Here’s 20 Best Minecraft Data Packs You Need To Try in 2023

best data packs in 2023

Want to revamp your Minecraft world into something new and impressive? Well, there are many ways to do so. One of the best ways to revamp and customize your gameplay is using Data Packs. Data packs are the Minecraft features that you can use as an alternative to Minecraft mods. Minecraft Data packs can alter your gameplay with new features, builds, and weapons. But which ones are the best Minecraft data packs to date? Glad you asked. Here are the 20 best Minecraft Data Packs to try out in 2023.

Editor’s Note: This data pack list was updated in October 2023 to include the latest versions of data packs compatible with the current game version.

1. Seasons Dimension

Season dimension

The Seasons Dimension data pack lives up to its name by introducing a variety of seasonal biomes for you to enjoy. This pack enhances your gameplay by incorporating a range of new features, adding a touch of beauty to your Minecraft world. Explore the different seasons within your Minecraft realm and discover various types of edibles to enhance your gaming experience. This data pack brings an extra layer of excitement to your exploration.

Four new biomes are introduced to your gameplay with Seasons Dimension, each with its unique charm. These include spooky plains, cherry blossom fields, emerald hills, and glacial mountains.

2. Hopo Better Mineshafts

Hopo Better Mineshafts

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your mineshaft exploration efforts, look no further than Hopo’s Better Mineshafts. It adds 12 new mineshaft types and several secret rooms you can encounter on your journeys. Expect to come across exciting loot in this data pack that aims to make mining worthwhile.


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3. Tree Capitator

Tree Capitator

Looking for the easiest way to harvest trees in Minecraft? Enter the Tree Capitator data pack, a fantastic tool that simplifies tree mining in the game. It makes your mining journey more efficient and allows you to quickly chop down entire trees, providing you with ample wood—a fundamental resource for building in Minecraft. This data pack excels, especially when dealing with large oak trees, and enables you to mine other blocks along with the selected one. For instance, mining the bottom block of a tree brings the entire tree down to the ground.

4. True Survival

True Survival

True Survival Data Pack enhances your experience by introducing a more challenging survival aspect to Minecraft. This data pack proves beneficial for several reasons. First, you will be able to access 50 new features that enrich your gameplay. You will earn outstanding rewards for, you know, surviving ordeals. You will get more experience.

5. Combat+ Reforged

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Combat+ Reforged introduces eight new types of weapons, each with its distinctive features and combat systems. The arsenal includes Sickles, Hammers, Scythes, Maces, Katanas, Knives, Arc Stars, and Spears—providing diverse options for your gameplay.

With Combat+, you can effectively defend yourself against enemies, significantly enhancing your ability to engage in battles.

6. Craftable Spawners and Spawn Eggs

Craftable Spawners and Spawn Eggs

Looking to craft eggs and spawners in Minecraft? Well, fear not, as the Craftable Spawners and Spawn Eggs pack has you covered. Craft numerous spawn eggs by utilizing a smithing table, an egg, and other specific items.

This data pack not only enables you to establish a loot farm but also grants you the ability to eliminate spawning mobs throughout your world.


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7. GGUNZ-Guns and Weapons

GGUNZ Guns and Weapons

This unique data pack stands out by allowing you to amass an arsenal of valuable weapons for your gameplay. Craft an array of firearms, pistols, revolvers, and related weaponry. Discover diverse weapons tailored for combating menacing monsters. Access a variety of melee weapons for added versatility. You can download GGUNZ-Guns and Weapons by following this link.

8. Mob Health Bars 

Mob Health Bars

If you’re keen to check out the activity and vitality of your enemies, look no further than this data pack. Mob Health Bars provides a visual representation of the strength of your enemies and lethal mobs across your Minecraft world. With this data pack, you can observe the health bar facilitate the process of farming blaze rods on your Minecraft server and detect and anticipate the spawning of mobs in your vicinity.

9. Ships Out on The Oceans

Ships Out on The Oceans

Ships Out on The Oceans ensures that, unlike previous versions, the ships are dynamically placed on the seas rather than being destroyed on the ocean floor. With this addition, your Minecraft world’s seas become more vibrant, featuring vessels for civilians and pirates, along with rare ships, providing opportunities for exploration and resource gathering, including marine life.


