‘Windfall’: Trailer Released for a Netflix Hitchcockian Thriller


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The psychological thriller Windfall starts with a man (Jason Segel) breaking into a billionaire’s empty vacation home. Things go wrong when the billionaire and his wife (Jesse Plemons and Lilly Collins) unexpectedly arrive at the house and the robber decides to take them hostage till they give him money.

The movie is said to be Hitchcockian, which is amazing news for every thriller enthusiast. Hitchcockian motives are not as present in modern take on the genre, which often focuses more on the plot devices and less on the character development. Hitchcock, on the other hand, is famous for his exploration of characters’ psychology and skillfully constructed narratives which he derives from it.


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Windfall is an isolation drama which forces characters to move from their outside lives into their inner world instead. The alienation of the characters suggest this deeper, Hitchcockian dive into their minds, which eventually reveals underlying tensions between the couple and their unresolved conflicts. In order to fight the kidnapper, they must face their demons and overcome their personal issues.

Windfall , directed by Charlie McDowell,  premieres on Netflix on March 18. Check out the new trailer below:

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