35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (Ranked)

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

The Stand is a recurring theme in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, as it’s known to be the source of power by the main characters and their antagonists. Ever since Stardust Crusaders, the Stand ultimately became the main basis of a character’s overall strength and abilities in the series. These are entities generated by the life force of their owner, which presents as a figure that’s standing behind them at most times. These stands possess supernatural abilities, whereas some are truly bizarre enough to be considered very unique. In this article, I will show you the best Jojo’s Stands, ranked from worst to best.

Take note that the stands that will be mentioned here are featured in anime, manga, and even on the non-canon stories of the series. These are ranked by their power, and each will contain details of their abilities. The list will also bonus trivia about the namesakes of some Stands and will show who owns these powerful (if not overpowered) Stands. 

35. Stone Free

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Stone Free is owned by Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. Stone Free is one of the coolest-looking stands in the series. It looks like a humanoid cyborg due to it looking metallic. It also has a blue color that matches its appearance very well. It also sports green sunglasses that look as cool as the Stand itself.

Stone Free is a Stand that’s fit for fighting. It is capable of landing very strong punches, though not as strong as Star Platinum. It also can turn itself and Jolyne into a string. This string form is strong enough to sharply cut its enemies, enough to behead its opponents. 

Jolyne can use Stone Free to use her own body to create things made of strings such as weaving a net, as well as stitch open wounds. It can also be used to sneak into very narrow passages since Jolyne and the Stand can turn into a string, as well as use the string to swing around. It also can deflect almost every Stand ability by turning into an infinite amount of Mobius strips. 

Stone Free is named after a song by Jimi Hendrix, which was released back in 1967.

34. Doobie Wah!

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Doobie Wah is featured in Jojolion, which is yet to be seen in the anime and is owned by Aisho Dainenjiyama. It is a Stand that has one circular eye, is color blue, and has arms that look like it’s wrapped by bandages. Its body is shaped with the figure of a tornado and has a tornado whirling around its body. It has a lower part that resembles a genie.

Doobie Wah is one of the Stands that can easily overwhelm a lot of enemies. Doobie Wah can rapidly spin like a tornado while turning itself into a tiny Stand. When it locks into an enemy, it can manifest to its target’s breath. With each exhalation of its enemy’s breath, Doobie Wah’s tornado then grows from a tiny one into a very large one that can obliterate them

Doobie Wah was named after a Peter Frampton song released back in 1974.


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33. The Grateful Dead

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

The Grateful Dead is a stand used by Proscuitto and was featured in Golden Wind. As sinister as its name, it has a ghastly appearance with multiple eyes around its body. It has a muscular build, with very long arms that have tentacles instead of hands at the end of each. Instead of legs, its lower portion is also composed of the same tentacles. 

The Grateful Dead may not have superhuman speed or strength, but it has a deadly ability that matches its appearance and name. The Grateful Dead is capable of increasing the aging of the mind and body of any being, as long as the target is within its range. The effect of its ability also hastens if the temperature of the target is hotter. 

The Grateful Dead is named after the band of the same name that was formed back in 1965.

32. Metallica

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Metallica is a stand that was used by Risotto Nero in Golden Wind. The stand looks like a grotesque cluster of worm-like beings with hollow eyes, sharp teeth, and arms that somewhat look robotic. It also has a metallic gray color that matches its name, as well as what it can do.

Metallica can control any component that has iron through the means of magnetism. It can even control a person simply by manipulating the iron found in their blood. It is somewhat of a mid-range stand that can operate around a 10-meter vicinity around Risotto. The manipulation of iron also means that it can change the shape of the iron component. As a result, Risotto can turn the iron of the blood into blades, and not just remove the oxygen in the blood’s iron to suffocate its target.

Metallica is named after the popular band of the same name that was formed back in 1981.

31. Crazy Diamond

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Crazy Diamond is the Stand of Josuke Higashikata, the protagonist of Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. Crazy Diamond looks like The World because of the shape of its head and somewhat looks like Star Platinum because of its body and color. It dons what looks like Corinthian armor with revealing pink-colored flesh. 

Crazy Diamond can repair almost everything that it works on. Anything can be restored to its former state once Josuke uses its powers. However, it cannot restore illnesses and revive dead people. It also has a decent level of strength and speed, making it suitable for battle as well. 

