How Many People Play Roblox in 2023? (User & Growth Stats)

Roblox User Number

Minecraft wasn’t the only one racking up players during the pandemic. Roblox has also improved its numbers, especially with the younger audience. The fact that this platform is free to play also helps the game increase in popularity by a considerable sum. 

Currently, Roblox has recorded over 230 million registered players on the platform. In addition, there are at least 20 million players online daily. So, it’s no surprise that almost every kid on the block seems to know about this game. It’s important to note that despite the staggering approximate numbers reported, Roblox has been steadily losing active accounts.

Roblox is unique in a way that it isn’t really a game. Instead, it is a platform people use to create and share games that they have made using Roblox. It’s a great way to start your journey as a developer and make some cash on the side.

How Many People Play Roblox?

Active Player reported that there are more than 230 million players registered in Roblox. Out of that number, there are usually 20 million logins daily. Accordingly, 20.21% of Roblox Players come from the United States

There was a slight decline in January 2022 due to the Chinese app of Roblox shutting down. However, Roblox reassured them that they would release the app after some transitionary actions.


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What’s the Maximum Number of Players per Day?

The game usually has around 20 milion logins on a daily basis. Roblox hasn’t offered an exact figure for the highest number of players logged into the platform. However, Live player counts have estimated the max number to be easily over 30 million logins.

Meanwhile, out of the estimated 230 million players, 200 million players remain active on at least a monthly basis. Kids and teens alike are constantly entertained with all the popular game rooms and the possibilities to design your own game in Roblox.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMax Players in a Day
Last 30 Days203,908,87120,390,887
December 2022203,114,57020,311,457
November 2022205,668,80720,566,881
October 2022201,404,58820,466,688
September 2022203,856,01120,385,601
August 2022203,255,14020,325,514
July 2022201,404,58820,140,459
June 2022204,568,80420,456,880
May 2022211,022,54421,102,254
Source: Active Player

Roblox Player Count by Country

In January 2023 the highest recorded number of players was reported to join from the United States making out 20.21% of the player base. The United States is followed by Brazil with 7.85% of players, and Russia with 6.09 %. Turkey took fourth place with 4.43 % closely followed by the United Kingdom with 4.42%

Roblox Player Count by Device

Roblox is a free-to-play game that includes in-game purchases and is available to access on a number of devices. Currently, the game is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the Xbox One. It was first released for Windows back in 2006.


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According to Statista, Roblox reported that 79% of their players are from mobile devices such as tablets and phones. Meanwhile, 25 % choose to use a computer, and only 3% use consoles to use the platform.

How Many People Have Left Roblox?

In recent months Roblox has experienced a decline due to the Chinese version of the game being removed from the play store. However, Roblox said they will eventually rerelease the game once they make a couple of necessary changes.

Roblox has also been removing Bot accounts from the platform. So far, in the table below, you can see how many players have left and joined the game over the last 7 months. 

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %
Last 30 Days203,908,871+794,301-0.39%
December 2022203,114,570-2,554,237-1.24%
November 2022205,668,807+1,001,927+0.49%
October 2022204,666,880+810,869+0.40%
September 2022203,856,011+600,871+0.30%
August 2022203,255,140+1,850,552+0.92%
July 2022210,144,564–3,164,216-1.55%
June 2022204,568,804–6,453,740–3.06%
Source: Active Player

How Much Money has Roblox Made?

Despite it being a free-to-play game, Roblox has been generating income over the years through several in-game purchases made by players. In addition, Roblox does well enough to even payout player-developers to keep and improve their games in Roblox.

The last recorded revenue made by Roblox was done in the year 2021 when the company made a revenue of $838.1 million. However, the amount only covers the revenue for the first 2 quarters as the last 2 quarters have yet to be reported.

Roblox also reported that the combined user spending for in-game purchases can go up to $319 million. The company actually reached that sum in the second quarter of 2020. The table below shows the revenue Roblox has amassed from the year 2017 to 2020.

