GTA 4: You Can’t Fly a Plane, but Here Are the Alternatives

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Grand Theft Auto is infamous for flaunting a huge range of incredible vehicles, including fancy luxury cars, top-notch racing cars, and even cars stolen from the streets. However, quite a few fans have become curious regarding the various planes and jets seen in GTA, with many wondering if you can fly a plane in GTA 4.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players cannot fly planes at all in GTA 4 vanilla, as all of the planes featured in-game are inaccessible to players.
  • However, players can still enter and take control of various helicopters in GTA 4, or make use of GTA mods that add flyable planes to GTA 4.

Flying a Plane in GTA IV

Numerous GTA 4 (GTA IV) players have noticed the number of planes that at random appear within the game, often seen flying across the skies or found idle at the Francis International Airport – located in Dukes, Liberty City in GTA IV specifically. There are many aircraft types in GTA 4, although those found on the ground cannot be interacted with, and those seen already flying in the air or taking off from the airport are not impacted by any of the player’s actions.

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While the airport and the surrounding area or parking lots do feature rideable cars for GTA 4 players to use, players cannot enter or fly any of the planes in GTA 4 – plus, the planes seen in the air cannot be destroyed if players decide to attack them using projectiles and explosives. This applies to all of the planes in GTA 4, including smaller planes that can be seen around the airport.

Why Can’t Players Fly Planes in GTA 4?

Many players have been eager to gain control over a plane or jet in GTA 4, with numerous fans wondering why GTA 4 did not feature any flyable planes at all.

Considering that the GTA saga has always been somewhat true to real-world environments and details, many players began linking GTA 4’s non-flyable planes to certain events that had occurred in the real world’s history. However, the true reason stems from how GTA 4 was designed from the beginning.

Despite there being several interesting and often morbid theories among fans, it seems that the choice to make all of the planes in GTA 4 inaccessible to players involved the specifics of the game itself – although certain areas of the map were removed out of respect for real-world events. As detailed by the President of Rockstar Games, the city in GTA 4 was simply too small to include flyable planes in a realistic and fluid way.

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Similar to the idea of taking control over a large ship in GTA 4, it simply wouldn’t have made sense for players to fly a plane from one side of the city to another, especially considering that the overall space was relatively small – just large enough for players to have over enough fun riding cars, bikes, and smaller vehicles. Enabling flyable planes in GTA 4 was seen as an impractical decision during the game’s creation process, which occurred many years ago at the time of writing, not to mention the fact that the technology and development capabilities within the gaming industry were nowhere near where they are today.

How to Fly a Plane in GTA 4

Although it’s clear that flying planes in GTA 4 is pretty much impossible as is, this hasn’t stopped players from seeking out ways to get a similar experience. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways players can still get a chance to fly an aircraft in the game.

1. Use Mods that Add Flyable Planes

Many things may seem impossible in GTA 4, but mods can really come to the rescue – depending on what you are looking for and which platform you use to enjoy the game. Unlike GTA Online, players enjoying GTA 4 should be able to make use of various GTA mods – some of which allow fans to fly planes in GTA 4 thanks to the addition of brand-new and flyable aircraft models.

Using such mods involves copying and loading certain files into your GTA directory. Players can then search through the Read Me files in order to load in a plane based on the vehicle model (in this case, it would be “airbus”), after which a flyable plane will spawn into the game. From there, players should be able to take off and fly around as they please, passing by non-flyable planes and catching glimpses of some stunning scenery in the process.

2. Fly Helicopters

While there are no flyable planes in GTA 4 vanilla, players can still get a similar experience thanks to the inclusion of various helicopters. Also known as “Choppers” in GTA, helicopters afford a variety of advantages and disadvantages to players in-game – although they are an undeniably entertaining mode of transport.

Helicopters were initially introduced as non-flyable vehicles, after which they became controllable from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City onward. There are a couple of helicopters that GTA 4 players can control and fly throughout the city, namely:

  • The Maverick is seen as a common civilian/utility helicopter in GTA 4.
  • The Helitours Maverick is the same model helicopter when compared to the Maverick. However, this model has a different livery and spawning location.
  • The Police Maverick is the same model as the Maverick and the Helitours Maverick, but it has a different livery as well as different spawning locations. These helicopters appear at 3 stars or lower if one is already in the area.
  • The Annihilator is stronger than the previously mentioned helicopter models, and it has 4 operable mini-guns. The FIB and NOOSE use this helicopter at six stars.

That’s everything there is to know about flying planes in GTA 4, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although players will not be able to fly a plane in GTA 4 vanilla, they can still get a fun experience flying helicopters in-game or through the use of GTA mods.

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