Crazy Diamond is named after a song by Pink Floyd, called Shine on You Crazy Diamond, that was released back in 1975. 

30. Sugar Mountain

Hachura on Twitter: "The Promised Land, Sugar Mountain 🍇❄️ #jojo_anime  #sbr_anime #steelballrun #jjba #sbr #JoJosBizarreAdventure #ジョジョ  #ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 #スチールボールラン https://t.co/VapnPdDSZb" / Twitter

Sugar is a type of Stand called the Bound Stand, that’s owned by a gigantic tree. The humans that are seen on its trunk, which appears to look like statues, are its victims. This Stand was featured in Steel Ball Run, and its ability consists of trials and steps called waves.

The first one is the Trial of Avidity, where an object is dropped by the stand at a water source. Next, a guardian comes out to take the object and two other objects. It will ask you which one is yours on the three objects mentioned. Lying results in a brutal death where your innards and tongue are removed. Telling the truth gives you the dropped item back, as well as one of the two other objects shown by the Guardian. 

This is where the third part comes, where you need to consume the items before sunset. This is called the Trial of Avarice. If you do not pass the trial, the Guardian then absorbs you in the tree as a statue-like creature and will serve as the Stand’s next Guardian.

The namesake of Sugar Mountain is a Neil Young song of the same name that he composed back in 1964 on this 19th birthday.

29. Jail House Lock

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Jail House Lock is a Stand featured in Stone Ocean. Its owner is Miuccia Miuller. It is a creepy stitched doll that looks like those that witches use as voodoo. It also reveals its brain on its head. It looks like something that spawned out of a horror film.

Jail House Lock is just as scary as its appearance. Resembling the brain that’s exposed on his head, its power makes the target store only three pieces or memories of information as short-term memory. Adding a fourth one removes the oldest memory, forgetting what it was. This is a Stand meant for mental torture.

Jail House Lock is named after a song of the late Elvis Presley called Jail House Rock, which was released back in 1957

28. Silver Chariot

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Silver Chariot is one of the Stands that are best for combat. It is owned by Jean Pierre Polnareff. It looks like a knight ready to fight against a joust, clad in steel armor. It also owns a very sharp rapier, that it mainly uses for combat.

Silver Chariot is a destructive stand that has a lot of potential had it been owned by a more merciless fighter than Polnareff. As badass as it looks, it is a Stand feared by most of its enemies. Its rapier is so sharp, that it can slice even fire, as well as turn stone into any carving it desires. Even barriers can be sliced by this very strong stand. 

Silver Chariot is named after a tarot card, while its appearance is similar to the figure shown in the Painkiller, the 1990 album of Judas Priest.

27. Kiss

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Kiss is a short-ranged Stand owned by Ermes Costello in Stone Ocean. It has a design with a color theme that’s meant to be regal since it has purple and gold all over it. It is a bald stand with protrusions on its head that form like a crown, matching its regal colors. It also has what looks like stickers with kiss marks all over its arms and chest.

Kiss creates a sticker with a kiss mark, to match its name, which creates a replica of whatever it sticks. The catch is that it causes a massive impact that hurts when the sticker is removed, as the replica and the original merge with each other all of a sudden- like a kiss!

Kiss is named after the popular band of the same name that was formed in 1973.

26. Mandom

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Mandom is a Stand owned by Ringo Roadagain in Steel Ball Run. Mandom has a personality that is embodied in its user. It is a stand with tentacles that are attached inside Ringo’s arms and body. It has a head that does not have a mouth or nose, but has a criss-cross pattern with multiple eyes.

Mandom’s ability consists of a mechanic where a time-reversal amounting to 6 seconds can occur. All memories, position, and other aspects of time are completely reversed for 6 seconds. The ability is simple but is perfect enough for a skilled marksman such as Ringo.

Mandom is named after Mandon – Lovers of the World by Jerry Wallace.

25. The Hand

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

The Hand had the potential to become one of the most powerful Stands in the series if its owner was not dense. It is owned by Okuyasu Nijimura in Diamon Is Unbreakable. The Hand has a cylindrical head and wears spiky armor around it. It has currency symbols all over its armor, and its hand has two circular patterns that define its ability.

