30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

The world of Minecraft is full of thrills and actions. A player can easily build different structures in the gameplay with the help of a few value-added servers in Minecraft. These servers are usually called “Creative Servers”. These servers revolve around building and creativity in Minecraft. But, what those servers are and what role they play in Minecraft is still vague. Let’s get to know about them. 

The best Minecraft creative servers include Mox MC, well known for its variety of buildings and lands that it offers to its players; Datblock is one of the best-cracked servers in Minecraft, & Piratecraft, which allows you to build your ships. Other Minecraft Creative Servers include Creative Fun, Builders Refuge, and many others. 

There is no denying that the world of Minecraft offers its players innumerable opportunities to build, create, play, and craft several things of their own choice. There are different types of servers in Minecraft, and each server has its own rules and regulations, gameplay style, multiplayer world, modes, and communities. This article will highlight the best creative servers in Minecraft. 

After reading this article, you will be able to know about the roles of these servers.

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers

There are plenty of creative servers in Minecraft. Some of them are overwhelming for beginners; a few of them have a friendly community, while others are also brilliant in their roles in Minecraft. A player can construct buildings by using various blocks in these servers.

These servers vary from one another in a few aspects. In this read, I will explain the 30 best Minecraft Creative Servers. You will also learn the needful information about these servers in detail. Let’s get started. 

1. Mox MC

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is a fantastic creative server when you count on the top and best Minecraft creative servers. It offers its users large and beautiful buildings and lands to use. A player can get a variety of buildings for their enjoyment. Players can also get their land and craft their buildings and towns here.

The server is best and well known for its welcoming nature for beginners. Different YouTubers are playing this server on their gameplay for its fun-related and innovative features. It has multiple game modes for you.

Address: MoxMC.net

2. MCVantage 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

This server was created in 2020. It allows its users to play either on Java Edition or on Bedrock Edition. It is a relatively small server as compared to the other creative servers. It consists of a tight-knit community. It can handle different game modes in Minecraft. 

What makes this server unique is its free access to powerful building tools. It allows its players to use several powerful building tools such as WorldEdit, GoBrush, and many more. Due to these amazing features, it has gained immense importance in the Minecraft world.

Address: mcvantage.net

3. Edawg 878

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Want something fun? Here you have this creative server. It has fun-related stuff, and you’ll enjoy building things for yourself. It is particularly for those players that want a friendly and interactive community. There are many other solid reasons behind the success of this server as one of the best creative servers in Minecraft. 

Some servers follow strict roleplay rules in Minecraft. Edawg 878 is one of the same kinds of servers. It is one of the biggest creative servers in Minecraft. Minecraft added this server to its stockpile back in 2010. 

Address: edawg878.com

4. Creative Fun

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is well known for its name and fame. This server has made a large number of users all over the virtual gaming world. It is one of the universal servers in Minecraft. Once you will start playing on it, you will get addicted to playing on this server.

Other features make this server valuable and demanding. A player can build different sizes of plots here. The server also offers its players various plots, WorldEdit, anti-grief system, and many others. Currently, it is one of the best servers throughout the world of Minecraft. 

Address: play.creativefun.net

5. Builders Refuge

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

This server offers you a way to get success without any prior experience in Minecraft. ‘Builders refuge’ is among the top-notch servers in Minecraft. It offers professional Minecraft builders to build and create their buildings and other structures with a relatively premium service. You will get many resources and a network of other builders to become a successful player. 

The other commendable thing about this server is its import and export feature. This feature will let the players use it for downloading and uploading different builds. These builders will help you build different structures in Minecraft. So, this server is a source of the latest building tools for you in Minecraft. 

Address: buildersrefuge.com 

6. Mineplex 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is a Minecraft server that consists of different gaming modes. It has made millions of active players within a short time, and there seems no end to it. It is a minigame server in Minecraft that allows you to play different minigames on it. You can play these games on any of the four game modes. These minigames include bridges, clans, and survival games. It also consists of a customized multiplayer mode. Each multiplayer has different aims and objectives in Minecraft. These servers consist of different gaming rules and regulations in Minecraft. 

Address: us.mineplex.com

7. Brawl 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

You may have never seen such a unique creative server in Minecraft. This server is all about builds and plugins in Minecraft. There are various game effects and gun games on this server. You don’t need to think twice. Grab this server to add creativity to your gameplay. You will find its content customized. It is a Minecraft Java server with the help of building a variety of structures to make your world attractive and efficient. This is a wonderful way to boost the working performance of your Minecraft gameplay.  

Address: brawl.com

8. Grand Theft Minecraft

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is one of the coolest and updated servers in Minecraft. It has a custom-built map with a big and friendly community. Grand theft Minecraft is one of those creative servers that give you many opportunities to grow as a player. In this server, a player can drive custom vehicles, join a friendly community, attain a big apartment, and use various tools against its enemies.

