14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

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A dungeon is a dangerous place in Minecraft with many types of deadly enemies ready to pounce on you and deal excessive damage. A player needs to be fully prepared for the dangers of Minecraft, and in order to do so, he must have the best weapons to counter any attack thrown towards him. 

There are many powerful weapons available in Minecraft Dungeon that are capable of inflicting high-level distress to the opponent mobs.

In this list, you’ll find the 15 best Minecraft Dungeon Weapons in 2021 that’ll help you easily survive in your Minecraft adventure.

1.   Hawk Brand Sword

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

Hawkbrand Sword is one of the best swords to begin the Minecraft journey and get used to melee attack skills. It deals 61-98 melee damage that’s a pretty good range for swords of any type and is easy to use.

  •  61-98 melee damage
  •  Increase critical hit chance

As the power level of the sword is high, it increases the blow damage and the player can seriously harm the mobs he is fighting against.

Understandably the critical hit chance increases with this sword. As this sword is a legendary sword of proven warriors, it can only be regarded as the finest in the game.

And one amazing thing about it is that the player doesn’t need to work hard to find it. It is easily available in Mission 2 and is a great weapon for players who are just beginning their Minecraft journey.

There is damage boost enchantment already used in this sword, and it has a bonus to hit the critical chance.

If you enjoy fighting one on one with the opponent and love the combat, this sword can take you a long time in the adventure and as a beginner, you also get it easily in mission 2.

2.   HeartStealer Sword

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

Gifted to one of the Arch-Illager’s most distinguished generals upon their conquest of the squid coast- this rune blade is infused with dark witchcraft.

  • 75-133 melee damage
  • Leeches health from mobs
  • Powerful pushback

Found in Mission 7, this sword comprises 75-133 melee damage- that’s a significant amount of damage from any sword. The area that can be damaged by this sword is wide as its range is longer.

For players looking to fight against the swarm of enemies, this sword would help to give serious blows from distance longer than other swords.

Every time a mob gets hit, there’s a bonus for health recovery available that leads to a higher recovery rate for the player.

One of the most significant features of this weapon is that it gives a pushback whenever it is slammed to the ground. There’s a knockback that is triggered when the sword is slammed to the ground.

Overall, this sword is pretty amazing and helps players significantly in fighting against the mobs and also providing recovery aid along with the blows you can deal with the opponents.

3.   Nameless Blade

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

This deadly blade’s story was lost to the endless sands of time.

  • 37 melee damage
  • Weakens enemy attacks
  • Reliable combo

This old Viking-style sword feels pretty amazing in the hands of the player. The curved blade is all purple in color giving a killer feel to anyone who holds it.

The power of this sword is a little higher than the average. The player can move it at a moderate speed, and the area that it can affect while hitting is good enough to scare the mobs one block away.

In any combat situation, it can be useful for players who like to weaken the enemy attacks while fighting. It can lessen the impact of the attack on an opponent that is a serious advantage when fighting with any kind of opponent.

While this long blade is not the swiftest and powerful sword in this list, it does offer some pretty amazing bonuses that players can take advantage of.

It is a reliable weapon that can boost the chances of its warriors considerably by being a deadly weapon and armor to the assaults of the enemy.    

4.   Nightmare’s Bite

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

The twin blades of Nightmare’s Bite drip with deadly venom, still potent after all these years.

  • 122-185 melee damage
  •  Spawns Poison Clouds
  • Dual Wield

This green twin-blade weapon is one of the swords that are an excellent option for players with a wicked sense of play.

It looks like any killer snake and also spits venom. Well, it doesn’t spit but spawns poison clouds that are a great way to kill the enemy and keep them running away from you during the combat.

The speed of the sword is quite fast and deals significant damage that adds to the arsenal of the player.  Given the critical hit damage, it deals with the player one can easily take advantage of this sword during the combat.

The area impact while hitting the target is on the high end, helping the player get the best out of his every blow.

Nightmare’s bite is an efficient weapon that can significantly boost the chances of a player during the melee attack, increasing the survival chances against any type of enemies that come forth.

5.   Truthseeker Knife

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

The warden of the high block kept this unpleasant blade by their side during interrogations.

  • 160 melee damage
  • Increased damage to wounded mobs
  • Thrust attack
  • 2 Soul gathering

The truthseeker knife is a powerful weapon that has superior damage strength to the rest of the knives and swords in Minecraft. Its damage power is 160, at par with most of the other big weapons on this list.