The Hand can remove what got swiped with its right hand while fusing two points of the swiped line created by The Hand. It would have been one of the most powerful stands, but Okuyasu is dumb enough to not realize it, thanks to his simple-minded combat skills.

The Hand is named after a band of the same name.

24. Star Platinum AND The World

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T102407.215

Star Platinum and The World belong to the same rank for being identical to each other in terms of all abilities. Star Platinum is owned by Jotaro Kujo and was shown from Stardust Crusaders, up to Jojolion. On the other hand, The World is owned by Dio Brando, a being as powerful as his Stand. These two stands have similar body build, with their differences being notable because of their differing designs. Star Platinum is shown to have long hair, while the world wears something that appears like a helmet.

Both of them a short-ranged Stands with tremendous superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and even the ability to stop time. These two stands rival each other very well and are perfectly suitable for combat. These two are just perfect to be part of the list due to their outstanding abilities, plus the potential of the 5-second time stop technique to be honed and extended through training.

Star Platinum and The World are named after tarot cards.

23. Bohemian Rhapsody

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Bohemian Rhapsody is a stand that looks as strange as its abilities. It is owned by Ungalo in Stone Ocean and is more like a Stand that does not have any consciousness. Its appearance comes in the form of a sinister version of a fairy tale or fictional character. This Stand can summon a sadistic version of the Seven Dwarves, or perhaps create a twisted and creepy version of Pinocchio.

Bohemian Rhapsody comes out of its user, creating fictional characters that have a realistically violent twist as Ungalo drags its targets into the fictional world of his Stand. This is just perfect for someone who got addicted to drugs, who happens to have a twisted mindset as well.

Bohemian Rhapsody is named after the popular song of the same name sung by Queen.

22. White Album

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T102453.067

The white album is a stand owned by Ghiaccio in Golden Wind. This is one of those special Stands that appears as a sort of suit rather than another entity that stands behind its owner. White Album looks like something similar to the suit that Black Panther wears, with two tips that are formed like cat ears. The head part of the Stand-suit is more like a helmet rather than Black Panther’s mask.

Its power is simple: it freezes anything. It’s a well-known fact that the power of ice is one of the most powerful ones that anime and comic book characters possess. It can solidify even gas by turning it to ice, and can also use ice as a very thick and tough armor. It can also create an ice path for it to skate on. This stand gave Giorno a very hard time.

White Album is the name of an album released by The Beatles in 1968.


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21. Vitamin C

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Vitamin C is a Stand owned by Tamaki Damo in Jojolion. It is a jester with a shadowy face with round yellow eyes. It does not have a body but has multiple phantom arms that come out from its shoulders. Its appearance is one of the most horrifying stands with an ability that’s just as scary as this nasty Stand.

Vitamin C emerges out of walls like real ghosts. Its phantom-like hands act like tentacles that can leave fingerprints when it touches something. The fingerprint has the deadly effect of turns living things into liquid form. The transform looks like its target is melting away, which has the side-effect of being unable to move or think due to the body getting ruined. 

Vitamin C is named after a song composed by A Can.

20. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T102631.958

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, also called D4C, is a Stand owned by Funny Valentine. It is a stand that looks like someone wearing cat-like armor. It is a lavender-colored stand that has a vine-like pattern on the sides of its armor’s body and head.

D4C has the complex ability to pass through two objects for it to travel in an alternative dimension. In this alternate dimension, Funny Valentine can use his alternate self to swap places to instantly “heal”. Funny Valentine can also use his Stand to create multiple copies of himself to make the odds of the battle go in his favor.

D4C is named after an album of the same name by AC/DC, which they released back in 1976

19. Hanged Man

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

The Hanged Man is a stand owned by the sadistic J. Geil, who is known to do brutal acts to killing his victims. Hanged Man looks like an assassin that resides in a desert. It has bandages on its head, hiding what looks like a mummified person’s face. It wields a hidden dagger located under its wrist, which it uses for its ability to assassinate.

