25 Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds in 2023

best minecraft bedrock seeds

In Minecraft, a world seed is a string of characters or numbers that determines the layout and features of a Minecraft world. When you create a new world in the game, you will most likely leave that seed empty, and it will generate automatically, and it will place you somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and you’re left to figure out the general layout and features. Some players like the surprise, and some like to be prepared. There are tons of ways to come across unique and interesting seeds, and we used the opportunity to bring you the 25 best Minecraft World Seeds for Bedrock Edition.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in November 2023, and all seeds are functional on Minecraft Bedrock version 1.20.

1. Border Village Seed

Border Village Seed

Seed: -4923005979154354387

This seed will put you smack in the vicinity of this quaint little village that nestled itself in the vicinity of two resource-rich biomes, a jungle, and a Mangrove swamp. There are plenty of mineshafts in the vicinity, as well as ruined portals. Luckily, despite being close to the swamp, you won’t be threatened by pillagers or witches.

If you’re looking for aquatic adventures, the ocean is just behind the jungle, offering plenty of treasure chests, ships, and one coastline village as well as plenty of ocean ruins.

2. Snowy Mountains

snowy mountains

Seed: 9218255786488306874

Looking to get into the winter mood? This seed might be perfect for you. The snow-capped mountains are home not only to one but two ancient cities. There’s also a village on the other side of the mountains and a mushroom biome. The mountain’s natural bowl shape makes it a perfect location to build a fort or castle.

There are plenty of ruined portals in the vicinity, a pillage outpost, and, if you dare to descend to warmer parts of the map, plenty of chests waiting to be discovered.

3. Badlands village

badlands village


Badlands are often underrepresented on these types of lists. Using this seed will place you in the middle of a desert near the village, with the overlook of local badlands. And while the badlands themselves are somewhat poor in resources, the nearby ocean offers plenty of opportunities for exploration, considering that it’s teeming with ocean ruins, shipwrecks, and chests. On the other side of the badlands, you can find plains biome.

4. Tropical Island

tropical island


Tropical Island has no villages nearby, and the closest civilization is in the nearby badlands biome. Still, this map is perfect for underwater exploration due to the proximity of ocean ruins, treasure chests, ruined portals, and shipwrecks.

If you get sick of the sea, there’s a jungle nearby and the plains biome with villages and a single pillager outpost.

5. Jagged Peaks

Jagged Peaks


This picturesque mountain rises above a mushroom forest, and even though it looks like something out of a fantasy scene, the area is pretty poor in landmarks, save for the 3 ruined portals that dot the forest. Once you reach the coastline of the cold ocean, however, you will come across villages, chests, and shipwrecks. And for those brave enough to venture out in the cold, there are numerous villages, pillager outposts, and ancient cities nearby.

6. Cherry Grove

Cherry Groove

Seed: 6175073934818908225

Cherry Groves are relatively rare, but this seed puts you right in front of one. Right on the other side of the canyon, you will find an abandoned village which you can easily convert to serve as your base of operation. There’s one ancient city in the vicinity and plenty of mine shafts. This is also a great opportunity to try out some of the bridge designs.


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7. Dark Forest

Dark Forest

Seed: 444503732351309866

If you’re a fan of dark wood in architecture, this village might be your ideal base of operations. The lake really gives it a picturesque cabin in the woods vibes as well. And while the area is rich in resources, there is also a hidden danger in the dark forest as there is a withc’s hut nearby.

8. Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island

Seed: 192850839809269451

To reach this Mushroom Island, you will have to travel a bit from your starting point, but once you’re there, you’re going to have an opportunity to create your base of operations in this incredibly rare biome. This Mushroom island is surrounded by ocean ruins as well!

9. Snowy Taiga Village

snowy taiga village

Seed: -8172533902079485776

If you’re looking to relocate to the colder parts of the world, rest easy because this seed puts you smack right next to the Snowy Taiga Village. There are plenty of mineshafts nearby, and once you reach a warmer ocean, there are plenty of ocean ruins as well.

10. Treasure Map

Treasure map

Seed: 3935885242602068049

This small island in the middle of nowhere looks fairly unimpressive, I have to agree, but what’s under the surface of the water is what’s important. This stony island is surrounded by more than ten ocean ruins, two ocean monuments, at least seven shipwrecks, and numerous treasure chests.

11. Swampy Seed

swampy seed


I guess you can say that this map is for survivalists only, as it’s absolutely little with Pillagers. But with such aggressive neighbors do come some advantages the area is rich in resources and landmarks but you need to learn how to avoid all the witches.

