Yellowjackets: Who Is ‘The Man With No Eyes’ & How Is He Connected to Taissa?

Yellowjackets Who Is The One With No Eyes and How Is He Connected to Taissa

Yellowjackets season 2 bombarded us with more mysteries than we could handle. We’ve seen that the group is slowly descending into madness, and since they ate Jacke’s body. Things are bound to get only worse. We’re not sure whether supernatural entities caused the group’s hardships (in part), but in the third episode called “Digestiff,” Taissa finally acknowledged a mysterious entity that has been following her, surprisingly, since she was a little girl. In one of her sleepwalking episodes, she started following “The One With No Eyes,” Due to this, we’ve decided to explore who exactly The One With No Eyes is, and what his significance is in Yellowjackets, as well as his connection to Taissa. 

The Man With No Eyes represents “death” for Taissa as she usually sees him during extremely traumatic experiences that seem to awaken overwhelming emotions within her. The One With No Eyes has been seen in several episodes so far but has never been the focus of the episode. The One With No Eyes can likewise be seen during the opening credits of every episode. It is still unclear whether this mysterious entity is connected to the supernatural in any way. 

Now that we’ve covered what we know so far about The Man With No Eyes, it’s time to explore the meaning of this shadowy figure in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

The Man With No Eyes first appeared to Taissa when she was a young girl 

We know that Taissa is a born leader. She is always rational. She tries to hold the group together. She does absolutely everything in her power to do the right thing, and in some cases, she is the only voice of reason while the group is stranded in the forest. 

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This leadership and staunch, steadfast attitude made Taissa a successful politician. She has built a successful career against all odds. But, there are some issues present in Taissa’s life ever since she was a child, and the mysterious figure called The Man With No Eyes seems to follow her at every step. 

The first time we saw The Man With No Eyes was when Taissa’s grandmother was dying. This was back in season 1 in one of Taissa’s flashbacks scenes. Her grandmother was dying and was trying to comfort young Taissa, telling her that death is nothing to worry about or be scared of, only her grandmother changed her mind at the last second and scared young Taissa forever. 


Before she passed, Taissa’s grandmother saw a figure in the mirror and started screaming. It also appeared as if Taissa could see the man with no eyes in the mirror. This was a defining moment for Taissa; the terrifying figure has followed her ever since.  

It is possible that Taissa’s young mind connected the man with no eyes with the concept of death, decay, the unknown, and the uncertain. It makes sense if you think about it. Death is something that we cannot see. We cannot see beyond it, so a terrifying figure with no eyes seems like a perfect representation of death in this context. 

Anyway, the figure burned itself in Taissa’s mind, and it’s quite possible that it’s also connected to something supernatural. Here’s why. 

Taissa sees “The Man With No Eyes” every time her life is about to change 

The Man With No Eyes has appeared numerous times over the course of the series. He was at no point the focus of the episode. He was rather lurking in the shadows, waiting to be noticed by Taissa. He appeared when Taissa was giving her speech during her senatorial campaign. He appeared to her through her son’s drawings. We know that Sammy has been drawing “eyes” and figures with eyes missing for a while now. Every time Taissa’s life is about to change for the worse, The Man With No Eyes is here, a fear incarnate. 


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Again, the man with no eyes may represent an “unknown” and “uncertain” future for Taissa, something she cannot see. And, due to Taissa’s underlying psychological issues, The Man With No Eyes manifests through hallucination. Her own fear is literally taking form.

On the other hand, several clues point in the direction that The Man With No Eyes has a supernatural origin, and the latest episode, “Digestiff,” heavily insinuated that as well. 

What is the connection between The One With No Eyes and the strange Yellowjackets symbol? 

In the third episode of season 2, we see Taissa sleeping and walking again, but this time, her partner, Van, decides to follow her. Van and Taissa go outside into the snow, and Taissa starts following a certain path immediately. Van asks her where she is going and how she knows where she is going, and Taissa answers, “He shows me, The One With No Eyes.” Van asks her whether she always follows the man with no eyes, and Taissa answers, “Only when Taissa lets me.

At that moment, Van notices the symbol and “wakes” Taissa up. He asks Taissa who “The Man With No Eyes” is, and we see Taissa’s memory of her grandmother’s passing for a fraction of a second, and The Man With No Eyes is once again reflected in the mirror. 

So far, we don’t know whether The Man With No Eyes is connected to the Yellowjackets symbol directly or whether it has supernatural connotations. Nothing in the show so far has been supernatural directly, but there are a few hints thrown in every episode. I believe that everything happening to the group is PTSD manifesting itself. But I guess we’re going to have to wait and see as the show progresses. The symbol that the man with no eyes led Taissa to is the same symbol that we keep seeing over and over again, and its meaning is likewise so far unknown, although there are a couple of interesting theories regarding its origin and meaning. 

The One with No eyes

Taissa is struggling to balance her dual nature

It’s likewise possible that Taissa is subconsciously a lot wilder and a lot less civilized than we would have ever believed her to be. It’s possible that now that she has resorted to cannibalism, her cool and always-composed demeanor will start surfacing more and more, and we will see The One With No Eyes a lot more. 

Just remember, when Taissa’s son started drawing those weird pictures, Taissa slaughtered her own dog and made a weird altar in her basement with a human heart on it. 

Likewise, in of the scenes in the third episode, we can see Taissa seemingly having a panic attack in the hospital as she waits for the news about her wife, and in one moment, Taissa turns around, but her reflection in the mirror doesn’t. Taissa eventually turned to face the mirror again, and her bizarre reflection formed a triangle over one eye. 

Taissa eye

All in all, Taissa obviously has several personalities, both suited for certain things, and it is obvious that Taissa has been living like this for a long time, keeping her other “half” well hidden even from her wife and immediate family. 


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To sum everything up, The One With No Eyes is connected to Taissa, her psychological issues, to her fears, uncertainty, and to death. It always appears when Taissa is going through some things, and in the rest of season 2, we will hopefully see whether the mysterious figure is connected to the supernatural as well.