Hanged man can travel through the means of his reflection, which is taken on a level where a reflection of the eyesight is involved. The Hanged Man is also known for its superhuman speed, which is way faster than Silver Chariot. It also attacks so quickly, that its enemies won’t even notice that the already got cut. Its speed, along with its special ability, makes it the perfect assassin.

Hanged Man’s name is taken from the tarot card of the same name.

18. Awaking III Leaves

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T102840.788

If you are looking for someone who can match Pain, it’s this Stand. Awaking III Leaves is a Stand owned by Mitsuba Higashikata, and was shown in Jojolion. Awaking III Leaves is a floating stand that wears a hood that covers its face. The cloak of the hood is designed with arrows pointing in circles around the shoulder area, as well as arrows facing downwards at the bottom of it. The arrows of its cloak define its ability.

The Stand attaches to something, which moves the energy of its target to displace the vector space that surrounds it. This then propels the target towards the direction of the arrow Awaking III Leaves wants to move its target too. It can also stack the arrows as many times as it wants to increase the force to repel or attract its target.

Awaking III Leaves is a combination of the popular duo, Awakening, and the club suit in cards.

17. Green Day

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Green Day is a Stand owned by Ciccolata, a doctor who tortures its victims, who were an enemy of Giorno in Golden Wind. Green Day appears to be a tall muscular being, with a blackhead that makes it look like executioners in the old days. It also has purple blank eyes that glow to make it look more sinister and sadistic than its owner.

Green Day can create a mold that instantly kills any living being. The mold activates when a living being lowers itself, even if it’s just a part of its body. The mold can then spread to other people. Green Day also turns into a mold to split to evade attacks, then re-assembles back with it. Also, Green Day is a capable fighter, too.

Green Day is named after the popular brand that for sure some of you are familiar with.


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15. Gold Experience

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T102921.576

Gold Experience is the stand of Giorno Giovanna in Golden Wind. As the name suggests, the Stand has gold as its color theme. This is a slim-looking alien stand that appears to be wearing golden trousers with a scarab beetle at the front, and a breastplate. It also has purple ladybug-shaped pads found all over its body, knees, arms, and fingers. It also has what looks like a pair of small, cute angelic wings on its shoulders, and a golden helmet that’s shaped like a huge brain, but with intricate and swirled lines as patterns.

Gold Experience has the power to create, make peace or war, and regenerate through the scarab beetle, ladybug, wings, and helmet, respectively. These let the Stand turn objects into some natural formation that’s often used to block and deflect attacks. It can also boost the consciousness of any living being by regenerating them beyond natural limits, which disables its opponents. It can also accelerate growth or heal/replace body parts using any kind of object near them. It can also sense life. Truly a very useful Stand.

Killer Queen is named after another song by Queen.

14. Nut King Call

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Nut King Call is a Stand by Joshu Higashikata in Jojolion. The Stand has the sides of its head bolted with screws, and has slates that make it look like it’s going to fall apart. It has a violet color theme, and kind of looks like a cute mascot. But despite its looks, Nut King Call is an awesome-looking Stand.

As its name suggests, and how it looks like, Nut King Call can create nuts and bolts all over its target. When a nut or a bolt is removed, that part disassembles, but painlessly. Nut King Call can also assemble using these bolts, to the point of using it to upgrade itself into a cooler-looking version.

Nut King Call is named after the musician Nat King Cole.

13. Paisley Park

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103031.975

Paisley Park is a Stand introduced in Jojolion and is owned by Yasuho Hirose. Paisley Park has a creepy-looking womanly appearance. It has long pink hair with some of its ends pinned. It has markings around its body that look like streets on navigation apps, with symbols of street signs all over it.

As its design suggests, Paisley Park can use technology to steal and obtain information such as using the whole Google server to know everything. It can also use technology to search and track targets.

Paisley Park’s name was based on a song of the same name by Prince.

12. Notorious BIG

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Notorious BIG is Stand owned by Carne in Golden Wind. When its owner was still alive, the Stand appears humanoid with a striped mask split in half, with a rising peak above the head. Its teeth are oftentimes snarled. After its user died, the Stand now looks like a blob of flesh that grows large. When grows large enough, it gains grotesque limbs with the eyes and mask of its former appearance. It now possesses hands that have small wheels, with armored bands all over its body.