It also offers you a unique experience based on Grand Theft Auto. This server is actively building and supporting many game modes in Minecraft. This thing makes it desirable among many players in Minecraft. 

Address: mp.mc-gtm.net

9. Minescape 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

This server is one of Minecraft’s most beautiful creations. This server is full of dramatic actions, and thrills. Most of the players used this server to showcase their efficiency and abilities while fighting with them. It is also a source of money generation for all the players. Besides, it allows you to use different and wonderful enchantments for your gameplay. Minescape has brought the game of Runescape directly into the Minecraft world. These things make this creative server one of the coolest servers in Minecraft. 

Address: Minescape. Me 


30 Best Minecraft Modded Servers In 2021

10. Minewind

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It has its focus on survival, PvP, and creativity. Well, it is more efficient in creative mode. Minewind is a vanilla-based Minecraft creative server. Here players have different authorities relating to building and maintaining Minecraft’s gameplay. 

A player can battle with its enemies, kill its players, grief, follow no rules and regulations, and use deception. Here a player can also share, discover, and get knowledge in its Minecraft gameplay. 

Address: join.minewind.net 

11. PixelmonCraft

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Making an entire fantasy world inside a blocky sandbox game was an arduous task. Having a PixelmonCraft server in your inventory slot is no less than a blessing for you. PixelmonCraft is the best server of its kind. This server also helps you make money by battling your enemies, breeding pokemon to sell them to other players, selling different items of your gameplay, and trading with the villagers in Minecraft.

You can also add pokemon mode to your Minecraft gameplay with this creative server. It lets you make friends all around the world. 

Address: server.pixelmoncraft.com

12. Hypixel 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is one of those creative servers that provide you with the best quality and networks in Minecraft. Hypixel is the most updated version of the creative servers. Here you can get yourself avail of some fun games. These games include BedWars, SkyWars, and many more. 

Hypixel is one of the largest Minecraft servers. It is only available on Minecraft Java Edition. Players want to add this valuable server to their gameplay. They want it to boost the performance of their gaming world. Hypixel has four Guinness World Records. It has high demands in the Minecraft overworld. It is also one of the undisputed servers in Minecraft. 

Address: mc.hypixel.net

13. Minecraft Middle Earth 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is one of the best servers in Minecraft due to its immersive gameplay. It consists of a community that is one of the longest-running Minecraft building communities. As the name indicates, this server will let you immerse yourself in Middle-earth. You can dive into the depths of Moria, cross the Isengard tower, participate by building different structures, and can practice your builds on maps and plots. 

The map of this server has been made in World Painter and World Machine. 

Address: build.mcmiddleearth.com 

14. Mainland Network

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Do you want to build a variety of things in Minecraft? Do you find it difficult to get a server that will allow you to build different things? Well, you are close to your destination. Mainland Network is a creative Minecraft sever that helps you build the tools of your choice. This server is for all those players that love to build in their gameplay.

It has more than four modes for its players. A player can compete with other players by building unique structures in it. There is also a voting system in this server to choose the best theme and winner in your gaming world.  

Address: crazy.play-ml.ru

15. Datblock

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Are you in search of an interesting creative server for your Minecraft? Well, this server is full of interesting things. It is one of the best-cracked servers in Minecraft. Playing on this server will help you find the most interesting things to amuse yourself in your gameplay. You can also see the beautiful places here. 

The best thing about this server is that it has a friendly community and a very good ban system. It consists of varied game modes that let a player choose from them and play on the server of his choice. 

Address: play.datblock.com

16. Complex Gaming

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

What makes this server great is its ability to take creativity to another level. It can handle a large number of players at a time. You will find these servers in survival, factions, creative, skyblock, pixelmon, and many other modes. It provides never-ending fun for everyone in Minecraft. It is a pokemon theme-based creative server that allows you a wide selection of game modes. 

Address: pixel.mc-complex.com

17. Pirate Craft

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is another valuable creation in Minecraft. This RPG server is much like a pirate-themed Minecraft server. A player can get himself to avail of the amazing features of this server by building different boats. This RPG server allows you to become a part of a pirate crew and play with them. It will make you able to build gates and bridges for your safety in Minecraft. This creative server will help you shoot or battle with your enemies sailing on other pirate ships. You can also make a customized ship on this server. 

Address: mc.piratecraft.com

18. The Lord of the Craft

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

This server consists of hard roleplay rules. However, there is a bit of difference between these servers in creative mode. The server under consideration provides you an immersive journey into a fantasy world. 

The lord of the craft requires you to remain in your character while playing on this server. You can’t change your character as you do in the RPG servers In Minecraft. There is another interesting thing about this creative server. This server lets you create your character and then allows you to experience the whole Minecraft world with that character. 