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10. RPG Loot, Mobs & Dungeons

RPG Loot Mobs Dungeons

RPG Loot is a data pack that introduces randomly generated items with varying rarities, akin to popular games like Borderlands, Dying Light, Darksiders II, and even Fortnite. The aim is to enhance the excitement and rewards of exploration in Minecraft without significantly disrupting the vanilla game balance.

Uncommon items offer modest stat bonuses and are plentiful, while rare items provide higher bonuses and a greater variety of them. Very Rare items boast substantial bonuses but are less common, and Legendary items, while exceptionally rare, provide the highest bonuses across multiple stats and are indestructible.

11. Autoplant


AutoPlant is a lightweight data pack designed to automatically replant items like saplings after they’ve existed for a certain period. For instance, when cutting down trees, dropped sapling items will regenerate into saplings. The features include ensuring plants only grow where suitable, using only one item for planting, and customizable settings for the plant regeneration time. Supported items encompass a variety, including saplings, seeds, nether warts, grass, fern, mushrooms, flowers, and nether plants.

12. Fast Leaf Decay 

Fast Leafy Decay

Fast Leaf Decay does exactly what you expect it to do. It removes the leaves nearly instantly after you’ve harvested the three. It’s a relatively simple data pack, but it improves your quality of life while playing Minecraft.


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13. Silk Touch Spawners 

silktouch spawners 1x1 logo1

Silk Touch Spawners allows you to harvest spawners by using the Silk Touch enchantments. This data pack is not overly exciting but will allow you to build powerful farms and advance through the game more quickly. Usually, when you come across a spawner, you need to remember its location if you plan on making a farm out of it. Silk Touch Spawner allows you to transport those spawners back home, where you will be able to farm the mobs in more controlled conditions.

14. Armored Elytra 

Armored Elytra

Armored Elytra datapack allows you to wear Elytra alongside your common chestplace. Just like plenty of data packs, this too is a small upgrade, but over time, you notice that you can’t play without it.


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15. Two Shulker Shells

Double Shulker Shells

Fed up with the frustration of not receiving enough shulker shells despite killing shulkers that have two shells each? Two Shulker Shells address the issue by ensuring that shulkers drop both shells, doubling the yield. Additionally, for each shulker defeated, you’ll obtain a shulker box.

16. Veinminer


Veinminer allows you to mine an entire vein of ores by striking a single block. After you’ve mined the first block in a vine, your precious resources will drop to the floor at the end of the vein.

It’s much more realistic this way, and it speeds up your mining efforts as well.

17. No Creeper Grief

No Creeper Grief

No Creeper Grief data pack introduces two modes: Safe mode (the default setting) ensures that creepers, while still causing damage to entities, no longer break blocks during explosions, relying on detecting the explosion itself. The second mode, Proper mode, utilizes creeper behavior rules to predict their explosions, deaths, or despawning.

While generally safe for normal gameplay, it may fail in rare contexts, such as someone igniting a creeper just before changing dimensions. In this mode, creepers won’t emit black particles when they explode.


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18. Multiplayer Sleep

bed and space minecraft

When it comes to day-night mechanics on a multiplayer server, you’re probably aware that all players need to be asleep in order to progress to daylight. With Multiplayer Sleep, this step can be skipped as it allows you to switch to daytime if only one player sleeps in the bed.

19. Better Pillage and Village

Better Pillage and Village

Better Pillage and Village greatly expands pillaging by adding new mobs, new mechanics, a new reputation-based system, and plenty of changes to the old pillages. Once you try Better Pillage and Village, you will not be able to go back to the same old boring routine.


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20. BetterDefaultBiomes


BetterDefaultBiomes is extensively customizable, aiming to enrich the vanilla Minecraft experience with diverse adjustments and additions. Notable features include the introduction of 14 distinct mobs, with their difficulty levels corresponding to the game’s difficulty setting.

Additionally, the mod incorporates three new arrows, new food items, enchantments, six advancements, two new trees with corresponding wood types, and an array of 12 flowers and plants.

Have a data pack to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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