‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ Episode Count & Runtime Reportedly Revealed

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A new Spider-Man animated series, originally titled ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year,’ was announced for Disney+ on November 12, 2021, with Jeff Trammell as the writer and executive producer. At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, it was announced that the show would debut in 2024, alongside news of a sequel series, ‘Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.’ Polygon Pictures, a Japanese animation studio, was revealed to be producing the series on July 14, 2023, using advanced CG technology. The premiere date was confirmed for November 2, 2024. Furthermore, the series underwent a title change from ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’ to ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ on December 11, 2023.


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With the release date approaching, rumors have surfaced regarding the potential runtime and episode count. According to CanWeGetSomeToast, a reputable source known for leaks and scoops, exclusive information about the first season of the show has been disclosed. The scooper suggests that ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ is expected to have approximately 10 episodes, each running for 30 minutes.

friendly neighborhood spider man runtime episode count

This matches the runtime of both ‘What If….?’ Seasons and appears to be quite typical for animated shows.

‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ is the fourth series developed and released under the MCU umbrella, serving as the 12th installment of Phase 5. The series will follow Peter Parker’s life as he gets ready for high school orientation, but unexpected events lead to significant changes in his journey. The cast features Hudson Thames as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Eugene Byrd as Lonnie Lincoln, Grace Song as Nico Minoru, Hugh Dancy as Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Kari Wahlgren as May Parker, and Zeno Robinson as Harry Osborn.

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