2017$45 Million
2018$335 Million
2019$435 Million
2020$920 Million
2021$838.1 Million
Source: Business of Apps

Roblox User Demographics

Roblox seems to have a much younger audience compared to other video games. Backlinko reported that 67% of Roblox’s players are under the age of 16. Apparently, only 14% of the players happen to be above 25.

For the users aged under 16, most of them belong to an age group of 9 to 12-year-olds. It’s also possible for these young users to make money if they develop a game.

As of 2023, there have also been an almost equal amount of male and female players in Roblox. About 51% male and 44% female make up the community, while 5% of players have not specified their gender.

Back in 2016, Roblox was predominately played by males. Only 35% of the Roblox community identified as female.


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How Many Developers Does Roblox Have?

The game currently has over 9.5 million developers, and according to data, the developers have already earned $129 million in the second quarter of 2021. The developers also earned over $328 million in 2020.

Roblox makes money via users purchasing the in-game currency called Robux. In addition, they also make money from subscription fees and commissions charged by developers.

Developers also earn from the Robux they gained from other players. Developers get to keep 70% of every game purchased on Roblox. Meanwhile, Roblox keeps hold of the remaining 30%. About 32 Roblox Developers managed to earn over a million dollars in 2021.

What are the Most Popular Games in Roblox?

Roblox is known for being an excellent platform for kids to try several other games created by developers. The games inside Roblox get over billions of visits. As of the month of August 22, a pet simulator game named Adopt Me! ranked as the top popular game with over 27.39 billion visits. Following Adopt Me! is Tower of Hell with 16.69 billion visits, then Brookhaven with 16 billion visits.

Game TitleVisits
Adopt Me!29.6 billion
Brookhaven 21.8 billion
Tower of Hell18.9 billion
MeepCity14.3 billion
Piggy10.9 billion
Murder Mistery 28.7 billion
Royale High 8.1 billion
Blox Fruits 7.3 billion
Welcome to Bloxburg6.5 billion
Jailbreak6 billion
Source: Statista

Roblox and Events

Roblox has also gone to do some offline events. For example, the studio would occasionally host both real-life and virtual events. Even a convention called BloxCon was something they did for ordinary players on the platform in the past.

The studio also has an award ceremony called the Bloxy Awards that has recently taken to the virtual stage due to the pandemic. The first virtual Bloxy Award was held on the Roblox platform and drew over 600 thousand viewers.

Roblox Developers Conference is another vent hosted by Roblox in San Fransisco. In the 3-day invite-only event, top content creators will get updates on the new changes the game will undergo. The studio has also put up similar events in London and Amsterdam.

Roblox also takes part in promoting events and films. They’ve taken part in promoting Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman. They’ve also hosted and taken part in virtual concerts promoting real-life singers and bands.


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Some Facts About Roblox

The beta version of the game was initially named DynaBlocks. However, after a year in beta, the company decided to change the name to Roblox instead. Then the game was officially released on September 1, 2006.

While the game has been around for more than a decade, it wasn’t until 2012 that the studio decided to release a mobile version of the game for iOS. Eventually, the Andriod version of the game was released in 2014. Nowadays, more kids prefer to play the game on a mobile device over a PC due to mobile devices being more accessible to them.

Roblox also added a feature called Party Place in response to the global covid-19 pandemic. The feature serves as an online hangout place so kids can interact with their friends without the need to go outside.

Roblox noted that children had started to use their platform to host birthday parties during the course of the pandemic. Aside from that, the pandemic has also brought in several new players as people have been advised to remain indoors.


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Aside from the game, Roblox Players have been known for their efforts in battling racism. Co-founder David Baszucki has also been vocal about his stand against racism alongside players in the platform during the Black Lives Matter protests.

For the most part, Roblox has received a lot of positive reviews. The game is praised for the vast number of games a user can partake in. It was also praised for giving kids the opportunity to explore their creative side by developing their own games. 

However, parents are still advised to monitor their kids’ activities in the game in case they spend too much money on the platform. The game was also criticized for exploiting kids’ creativity when they monetize games.

Despite the criticism, Roblox remains a top hangout for the younger audience as they see more pros than cons when it comes to accessing the game for free.

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