‘X-Men ’97’ Reportedly Shares Universe with 5 Classic Animated Shows? It’s Not as Straightforward

X Men 97 Reportedly Shares Space with 5 Classic Animated Shows Its Not as Straightforward

The debut of Episode 8 of ‘X-Men ’97’ marked the commencement of its three-part finale, advancing the overarching narrative while also featuring a notable cameo. Christopher Barnes’ Spider-Man made a surprise appearance following Captain America, sparking fan speculation about the integration of ‘Spider-Man ’94’ into the continuity of the new ‘X-Men ’97.’

Previously, it was established that all Marvel Animated series, while not aligned with the MCU canon, belong to the broader Marvel Animated Multiverse. This categorization holds merit, given the significant disparities between the older and newer shows, offering a logical framework for their coexistence.

After Episode 8 aired, well-known industry insider Daniel Richtman asserted that ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Silver Surfer,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ all inhabit a shared universe.

It’s not clear if Daniel Richtman got this info from his sources or just figured it out, but it’s not that simple. Like I’ve said before, the old shows contradicted each other a lot, and according to Marvel’s official stance, they weren’t all in the same universe by default. Many fans on social media pointed out that ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘X-Men,’ and ‘X-Men ’97’ are all on Earth-92131, ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ are on Earth-534834, and ‘Silver Surfer’ happens on Earth-634962.

According to the Marvel Official Handbook, Earth-92131, Earth-534834, and Earth-634962 are still recognized. However, it’s important to note that combining all these shows into a single animated universe (not multiverse, but universe) would require significant retconning, disregarding numerous plot holes and contradictions. Presently, this information is inaccurate. There’s a possibility that the studio might be considering such retcons to revive these older shows. Recent reports have indicated that they are exploring the revival of series like ‘Spider-Man’ and are leaning towards creating more animated content.

It’s still uncertain which universe the upcoming animated shows like ‘Eyes of Wakanda,’ ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,’ and ‘Marvel Zombies’ will inhabit.

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