When dealing with the mobs, it asserts increased damage to the mobs with a soul gathering bonus. The mobs or enemies are dealt with extra life because the Truthseeker knife provides two bonuses.

Apart from the soul gathering bonus, the player also gets a bonus for enemies that are already wounded. This helps the player to increase the amount of damage to the opponent mobs and enjoy the extra favor in the fight.

However, the one disadvantage of this knife is its slow speed. Truthseeker knife is not as fast as one would want it to be. But the strength of this knife and the amount of damage it does compensate for its sluggishness.

This white shiny weapon is the weapon of the elites and gives the vibe of an ancient magic weapon. A player will be absolutely delighted to use this knife in the situation where a melee attack situation arises.

6.   Diamond Pickaxe

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

Diamond is one of the most durable materials, making it an excellent choice for a pickaxe.

  • 120 melee damage
  • Finds more Emeralds

Diamond is a precious metal in Minecraft just like in the real world. But it’s preciousness is more because of power than beauty within the game.

Diamond weapons are the strongest (with the exception of Netherite), thus holding more importance in the game. The power of Diamond Pickaxe is pretty decent. With 120 melee damage, it deals a pretty good amount of harm to the opponent.

There are also some enchantments that increase the ability of this diamond pickaxe like shockwave and radiance.

The benefits of Diamond pickaxe are more than just dealing injuries to the mobs. It also farms emeralds. This is one innate quality of this pickaxe that is helpful for the player in the game.

The attack speed is moderate and the area covered while attacking is not a lot but with its capacity of attacking and farming emeralds, it makes up a terrific weapon.

This green glossy weapon is one of the most popular among the playing community. The first thing any player wishes for in a game is the diamond weapon and this pickaxe is just the right choice for most.

7.   Venom Glaive

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

A toxic cloud seems to follow the venom glaive wherever it goes…

  • 89-131 melee damage
  • Spawns poison clouds
  • Longer melee reach

Venom glaive is a small blade weapon that exerts powerful blows to the opponents. There is the warrior-like vibe that exudes from it as the handle of the weapon is long which lets the player hit the opponent with full stretch.

This powerful weapon hits the damage of 89-131, which is pretty decent for any combat situation. The speed of the glaive is moderate and it covers enough area to keep the enemy from reaching you during the fight.

The playstyle can be enhanced using it because of its good base tick damage.

The coolest thing about it is the white poisonous clouds that are formed while using it. This powerful tool is a super deadly tool that lets the player enjoy the fight while destroying the enemy.


10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds In 2021

8.   Sabrewing

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

This bow, built for a long-lost champion, feels right in the hands of those who seek justice

  • 50-100 ranged damage
  • Strong charged attacks
  • Heals allies in the area

Built for the seeker of the truth and night of justice, this bow is capable of thrusting a powerful arrow strike from a distance of 100.

The main advantage of using this bow is that it gives an occasional health recovery aura that increases the health points of the player during the combat.

In the later part of the mission when a player reaches the 7-9 level, it can be dropped. It has a powerful charge attack that deals extra damage than the rest of the bows. The white metal looks fabulous in the hands of a player who wants to fight in quest of his adventure in Minecraft.

It not only kills the enemy but heals the players in the area. All the allies in the vicinity can be restored to their maximum health using this bow.

9.   Double Axe: Cursed Axe

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

This cursed, poisonous ax leaves their victims sick for years with just a single scratch.

  • 2008 melee damage
  • Defeated mobs explode
  • Spin attack

The double ax curse is the weapon of the devil. This cursed ax shows why combats have been the favorite sport in the medieval periods. The double blade deals damage greater than most other weapons in Minecraft. When this ax is used against opponent mobs, they have no other choice but to retreat or die. The mobs, when they take the blow of the cursed ax, don’t die but explode without leaving a trace of their body.

It is not only a solid melee attack weapon but also a dangerous spin attacker that ferociously blows away the enemy mob.

There are also several enchantments available for it that make it even more powerful and lethal.

The strength, speed, and attacking area covered by this ax are all superior to the other weapons available.

While attacking it gives an impression of a deadly striker while blowing away whatever comes in its reach. It is a highly powerful and prestigious dungeon weapon and is considered highly by all the players in the Minecraft community.

