‘Young Avengers’ Project Reportedly in Active Development

The young avengers

In 2023, Marvel Studios faced setbacks with their movies, a crucial year meant to launch the next saga and introduce Kang the Conqueror. Two out of three releases flopped, and ‘Secret Invasion’ was harshly criticized, deemed one of the worst MCU shows on Disney+.

Bob Iger acknowledged the need for quality over quantity amidst record-low profits. Consequently, the 2024 release lineup is modest, with ‘Deadpool 3’ likely the sole movie. Other projects like ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ and ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ faced delays and reshoots. The SAG-AFTRA strike further hampered production across the MCU.

Despite these challenges, ‘Young Avengers’ remains a promising project, transitioning from a Disney+ show to a movie now in active development. Production Weekly confirms Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito as producers, with a 2025 production start hinted in their report.


Here’s How ‘The Marvels’ Sets up the Young Avengers

Recent rumors suggest that the Young Avengers movie has been actively in the works for several months now, with a potential release date as early as 2026.

The groundwork for Young Avengers was laid in ‘The Marvels.’ In the post-credits scene, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel recruits Kate Bishop and shows interest in Lang’s daughter, Cassie, who adopts the alias Stature in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.’ Rumored members of the Young Avengers include Skaar (Hulk’s son), Wiccan, Speed, America Chavez, Kid Loki, Ironheart, Toussaint, Patriot, and Love from ‘Love & Thunder.’

The Young Avengers could shape the future of the MCU, possibly leading to a soft reboot with new superheroes, mutants, and the Fantastic Four, slated to be introduced in upcoming phases.

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