Address: mc.lotc.com

19. ManaCube 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is one of the most popular creative servers in Minecraft. If you are looking for the perfect place to showcase your creativity, then this server is no less than a dream come true for you. You can build a variety of tools here. Other things make this server unique. This server has creative and active staff that works to make their gameplay efficient in Minecraft. 

Besides, this server also consists of a grading system. You will get a grade depending upon the quality and creativity of your build. These grades range from A+ to D. 

Address: lobby.manacube.net

20. AJGaming Network

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is an artistic server that constantly releases new updates and custom content for you to play in Minecraft. You can also find this server interesting for its fun-related things. AJGaming Network has different gaming modes in Minecraft. These gaming modes include skyblock, creative, survival, and prison. Now the choice is yours to play on any mode in Minecraft. 

Address: play.ajgaming.net

21. MineSuperior

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is a Minecraft server that consists of the next generation of networks. It is a welcoming server and is open to all the players out there. This server is adding unique ideas to it. It also comes in different modes. You can choose from those modes depending upon your will and feasibility. The best part of the story is its ability to create unique and never-ending ideas to better the Minecraft gameplay. 

Address: play.minesuperior.com

22. MomentoNetwork 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Do you want a newly improved creative server to play on in your gameplay? If yes, then this server is right around your corner. Its defining features include an active and great team staff, lovely game modes, quality servers, and a long-lasting community. It also allows you to choose the most suitable game mode for your gameplay. You can choose from skyblock, creative, factions, OP prison, and KitPvP. You can also gain maximum experience here in this creative server of Minecraft. 

Address: mc.momentonetwork.net

23. Shadow Kingdom

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

This server falls under the best resourceful servers in Minecraft. It consists of a very active community. This server has survival, creative, and PvP modes. But the most active of all modes is the creative mode.

The Shadow Kingdom is a perfect server for a player who wants regular polls to select themes for its building contests. A player always wants to be a part of this extraordinary creative server in Minecraft. 

Address: mc.shadowkingdom.org

24. CreeperCraft 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Want to gain much experience from this platform? Then, don’t miss out on this useful creative server in Minecraft. This server is for you to solve your queries and explain to you the best ways to gain maximum experience in Minecraft. You can also connect with hundreds of other players through this server. 

You can also explore newly created minigames, compete with the other players, and customize your build tools with the help of this server in Minecraft.

Address: creeper craft.mc.gg

25. Minecraft Central

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Minecraft has added this server to its inventory back in 2016. This server is one of the most remarkable servers within the world of Minecraft multiplayer. The best thing about this server is its ability to attract a handsome amount of players towards its center. 

It also has different gaming modes for you. Each mode has its defining features, rules, customization, and a consistently improved community system. A player can get himself immersed into the wonders of this creative server in Minecraft. 

Address: mccentral.org

26. Chad Craft

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is one of the rarest servers in Minecraft. A player can get this server for its gameplay only under certain specific conditions. It is also an awesome creation. Based on a tight-knit community, this server offers you to be a part of the community at any time. Once you join this community, you will have to follow the rules and regulations of the community for its betterment and enhance working quality. 

Address: poopy.myserver.gs

27. Playblocks 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is a fun-related kind of creative server. It aims to offer the most enjoyable Minecraft experience to its players. You can use this server to make your experience even better and to get the maximum experience about other important modes of Minecraft gameplay. 

This server has a fair voting system that allows its users to choose their characters’ best theme and the role and builds. It is a custom-generated creative server in Minecraft. 

Address: mc.playblocks.org

28. PocketPixels

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It has remained a top choice for the player looking for the best creative servers to play on. It is a kind of pixelmon server that allows its users to create an imaginary and enjoyable Minecraft world. Here you can gain different kinds of badges, and it depends on your game play’s performance. It also makes you able to build and craft many useful items for your Minecraft world. It has many factions’ related themes for you. 

Address: play.pocketpixels.net

29. Minehut 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

Are you looking for unlimited server hosting? Here you go. You have this creative server to serve your every purpose. The best thing about this server is its ability to provide two extra servers to all its players. A player can get three servers at a time in Minecraft. It has easy to run and easy to play features in it. 

Address: Minehut.com

30. LemonCloud 

30 Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

It is an awesome innovative server in Minecraft for you to test your skills. It has the best intricate features that make this server unique throughout the Minecraft gaming world. It also provides you the best and maximum gaming experience about Minecraft. The different game modes for this server include OP Prison, OP Factions, skyblock, creative, survival, KitPvP, and many others. 

It is also a fun-related creative server. You can play on it to enjoy its extraordinary features. 

Address: play.lemoncloud.org

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