10. Soul Scythe: Jailor’s Scythe

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

This scythe belongs to the terror of Highblock Keep, the Jailor

  • 1128 melee damage
  • Binds and chains Enemies
  • 2 Soul Gathering

Increased soul gathering Looks fantastic, strong melee weapon. For fighting a large number of enemies.

Soul Scythe is the weapon of the old jailors. It’s a strong melee attack weapon that can help you take on several enemies at once. It adds to your fighting capacity a versatile flare that helps to keep the enemies at bay.

The power of Soul Scythe is up with the strongest weapon in the game. It has melee damage of 1128 points that is a powerful score for killing any mobs in the game.

Not only does it destroy the enemy mobs but also helps in gathering souls. Someone who enjoys taking advantage of the harvested soul might find it useful.

This is a beautiful weapon that looks fantastic on a player’s hand and creates havoc for the enemy.

If you enjoy furious fights, Soul Scythe will give you a major advantage against the enemy and help you survive in your adventure long way.

11. Hammer Of Gravity

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

A hammer, embedded with a crystal that harnesses the power of gravity, is incredibly powerful.

  • 281 melee damage
  • Pulls in enemies
  • Great splash

For fighting against the group of enemies, Hammer of Gravity is significantly useful. Its powerful stroke throws away mobs to distant blocks dealing them with damage that can’t be healed.

This purple-blue color hammer has an amazing splash effect that is best when the player is surrounded by mobs, where the swarm is flooding the player’s area to obstruct the adventure.

It pulls in the enemies when hammered in the middle of the group, swallowing the enemies like a black hole is formed in the ground.

It has melee damage of 281 that is significant enough to deal massive damage to the enemies while keeping the player protected from their wrath.

Its power of gravity causes the splash effect that pulls in everyone in the vicinity. If you’re a Thor fan and want to feel the power of his hammer, Hammer of Gravity would be an amazing weapon to experience that.

It is dropped by Obsidian Pinnacle and Fiery Forge, and can also be crafted by camp Blacksmith.

Harness the power of gravity that will make you a super-powerful player winning every fight in the proceeding adventure.

12. Soul Knife

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

A disturbing aura surrounds this knife as if it has existed all the time and will outlive us all.

  • 2074 melee damage
  • Chance to gain souls
  • Thrust attack
  • Soul Gathering

Found in the soggy swamp, desert temple. Crafted by a blacksmith. Soul collecting build. Further boosting the soul connection enhances power.

Soul knife is a unique weapon in Minecraft found in soggy swamp and desert temples. The blacksmith can also craft this weapon in exchange for items.

It’s a powerful weapon that can deal great damage to opponents. With its soul collecting build, it can further boost the power to collect souls that an ordinary knife cannot provide.

The melee damage it deals with the mobs is 2074, that’s noteworthy regarding it’s a knife not a large weapon like a sword or hammer.

Players who like to collect souls can make use of its enhanced soul gathering option to collect all the souls of the dead mobs.

This knife has been in existence since the ages and has helped legends fight the best of the fights in their Minecraft adventures.

13. Dancer’s Sword

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

The warrior who views battle as a dance with death prefers this sword.

  • 45 melee damage
  • Increase attack speed
  • Reliable combo

Solid weapon choice. Reliable combo buff right from early levels. Dropped from the fiery forge, Cacti canyon, Redstone mines.  

Increase attack speed.

The dancer’s sword is an amazing weapon that is for artist fighters rather than a player who just prefers to fight on its own. It makes fighting art like and will keep you entertained with the power and skills it offers.

For someone who likes fast melee attacks, this weapon is the tool to be reckoned with, hurling blows after blows to the opponent mobs.

However, the melee damage power is less, but it can make up for its quick attacks and artistic style of fights. For fighting a smaller opponent, it can be a terrific tool that makes you look like a Hercules in the middle of the combat.

14. Sickles: The Last Laugh

14 Best Minecraft Dungeons Weapons In 2021

Increase Emerald drops. Unique sickle, farm singular mobs

  • 599-1398 melee damage
  • Mobs Drop More Emeralds
  • Dual Wield

Sickles are a favorable weapon for the Emeralds lovers. It increases the emerald drops that players can pick up for later use. For regular farming of mobs, there is a specific feature that it offers to the player those who are willing to take the effort to gather mobs for help.

Along with these features, it has a melee damage capacity of 599-1398 that is perfect for fighting stronger opponents in the game.

It is a dual-wield that can do damage from both sides that provide a killer edge to the player, increasing the chances of deadly blows to the player.

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