Notorious BIG only activates once its user dies, and wildly devours everything in sight. It can also devour sources of energy. Devouring makes the Stand grow larger.

Notorious BIG is named after Christopher George Latore Wallace’s stage name. The real-life Notorious BIG was a popular rapper back in the 90s.

11. Milagro Man

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103300.145

Milagro Man is a Stand that can be used by anyone. It was featured in Jojolion and is one of the coolest Stands on this list. It is a Stand with eyes positioned like a Gecko’s, which also looks like eyes from one. The front of its head is a gaping hole that goes through the back of it. It also has two circular holes on its palms and small triangular holes around its arms and legs. It is white, with sharp golden ripple patterns rowed in 3, with a combination of black ripples at the bottom row.

Milagro man activates whenever an unlawful transaction of money occurs. The Stand then gives its user more cash. The money then multiplies slowly until the user gets suffocated in it. To prevent having this Stand, the only thing to deactivate it and its powers are by returning the money or letting someone else destroy it. A perfect Stand in this world, don’t you think?

Milagro Man is from Elvis Costello’s song Santana, as well as his album Milagro.

10. Made In Heaven

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103449.406

Made in Heaven is a Stand from Stone Ocean, owned by Enrico Pucci. Made in Heaven looks like a Stand from the heavens because of its appearance. It has a white muscular body, with a head that has one eye that’s shaped like a gear with a symbol on it. It also has frills made of feathers around its neck to make it more elegant. Its lower body is one-half of a horse, making it look like the Stand is riding a half-horse, but is its legs that also make it look like a centaur.

The Stand can accelerate the time at a very fast rate that only Pucci can keep up with it thanks to his Stand. Pucci has mentioned that this Stand has the power to meet his goal to reach the “vanishing point” of time.

Made In Heaven is named after a song of the same title written by Queen and another song of the same title by Led Zeppelin.

9. Killer Queen

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103531.393

Killer Queen is a Stand owned by Yoshikage Kira, and was featured in Diamond is Unbreakable. Killer Queen looks like a humanoid cat with a very muscular body. It has a golden badge on its upper arm that has a symbol that looks like its own skill with two swords pointing downwards on both sides. Despite being a very disturbing Stand, it has an unexpectedly cute face.

Killer Queen has several abilities that are proven to be destructive, befitting its name. It can conjure small bombs that can obliterate its enemies. When it gets equipped with Stray Cat, it can shoot invisible bombs. It can also create very small tank-like bombs that home into something with a heat signature, which can repel anything that goes on its way. It can also reawaken the Bites the Dust if hit by a Stand Arrow 2 times. Lastly, and its most overpowered ability, is to create a time loop to prevent itself from being killed.

8. Cream

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Cream is owned by Vanilla Ice and was featured in Stardust Crusaders. Cream is a stand that looks like a monster in your nightmare, with ghastly fangs that make it look scarier. It looks like a muscular demon that also packs a monstrous amount of strength. 

When activated, Cream takes itself and Vanilla Ice into another dimension. The portal to the other dimension becomes fast-moving that it can “erase” anyone caught in it. This forces its enemies to dodge it since hitting it with anything just erases the object. The only weakness of this stand is that it is blind when inside the other dimension, forcing it to open another portal to see. Cream is also invincible if the attack is not fast enough. 

Cream’s name is just a pun that matches its owner to create the word “vanilla ice cream” when combined.

7. King Crimson

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103616.999

King Crimson is a Stand owned by Diavolo in Golden Wind. It was also owned by Vinegar Doppio. It has two faces, which both have a creepy stare: the small one looks angry, while the bigger one has eyes that piercingly stare through people it looks at. It has red and white checkered patterns around its head, chest, arms, and legs.

King Crimson has the power to see the future, while its other power can erase up to 10 seconds worth of time. This in return lets King Crimson and its owners undo any mistakes done in the last 10 seconds, which effectively lets it evade attacks and even accidents that would happen too soon.

King Crimson is named after the band, King Crimson.

6. C-Moon

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

C-Moon is shown in Stone Ocean and is one of the stands of Enrico Pucci. C-Moon looks like a skeletal being wearing makeup on its eyes to make it look like a glam rock band member. It also wears chromatic green armor with arrows pointing out of the sides of the shoulder area. Its body is colored silver.

