Words with Friends vs. Words with Friends 2: Which Is Better?

Words with Friends vs. Words with Friends 2: Which Is Better?

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The Words with Friends franchise has become a well-loved word game saga for millions of players around the world, offering tons of fun for fans and gamers alike. But, with so many variants being released, many players are wondering whether Words with Friends 2 is better than the original installation – and if it is really worth switching over from the original version.

At the time of writing, there are 4 different versions of Words with Friends, and Words with Friends 2 seems to be the most popular. Words with Friends 2 is actually more of an updated version with new features compared to a unique sequel, and the optional transition will not cost players progress.

While all of the released versions of Words with Friends do have quite a lot in common, there are some differences that set them apart. Stick around to find out about the Words with Friends installations, key pros versus cons, and why Words with Friends 2 is becoming the most favored of all variants.

Words with Friends vs. Words with Friends 2 (Comparison)

If you are new to the world of Words with Friends, this game is essentially similar to Scrabble, apart from some unique features. The game involves players taking turns to position letter tiles on a virtual game board, attempting to spell out words in a crossword-type fashion.

Every letter is worth a certain number of points in the game, and there are spaces on the board that can increase the point value of a word as well. There are currently 4 different versions of Words with Friends available to players around the world, namely:

  • Words with Friends
  • Words with Friends Classic
  • Words with Friends 2
  • Words with Friends on Facebook

Other than Words with Friends on Facebook, the Words with Friends saga is available for both iOS and Android. Although these have different names, the core of each Words with Friends installation is essentially identical to the original – apart from minor changes.


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All of the Words with Friends versions have the same layout and methods for navigating through the game. They all also revolve around the same rules and include the same number of features for players, such as Tile Style, solo play, and powerups.

Words with Friends 2 Key Differences

The primary difference when it comes to Words with Friends 2 is that, unlike the original Words with Friends and Words with Friends Classic, the game gets updated usually with newer features before all others. This means that while other variants do eventually see the adaptations and changes, Words with Friends 2 is always the first to see improvements and new inclusions.

words with friends 2

As an example, Words with Friends 2 has the ability to switch the tile styles for each game individually, a feature that the other versions did not receive first. In addition, Words with Friends 2 may even see a Minigame Event that the other versions do not have.

“We’ve been testing several ideas for the last few years, in terms of how we can improve it. That led us to a handful of ideas, and we felt like if we could combine them together, it would necessitate a sequel for us because it’s a meaningful enough impact.”

Bernard Kim, the President of Publishing at Zynga, made the following statement concerning Words with Friends 2 and what this new version can offer players:

“Words With Friends 2 honors the rich pop-culture legacy and beloved social gameplay of Words With Friends, while introducing innovative features in the largest refresh in the game’s eight-year history. We’re proud to bring our loyal fans a brand-new experience that’s inspired by all the ways they want to play … Words With Friends 2 gives players more opportunities to master their favorite word game than ever before.”

Words with Friends 2 flaunts a more modern look that is minimalistic and clean, and includes tons of new features for players – in addition to the fact that it sees updates first. Some of the most notable new features include the following:

New FeatureDescription
Solo Challenge modeSolo Challenge allows users to practice playing the game by pitting them against AI-powered WordMaster bots. Players will advance through a series of increasingly difficult matches, challenging them to push their strategic skills.
Lightning Round modePlayers will join teams of five to compete in intense, rapid-fire matches where speed is key.
Updated boostsBoosts give players advantages that help them increase scores and improve strategic skills.
Social DictionaryZynga has added more than 50,000 new words to Words With Friends 2’s in-game dictionary and has enhanced it with in-depth stats.

Do I Have to Upgrade to Words With Friends 2?

It’s quite common for new versions of games to feel almost ‘mandatory’ in the modern gaming world, which may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully, this is not the case at all when it comes to Words with Friends 2, as described by the following statement made by Gurpreet Singh – Product Director of the game:

“We wanted to provide [players] an option of upgrading their experience with the sequel. We’re not forcing players to update.”

What Happens If I Upgrade to Words with Friends 2?

Switching to Words with Friends 2 grants access to the sequel and updates of the game. Players still do not have to make the change if they do not want to, but there are a few things that can make the transition easier.


It was designed to be implemented without leaving any players behind. Transferring is not as daunting as it may seem, since all of the player’s friends and any ongoing process in Words with Friends will be carried over to Words with Friends 2.


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This means that players and fans can easily switch to Words with Friends 2 without missing out on any progress or enjoyment in-game. Literally, if you are in the middle of a match and decide to switch over, that same match will still be ready and waiting for you!

Should I Get Words with Friends 1 or 2?

Words with Friends and Words with Friends Classic are still undeniably popular, with a substantial audience and fanbase. But, recently, the main choice in terms of which Words with Friends version is better has actually come down to Words with Friends on Facebook and Words with Friends 2.

Players who want to skip the trouble of downloading the game through the app store may find Words with Friends on Facebook to be quite convenient and easy to use. You can play Words with Friends quickly using this version.


Although, the Facebook variant does lack some features, such as Quick Play events, the Solo Challenge, Tile Styles, and Powerups. That being said, some players may actually find this to be a pro or con, depending on preference, since the Facebook version is simper to play for this reason.

However, if you really want to get the most out of everything that the Words with Friends saga has to offer, Words with Friends 2 is by far the best choice. Words with Friends 2 will probably be your best bet if you are a big fan of this game genre and want to take advantage of all new changes and enhancements in the game.

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