20 Best Minecraft Data Packs

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Want to revamp your Minecraft world into something new and impressive? Well, there are many ways to do so. One of the best ways to revamp and customize your gameplay is with the use of Data Packs. Data packs are the Minecraft features that you can use as an alternative to Minecraft mods. Minecraft Data packs can alter your gameplay with new features, builds, and weapons. But which ones are the best Minecraft data packs to date? 

Best Minecraft Data Packs include Seasons Dimension that offers you a variety of seasonal biomes; Caves Biome that allows you to explore several randomly generated cave biomes; & Combat+ that has many new weapons for you. Other best Data packs include Tree Capitator, True Survival, Auto plant, and many others. 

Data packs are the best additions to the Minecraft world. These data packs enable you to create your world, ranging from simple to complex ones. You can also combine different data packs to customize your gameplay. You can do anything in your gameplay if you have the best data packs installed on your Minecraft server. This article will tell you about the best Minecraft Data Packs 2021. 

Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Minecraft data packs will help you take your gaming experience to another level. You will do anything with these data packs in your gameplay. Here, I will enlist the 20 best Minecraft data packs. These data packs vary from one another, and it depends upon the perks they offer to you. The best Minecraft data packs, along with their unique feature, are as follows: 

1. Seasons Dimension

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

As the name indicates, the Seasons Dimension data pack will let you enjoy various seasonal biomes. This data pack will help you add all types of new features to your gameplay. 

Other features include:

  • Seasons Dimension data pack adds a lot of beauty to your game. 
  • You will be able to find different seasons in your Minecraft world. 
  • You will also get a chance to get yourself avail of the different kinds of eatables. 
  • You can make your exploring even more excited with this Minecraft data pack. 
  • Seasons Dimension adds four new biomes to your gameplay. They include spooky plains, cherry blossom fields, emerald hills, and glacial mountains. 

2. Cave Biomes 

Caving is crucial if you want to get an unpredictable place for yourself. These data packs will surely turn your Minecraft world into something new. It is an excellent choice for all those Minecraft players who are tired of using the old cave biomes. The best features of this data pack include:

  • Cave biomes are a way of spending adventurous life in the Minecraft world. 
  • You will be able to explore more than 30 randomly created cave biomes.
  • Unlike other already existed predictable cave biomes, this data pack will give you a more safe and unpredictable refuge. 
  • You will also get a chance to explore nether and underground caves in Minecraft. 

3. Tree Capitator

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Are you looking for the easiest way to mine trees in Minecraft? Here, you have this amazing data pack. Tree Capitator data pack helps you mine trees quite easily in Minecraft. 

What are the other major perks that you get from this data pack in Minecraft? Here they are.

  • Tree Capitator allows you to make your mining journey way more efficient. 
  • You will be able to chop down the whole tree within a little time. 
  • You can also get as much wood as you want from this data pack. As wood is the basic and building resource in Minecraft. 
  • This data pack is superb when it comes to mining large oak trees. 
  • You will be able to mine other blocks along with the selected block. For example, if you mine the bottom block of a tree, you will get the whole tree down on the ground. 

4. True Survival

Minecraft True Survival Data Pack helps you improve your gaming experience. True Survival will take you to a more challenging survival experience in Minecraft. You will find this data pack useful for a variety of reasons such as:

  • You will get fifty new features for your Minecraft gameplay. 
  • You will get rewards for your excellent performance. 
  • You will be able to gain maximum Minecraft experience. 
  • True survival will make you able to survive in a more challenging and dangerous Minecraft world. 

5. Combat+

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

This data pack will help you make Minecraft more fun. Combat+ will provide you with a lot of new fighting tools and weapons for your gameplay. You will feel like one of the great survivors in Minecraft. Combat+ benefits you in several ways such as:

  • Combat plus offers you eight new kinds of weapons. Each kind has its unique features along with the specific combat systems.  
  • Sickles, Hammers, Scythes, Maces, Katanas, Knives, Arc Stars, and Spears are the kinds of weapons you can use in your gameplay. 
  • Combat plus will help you defend yourself against your enemies. You will battle with your enemies in a much better way. 

6. Craftable Spawners and Spawn Eggs

Are you looking for a way to craft eggs and spawners in Minecraft? Well, you have this Minecraft data pack in your services. You will be able to craft many spawn eggs in your gameplay. Crafting spawn eggs require you a smithing table, an egg, and certain other items. 

  • You can customize your mob spawner with these craftable eggs. 
  • You will find this data pack useful to craft all kinds of eggs in your Minecraft gameplay. 
  • Minecraft craftable spawn eggs will allow you to create a loot farm. You will also be able to kill spawning mobs around your Minecraft world.

7. GGUNZ-Guns and Weapons

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Minecraft data packs allow you to add new content to your gaming arena. The same is the case with GGUNZ-Guns and Weapons data pack. You will find this data pack unique because it helps you stock many valuable weapons in your gameplay. As the name indicates:

  • You will be able to craft guns, pistols, revolvers, and many related weapons. 
  • You will find different kinds of weapons to fight against the nasty monsters. 
  • You can get a variety of melee weapons as well. 