12. Snow Strip

snow strip

Seed: -615985515284986960

This seed will provide you with a large, snowy area littered with villages. There are at least four villages only a few steps away from this one, and on the other side, as soon you step into the Old Growth Taiga Forest, you will come across one more additional village, two trail ruins, and several broken portals.


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13. Massive Mushroom fields

Massive Mushrom Fields

Seed: -2405385242128974307

This is a bigger version of the initial Mushroom Island, as this Mushroom biome is absolutely massive. Not only that, but the coastline of a nearby swamp and beach is littered with chests, ocean ruins, and shipwrecks with at least two ocean monuments.

14. Polar Seed

polar map

Seed: -3604517908518430942

This map is perfect for players that want to explore polar biomes without venturing too far from classical plains and forests. Besides, there are plenty of ocean monuments, ruins and chests in the vicinity as well as mineshafts, trail ruins and ruined portals as soon as you leave the snowy kingdom.

15. Plains Village

plains village

Seed: -1189880132000510832

This massive plains village is a good starting point to establish a farmhouse and turn this ultra-flat terrain into a thriving farmland. There are plenty of animals and pumpkin patches nearby, but the area is surprisingly low on other types of landmarks. On the flip side, you are safe from the invading pillagers.

16. Desert Village II

deser village 2

Seed: -1850389217463339007

Even though this area looks pretty desolate, it is actually a nice little desert village surrounded by a warm ocean, swamp, and jungle. There are also plenty of ocean ruins to explore and shipwrecks nearby. And, if you’re into archeology, the place is littered with fossils.


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17. Plains Village II

Hidden lake


This seed is targeted toward specific players who always wanted their own private lake. This would be a perfect location for a hillside castle, but besides that, there are not many other notable landmarks nearby. There is a single villager close by and plenty of ocea-related ruins, but that’s pretty much it. If you’re willing to swim for a while, there is a massive Mushroom biome to the west of your spawn point.

18. Stony Peaks

Stony peaks

Seed: 3086210479978602571

This green valley has natural fortifications because it’s surrounded by stony peaks, which makes it a perfect location to create your own castle and a village. The valley is surrounded by Jungles and forests, and there are 2 ancient cities hidden within the peaks.

Due to the proximity of stony peaks, the area is rich in ores and abandoned shafts. There is a village nearby located in the plains.

19. Meadow


Seed: -8441830347910003583

This beekeeper’s paradise is an area filed with meadows and surrounded by cherry groves. There are a couple of villages nearby and a couple of mineshafts but that’s pretty much it when it comes to notable landmarks. There is also an igloo to be discovered and explored as soon as you venture into the polar area.

20. Savanna Village

savanna village

Seed: -4029050897264634856

This savanna village is surrounded by Jungle which is conveniently home to a single jungle temple and numerous mineshafts. Nearby there is a badlands biome with plenty of fossils, pillagers, and a single well.

21. Survival Map

sruvival map

Seed: 289306029601586753

This seed is titled a survival map for a good reason. You will be spawned on a badlands island surrounded by more badlands. There is absolutely nothing notable in the vicinity except for two ruined portals and two mineshafts.

22. Gravely Hills

gravely hills


This seed is perfect for establishing a farm you will spawn in the vicinity of a decent-sized village near gravely hills. There are two more villages in the vicinity and plenty of mineshafts. If you decide to venture away from the plains, you will eventually reach the ocean, where two ocean monuments wait to be discovered.

23. Jagged Peaks

jagged peaks 1


This seed is perfect for building a forest cabin since you’re surrounded by dense old-growth pine forest and taiga with a beautiful view overlooking the mountains. Since it is a mountains area, expect plenty of mineshafts and a single pillager outpost as you venture into the colder parts of the map.

24. Old Growth Forest

Old growth forest

Seed: 6532632498072687304

Old Growth Forest biomes are relatively rare when compared to other types of forest, so I decided to include at least one seed that places you in the middle of such forest and it extends as far as you can see. The downside is that the place doesn’t have as many notable landmarks as ocean biomes and plains.

Still, there are a couple of villages and mineshafts in the vicinity as soon as you reach flatter terrain.


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25. Tropical seed

tropical seed


This seed is not as visually pleasing as some of the other seeds on this list, but if you’re oriented toward exploring, you will be pleased to know that the beach that surrounds this lagoon is filled with shipwrecks and chests as well as mineshafts. There is a single ocean ruin at the northern end of the lagoon and a single village in the northern plains.

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