10 Best Riddler’s Riddles: Are You Smart Enough to Solve Them?

20 Best Riddler's Riddles

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Riddle me this: What’s green, and purple and carries a cane? A riddler, of course! Okay, now that you’ve survived this horrible pun, let us get to more serious matters.

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 best riddles the Riddler has ever come up with!

Best Riddler’s Riddles

Here is our list of the 10 best riddlers uttered by Batman’s enemy, The Riddler. The riddles have been taken from different sources (comic books, TV shows, movies, video games) and we hope that you’ll have fun solving them.

NOTE: In this section of the article, we are only going to give you the riddles themselves, without the solutions so as to avoid ruining the solving process. The solutions will be presented at the end of the article so you can see how successful you’ve been.

1. “I can be cracked. I can be made. I can be told. I can be played. What am I?”

This riddle was uttered in Rebirth’s Batman #30 (2017), in the midst of the infamous “War of Jokes and Riddles”, where the Riddler fought against the Joker. The riddler is more on the punny side.

2. “What occurs once in every minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?”

A classic riddle that debuted back in 1965, in the comic book Batman #171, where Batman and Robin had to fight the Golden Age iteration of the riddler. Although Robin did not know the answer, Batman said that this was one of Riddler’s easier riddles.

3. “I am… ‘A house without the head of head, knitted deep within the trees. A head that lies without its eyes, stitched silently to tearse.’ What am I?”

This overly complex riddle, which is actually a trademark of Edward Nygma, was first shown Batman #33 (2014), as part of Riddler’s challenge for Batman during the “Zero Year” event. Needless to say that Batman managed to figure this one out, despite it’s redundant complexity.

4. “How can one get into a locked cemetery at night?”

This is another classic riddle, that debuted in 1966, in the comic book Batman #179. The story showed us another classic encounter between the Dynamic Duo and the Golden Age version of the Riddler. Batman, of course, figured out this one as well.

5. “There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes and not matches. How did they manage to smoke their cigarettes?”

This classic riddle brings us back to Batman #171 (1965), and the already mentioned clash between the Dynamic Duo and the Golden Age version of the Riddler. This riddle is actually a pun and seems to not be an original idea of the Riddler.

6. “Who’s sweaty and scared and totally expandable?”

This is a riddle, which appeared in Batman #452 (1990), is an example of Riddler’s more obvious, yet dangerous riddles. Namely, this Riddle was posed to a restrained officer whom the Riddler killed just moments later, his blood covering an edition of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.

7. “When is a secret suddenly a rumor? When is a rumor suddenly a fact?”

The 1995 one-shot Batman: Riddler features a story that was connected to the movie Batman Forever. In it, the Riddler asks the reader to riddle him this, but then quickly answers his own riddle, not giving anyone any time at all to try and solve it.

8. “How does an exhibitionist garbage collector break up with his girlfriend?”

This riddle is taken from the same comic book as #7, but with the stakes being bigger, since it was posed to a man whom the Riddler intended to kill with a blade. Adrenaline probably did what it had to do and the man solved the riddle, but the danger was there.

9. “What has four legs, smokes a pipe– but cannot walk, see or talk?”

The 1983 Batman #362 brought us yet another classic riddle, where Batman and Robin had to see through the Riddler’s word games in order to solve a pretty traditional riddle, which they ultimately did.

10. “Why do the inmates call this prison– Fiddler’s Inn?”

Being as intelligent as he is, the Riddler does not only pose riddles, he is also able to answer them, just as he did at end of Batman #171 (1965). The riddle was posed by Commissioner Gordon as a joke after Riddler had been caught, with the supervillain reluctantly answering it.

The Solutions:

1. A joke.
2. The letter “M”.
3. A louse.
4. With a skeleton key.
5. They tossed a cigarette overboard and made the boar a cigarette lighter.
6. The restrained police officer.
7. When the proper question is finally asked.
8. He dumps her in public.
9. A stove.
10. Because it’s such a “vile inn” (violin).

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