20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

The creativity limits in Minecraft know no bounds. And the prison servers are the best example of such ingenuity and imagination. There are hundreds of Minecraft prison servers that will offer you rewarding and pleasing experiences. Many of them feature progressive ways to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. But which prison servers are the best ones for you to play in Minecraft?

The best Minecraft prison servers include Purple Prison that has been immensely popular for years; HexicPrison, an immense single prison server providing intense PvP battles & money events; & WildPrison, which offers upgradable weapons & free ranks. MC Prison, JailsMC, Minecraft Central, MineVille, DestinyMC, MineSuperior, and a few others. 

Most of the prison servers start in limited & congested maps where you will have to advance through the ranks by earning and spending money. You can ultimately access the whole map by reaching the top level. Zones & maps have PvP areas and battle zones, so everything makes the prison server very attractive to play. So let’s get to know about the best Minecraft Prison servers.

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

I’ll enlist 20 best prison servers here, but first, you need to know more about the five prison servers you wouldn’t want to miss on in Minecraft:

1. MC Prison

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

‘MC Prison’ is one of the oldest and most played prison servers, so I had to mention it here. On this versatile server, you can experience almost everything you would want to in prison. The map has guards, prison cells, gangs, and much more. 

If you want to play for experiencing prison life with other players, this server is for you.

Address: mc.prisonfun.com

2. OP Blocks

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Want something fun? Here is one for you. In the ‘OP Blocks’ server, the jails are entirely made out of candy. Everything works out pretty well, so nothing is strange. You will unlock a new and colorful candy-themed mine whenever you’ll rank up. 

Sounds cool, right?

Address: play.opblocks.com

3. Pluteria

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

It is another fantastic prison server that has a space-themed prison. You will join as an astronaut who’s stuck in jail to escape. Get out of jail, fight the space monsters, complete fun challenges, and explore dungeons on different planets. 

How much more fun can you have? This server will keep you hooked.

Address: play.pluteria.com

4. JailsMC

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

This server has it all. It offers customized item enchantments. That includes axes with explosives and lightning and pickaxes that spawn mobs upon your enemies. Even if you are an experienced player, this map will provide you with different and trendy stuff every step of the way.

Address: play.jailsmc.net

5. Purple Prison

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

How can we not mention this legendary server here? It has been over five years that this server has been around. It has shops built by players, intense PvP battles, and an enriching mining experience. 

This server has been consistently popular, and many celebrities have joined it to take it to new heights. By the looks of it, this server will remain playable at such a level for a long time.

Address: purpleprison.org

So this was the list of the five best and most popular Minecraft Prison servers. Now onto the remaining 15 servers which are almost equally good and entertaining:

6. PikaNetwork

PikeNetwork features regular content and item updates, so you will never be bored. This server includes minigames & events as well, making it pretty attractive for new players.

Address: play.pika-network.net

7. TritonPVP

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

It is a unique server with custom islands, distinctive missions, visual borders, and a GUI shop. TritonPVP provides you the ultimate Skyblock experience, and that will make it an attractive choice for you.

Address: play.tritonpvp.net

8. MineJunkie Prison

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Intense PvP battles and several game modes have made this server pretty popular among Minecraft players.

Address: play.minejunkie.com

9. HexicPrison

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

This server was created in 2014 and is pretty popular. Gameplay includes intense battles against other players and money events in the game.

Address: hexicprison.net

10. WildPrison

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

WildPrison is an attractive OP-Prison server. It features custom enchantments, payouts every week, and custom builds.

Address: play.wildprison.net

11. Minecraft Central

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

It focuses on new updates and keeps on introducing new seasons regularly. It would be best to give this server a try as it features voting rewards and custom content.

Address: mccentral.org

12. MineVille

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

MineVille is a server with wholesome gameplay. The standout features include enchantments, lots of crates, jobs, and even marriages if you can believe it. As a plus point, it gets updated regularly.

Address: server.mineville.org

13. DestinyMC

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Are you looking for a server with multiple game modes? Here’s your map. Destiny MC has several game modes you can play in, including Survival, Pixelmon, and Skyblock, etc.

Address: play.thedestinymc.com

14. MineSuperior

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

MineSuperior’s gameplay is not limited to prisons only. It also includes Creative, Survival, and Factions game modes.

Address: play.minesuperior.com

15. MoxMC

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

This server is pretty fun to play on. It boosts different modes like Survival, PvE, PvP, and Factions that make it attractive even for the veteran players.

Address: moxmc.net

16. AkumaMC

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

If you are looking for diversity and fun, this server is for you. It features fantastic daily events and loads of competitions.

Address: akumamc.net

17. MineMalia Network

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

This server offers the Survival, Prison, Skyblock & Skywars modes. The custom enchantments and players’ shops in the Prison mode make it fun to play the map.

Address: play.minemalia.com

18. FadeCloud

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

FadeCloud offers a lot of game modes like Prison & Towny and focuses on unique customized experiences.

Address: fadecloud.com

19. VexedMC

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

This server offers a custom and exclusive OP-Prison experience with auto miners, customized enchantments and gangs, rename tokens, and much more.

Address: play.VexedMC.com

20. Advancius Network

20 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

If you are tired of paying to play or the game is getting boring for you, then this server is for you. Advancius Network will provide you 100+ ways to rank up without spending anything and 15+ game modes.

Address: mc.advancius.net

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