C-Moon has several powerful abilities. First, it controls the acceleration of time around it without being conscious about it, which can be used to invert incoming attacks and reverse the flow of time. It can also generate a core of gravity that it can also control within a 3-kilometer radius. This easily makes C-moon too overpowered.

C-Moon is named after a Wings song.

5. Soft And Wet

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103719.066

Soft and Wet is a Stand owned by Josuke Higashikata and Josefumi Kujo. Soft and Wet looks like something that’s heavily themed on boats and sailing. It has a large anchor symbol with the bottom at its chest, while the long part goes up to the center of the Stand’s head. It is a slim stand with only one arm.

Soft and Wet have multiple powers as well. It can generate bubbles that act as rotating and vibrating cords that can deflect attacks, as well as lift objects. It has a second power called Plunder, wherein the ability activates when the bubble explodes on a target. The effect of the explosion steals a certain “belonging” such as one’s eyesight, light from a bulb, or possibly a heart’s beating,

Soft and Wet is another song by Prince

4. Sticky Fingers

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

This is one of the coolest Stands ever made. Sticky Finger is a Stand owned by Bruno Bucciarati. Sticky Finger is a stand that’s donned with a spiky headpiece that’s formed like a mohawk. It has arm guards and armor with a zipper in the middle. There is also a huge zipper handle at its waist. The zippers symbolize its ability to create zippers.

Sticky Fingers can create zippers on literally everything, including living beings. The zippers it generates can be used to create portals, open up walls for retreating, and so as for splitting its body. Its deadliest ability for using its zipper is by using it to “zip” a person in half, killing it instantly. Gladly, its character is smart enough to make the most out of his Stand’s abilities.

Sticky Fingers is named after a song by The Rolling Stones.


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3. Heaven’s Door

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103804.967

Heaven’s Door is a Stand made by Rohan Kishibe from Diamond is Unbreakable. Heaven’s Door resembles the manga character that Rohan is writing. It is a small humanoid character with a dress and hat of a magician. The hat’s tip makes it look invisible since it’s transparent. 

Heaven’s Door is one of the most powerful Stands in the series, especially if the character knows how to use it so well. Unfortunately, Rohan only dreams of writing manga. The Stand turns a person into a book, letting the owner ready every aspect of that person, as well as alter some of it in the process.

Heaven’s Door is named after a popular song by Guns n’ Roses, as well as another song by Bob Dylan.

2. Tusk

35 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands (RANKED)

Tusk is a Stand in Steel Ball Run, owned by Johnny Joestar. Tusk looks like a purple golem with a golem-like face with a golden horseshoe on its forehead. Its body looks like a plate mail with golden star platings on its shoulders, and holden handles for its purple plates. Its legs are armored leggings that also have stars adorned around them. It changes form depending on its ACT.

Tusk’s abilities are called ACTS, which are composed of four that activate depending on the SPIN state of its owner. The first ACT is a small cute creature that lets Johnny shoot fingernail bullets that can reload very quickly. The second ACT makes Tusk look like a machine, which can shoot at higher accuracy and tracking speed. The third ACT makes it look humanoid and grants Johnny interdimensional travel. 

The final act is the large golem described earlier, which creates an infinite rotation within time and space, making its owner gravity defying. 

Tusk is named after a Fleetwood Mac song and album of the same name.

1. The World Over Heaven

Dizajn bez naslova 2022 06 17T103934.092

The World Over Heaven is a non-canon Stand, which easily made it to the top 1 because of being as overpowered as its owner. This Stand is owned by DIO in an alternate universe where the Joestars got defeated, and where DIO finally obtained his goal to reach heaven. It has the same appearance as The World but has a different color scheme of gray and pale yellow.

The World Over Heaven has improved strength than its previous form and is still capable of using time stop. But this time, the ability is now limitless. It can also change the existence and reality of everything it makes contact with. It can even nullify all powers of all Stands, particularly the Gold Experience’s ability to reduce everything to nothing, or zero.

It is truly the most powerful and almost invincible Stand in the whole series. We’re just glad it’s non-canon!

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