8. Mob Health Bars 

If you want to know how active and healthy your enemy is, this is your data pack. Mob Health Bars is a Minecraft data pack with which you can find the strength of your enemies and deadly mobs around your Minecraft world. You will be able to do the following things with this Minecraft data pack:

  • You will see your enemy’s health bar in your gameplay. 
  • It would be easier for you to farm blaze rods in your Minecraft server. 
  • You will detect and predict the mobs that are spawning around you. 
  • Mob Health Bar data packs are a kind of survival for Minecraft players. 

9. Ships Out on The Oceans

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Minecraft data packs are the best ways to explore your Minecraft world. You will be able to add ships to your world. Unlike all the other old data packs in which you end up with a ship destroyed at the bottom of the ocean, this Minecraft data pack adds ships out on the seas. What else can you do with this data pack? 

  • You will be able to create a more lively sea in your Minecraft world.
  • With this data pack, you will end up in an ocean full of vessels for both civilians and pirates. You can also find rare ships in your gameplay.
  • You can enjoy the endless resources of marine life. 
  • You will also be able to make an island for yourself along with the nearby biomes.
  • You will get a lot of new content to add to your ocean surface. 

10. RPG Loot, Mobs & Dungeons

In Minecraft, these data packs make you capable of thinking out of the box. You will feel beyond your imaginations. Minecraft RPG data packs usually focus on the wild and fantasy things in this virtual gaming arena. 

What else would you get from this data pack? Here is the answer.

  • RPG Loot, Mobs & Dungeons data pack will give you random features and enchantments to your Minecraft tools. 
  • You will be able to get rare loot items for your gameplay. 
  • You can find everything you want for your gameplay. 

11. Autoplant

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Have you tried out all the other methods for replanting different things in Minecraft and didn’t get the best way? Well, you have got your covered. Autoplant data packs are best for the replantation of different kinds of crops and trees. 

How does the Autoplant data pack serve you in Minecraft? Here’s the answer. 

  • Autoplant helps you replant your dropped plant items in Minecraft. 
  • You will get rid of the tedious job of picking up the fallen trees and crops. 
  • Autoplant saves your time and requires less labor. 

12. Fast Leafy Decay 

Looking for the perfect data pack for efficient leaf decay? Here is a pretty valuable data pack for you. Fast Leafy Decay is a super simple Minecraft data pack. It has a lot of benefits for you such as:

  • You don’t have to wait long for the leaves to fall off on the Minecraft surface. 
  • Fast Leafy Decay won’t work the same for your Minecraft crops as it for Minecraft leaves. 
  • You will be able to remove tree leaves quite quickly. 

13. Silk Touch Spawners 

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Want to harvest the rarest mob spawners with silk touch enchantment? Here you go. Silk Touch Spawners data pack consists of a most powerful Minecraft enchantment. Other benefits include:

  • You will find this data pack more productive as compared to the other ones. 
  • You will be able to harvest mob spawners with Silk Touch Spawners.   

14. Armored Elytra 

Looking for a way to fly in your gaming world? Then, you have got your solution. Minecraft has a fantastic data pack for you. Armored Elytra data pack will help you get Elytra to make your dream come true. The main features of Armored Elytra include:

  • You will get a rare Minecraft item, i.e., Elytra. 
  • You will also get a bit of armor to wear along with Elytra. This thing will make you able to stand in front of your enemies bravely. 

15. Double Shulker Shells

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Minecraft Double Shulker Shells data packs will let you store your items. Here’s what you can do with these data packs.

  • You will be able to use these data packs on a multiplayer server. 
  • You will also get two shulker shells at once.  

16. Veinminer

Veinminer does exactly what the name suggests. Veinminer is the most powerful data pack when it comes to mine a large number of items. What is so special about this data pack is:

  • You will end up mining a large amount of coal and iron in your Minecraft world. 
  • You will accomplish your mining tasks within a shorter time. 

17. Anti Creeper Grief

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Want to get rid of the creeper damage? Well, Anti Creeper Grief will serve you best in this regard. Other perks of this data pack include:

  • You can prevent creepers from wandering around your builds. 
  • You won’t have to face any creeper damage in your gameplay. 
  • You will be able to prevent your building blocks from Minecraft creepers. 

18. Multiplayer Sleep

This Minecraft data pack needs no introduction. The aim behind using this data pack is to get the maximum gaming experience without spending hours of sleep. Other perks include:

  • Unlike other servers that ask you to sleep during the night, Multiplayer Sleep won’t ask you to do so. 
  • Here, only one player will sleep to make a day in Minecraft. 
  • You won’t need to carry your beds along with you. 

19. Better Pillage and Village

20 Best Minecraft Data Packs 2021

Want to discover new villages along with new resources in Minecraft? Here you have this data pack. What you can do with this Minecraft data pack includes:

  • You can build new blocks and battle with your enemies. 
  • You will be able to survive in a much better way.

20. Better Biomes

Minecraft Better Biomes data packs are always there to offer you a wide variety of biomes for your gameplay. You will make your world in wetland biomes, savanna biomes, forest biomes, and desert biomes. Better Biomes also offers you some benefits like:

  • You will get a chance to visit all kinds of biomes. 
  • You will also get yourself avail of the endless resources of these biomes.

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