live-action adaptations. Of course, ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ is the latest Netflix live-action series to receive a condensed format that only has five episodes. The first season concluded with Yusuke and his friends winning against Toguro and heading back home victorious. So, will there be a second season of Netflix’s ‘Yu Yu Hakusho?’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As of now, there is no word in relation to whether or not there will be a second season of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ on Netflix.
  • The first season of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ compressed the first two story arcs of the manga into one five-season episode.
  • If that’s the case, there are still two more story arcs that can be adapted into more episodes, albeit compressed yet again. 

Half of the storyline was condensed into five episodes

It was never uncommon for live-action manga and anime adaptations to have very short episodes, especially because budget tends to be a serious issue in live-action productions. After all, it is much cheaper to produce an animated series with many episodes than a live-action adaptation. Nevertheless, Netflix seems to be determined to deliver more live-action manga and anime adaptations with seasons that seem to be condensed.

This was the same case for Netflix’s ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ live-action series, which saw itself having only five episodes of around 45 to 50 minutes in its first season. Of course, compressing storylines is normal for live-action versions of manga and anime because we all know that budget will always limit the production of any live-action adaptation. But it was surprising to see that ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ only had five episodes, whereas the ‘One Piece’ live-action adaptation had eight episodes that were actually pretty long.

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Then again, we even see entire anime seasons getting compressed into two-hour movies, and that means that the five-episode season that we got for ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ was a bit longer than what other live-action adaptations got. But the most surprising part about the first season of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ is that it actually condensed two whole story arcs into one five-episode season.

The Spirit Detective Saga basically comprised the first two episodes and covered a portion of the third episode. Meanwhile, the last two episodes were stand-ins for what should have been the Dark Tournament Saga, which was one of the most popular story arcs in the manga and anime versions of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho.’


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Some fans weren’t necessarily happy about the fact that the Dark Tournament Saga was basically removed and substituted by two episodes involving Yusuke and his friends fighting off some Yokai and finishing things off with Toguro. There were simply a lot of different events in the manga and anime that were removed from the live-action ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ adaptation, thereby rushing the entire storyline.

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It is possible that the first two story arcs of the manga were condensed to quickly introduce the main characters and breeze through Toguro’s storyline because there are still a lot of important stories left to be told in the ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ manga. If that’s the case, it would make sense for such a condensed first season.

Then again, such is the fate of manga and anime that are adapted into live-action productions. It was such a shame that Toguro and the entire Dark Tournament Saga were far too quick and condensed to give this part of the story arc a bigger meaning and significance. The good news is that there are still two more story arcs left in the manga.

Is there room for a second season?

The ending of ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ allowed us to see Yusuke and his friends coming out of their battle with Toguro victorious as they were able to save their friends while averting a major disaster that would have been devastating for the human world. Toguro’s character arc, of course, was probably the best that this season offered, as he was a seemingly misunderstood character.


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After his death, Toguro headed to the afterlife, where he met Genkai and had a few words with his former friend. He told Genkai that Yusuke’s awakening had just begun and that he was still becoming stronger due to his innate potential. This opens up the possibility that Toguro is teasing the arrival of stronger enemies that will force Yusuke to become stronger, especially now that he is starting to scratch the surface of his vast potential.

In the manga and anime, Yusuke had to grow because he was forced to face stronger opponents in the next two story arcs. Sensui serves as the next antagonist in the story arc that follows the Dark Tournament Saga. The series concludes with the Saga of the Three Kings, which revolves around the three most powerful demons.


That means that the potential for at least one more season is there if Netflix is able to find a way to compress two whole story arcs once more into a five-episode season. We also saw in the short post-credit scene that Elder Toguro was still alive, albeit only a head after his younger brother completely destroyed his body with a single punch. It is a mystery what role Elder Toguro will play, but it is unlikely that he will serve as a major antagonist.

At this point, there is yet to be anything confirmed regarding a second season for Netflix’s ‘Yu Yu Hakusho.’ The only thing we know is that the potential for at least one more season is there, especially if the final two story arcs of the manga are compressed, just like how the first two story arcs were condensed into five episodes. But fans may want to hope for Netflix to actually give entire seasons to the next two story arcs to give justice to the manga and to give more room for the characters to develop.

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