25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Superhero powers are something every “mortal” wants to poses, and throughout the years, we as fans of the superhero genre saw an insane amount of different superpowers. Comic books go to so many extremes to emphasize the power of the characters authors are writing about and let me just say, if you look deeper into comic books and research some of these powers, you will discover so many cool and unique superpowers that, unfortunately, have not gone through general public yet.  

Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and other media franchises owe fans so much for showcasing these cool powers, but before that, we decided to bring you the 25 coolest & unique superpowers you are not aware of. So, without wasting any time, let’s start! 

1. Jet Propulsion

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This superpower is really cool. Want to fly like a jet? Make sure to throw fire from your feet! That’s how Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender moves during her duels with Aang and the others. What’s even cooler, is her blue-colored fire that expresses that Jet-like superpower even more. Individuals with this kind of power have enhanced leap, speed, flash step, can speed swim, and more. However, it has limitations. If the person is not invulnerable, there is a risk of serious damage that a flyer can inflict oneself if they hit an obstacle.  

Besides Azula, only the best Firebenders can master Jet Propulsion like her brother Zuko and her father Ozai, with Avatar Korra being the one to do it in the Legend of Korra. Other bearers of this power are Ben 10’s Pyronites, Methanosians, Terry McGinnis as Batman from Batman Beyond, Human Torch and Cannonball from Marvel, Cacao and Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z and so many more. 

2. Immutability

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This one is pretty unique. Not many fictional characters are made with this superpower but it is still one of the coolest on the list. Immutability bearers have absolute protection from any alteration or change, regardless of the source or cause, other than their own and retain the state they currently are. Immunity against the “change” includes existential immutability, immutable immobility, immutable mobility, invulnerable immutability, physical immutability, mystic immutability, and many more.

Only a few in fiction are bearing this superpower – Butterball and Molecule Man from Marvel Comics, Noth from Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Anu from Elder Scrolls and so many more. 

3. Fat Manipulation

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Fat Manipulation is one of those superpowers that is really simple – no complicated shenanigans just… fat manipulation. This power is actually quite powerful and only a handful of individuals have this power. With fat manipulation, individuals can control body fat or adipose tissue of themselves and others, allowing them to freely alter them or manipulate them.  

Capabilities of this power include increasing and decreasing the amount, placement, type of the fat (white/brown adipose tissue), energy-storing efficiency, and others. However, it has its limitations. Users can be hurt where there is no fat tissue, making them pretty vulnerable. Also, they are pretty slow, and can only manipulate certain fat tissues if they’re pretty limited. 

Most notable bearers of this superpower are Big Bertha from Marvel Comics, Akimichi Clan from Naruto, Kirio Hikifune from Bleach, Buyon and Fat Buu from Dragon Ball Z, Bouncing Boy from DC Comics, and Alvida from One Piece.  

4. Matter Ingestion

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

We are continuing with really unique superpowers and on this list, matter ingestion found itself here. Users of this power can eat any substance without hurting themselves – they can consume any matter like liquid, gas, or solid forms. It is quite an ominous power that a handful of individuals bear in fiction. Even though you could find a lot of matter ingestion users in different media, it is still a unique power. They have limitations – if they eat too much, they can become useless, so maybe a glutton trait is useable here. 

Users of these unusual powers are Liltotto Lamperd from Bleach, Bismollians from DC Comics like Matter-Eater Lad and Calorie Queen, Gourmands in Ben 10, and The Giant from Iron Giant and … Garfield. He eats the fridge in his comics when he runs out of food.

5. Prehensile Hair

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Another superpower that is a little on the nose, but nonetheless is really cool and straightforward. The individual can make their hair move and use it to hold or manipulate objects like a limb. It’s usually used to attack the opponents but still very useful in regular stuff. Limitations are quite obvious – you know when you dry your hair at high temperatures and it already smells like something has burned? Well, imagine being hit with literal fire. Or ice. Blades are a no-no as well because they can easily cut through users’ hair.  

There are quite a few bearers of this power – Bayonetta from the game Bayonetta, Anodites from Ben 10, Spider Girl and Karla from DC Comics, Medusa, Scream, and Lorelei Travis from Marvel Comics, Entrapta from She-Ra: Princess of Power, and Seiren and Kaorinite from Sailor Moon. 

6. Prehensile Tongue

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Like the previous entry on this list, a prehensile tongue is a variation of natural weaponry and prehensility. The “tongues” can have different forms, like barbed tongue, forked tongue, flaming tongue, sharp tongue, and more. Even though it is unique and unusual, it is pretty limited and vulnerable. Like hair, the tongue can also be severed by blades, or damaged by fire, ice and electricity. 

If the user is like Tahm Kench from the League of Legends game, they would be okay since other abilities help a lot with prehensile tongue power. Besides Tahm Kench, the most notable users of this superpower are Toad, Legion, and Venom from Marvel Comics, Orochimaru from Naruto, and Pokémon that use the “lick” ability, Digimon that uses the “lick” ability, and Gungans from Star Wars. 


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7. Dust Generation

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Dust Generation, besides being unique and cool, is also pretty rare. Some would argue that airbenders from Avatar or other fictional characters that use an air can generate dust, well it is not that simple. This power is a sub-power to Dust Manipulation and a variation of Earth Generation. The individuals wielding this power can use dust aura, dust blast, and can create a dust storm.  

Probable limitations are that the bearer can only generate limited amounts of dust, only certain kinds of dust, and not be immune to their own ability, so if they encounter the bearer of the dust as an opponent, they can be easily beaten. Most notable dust generation bearers are Asuma Sarutobi from Naruto, Dusty from Lilo and Stitch, and Dust Dragon from Dragon Mania Legends.

8. Enhanced Craftsmanship

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This includes multiple different types of craftsmanship’s – crafting itself, metalworking and smithing. It also includes an expert or a master blacksmith who crafts amazing items, mostly weapons. This superpower category implies that the user can craft any item, such as forging powerful weapons. Imagine if you could forge Garen’s iconic Broadsword or Riven’s Runic Blade from the League of Legends game? That would be very cool, that’s why this superpower deserves to be on this list. 

Limitations are scarce – it requires appropriate materials to craft, tools, and space to work but all in all, it’s not necessarily a limited power. Notable users of this power are champion Ornn from League of Legends, Master Piandao from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ōetsu Nimaiya from Bleach, Sparda from Devil May Cry, Sunfire Elves from The Dragon Prince, and Eitri from Marvel Comics. 

9. Supernatural Thievery

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Okay, so this one is really unique. Master Thievery? Well, that is a skill as well. Users of these skills are so great at stealing that they can steal more than just physical items. They developed their thieving skills so much that they are regularly putting master robbers in the average pickpocket’s tier. They can steal physical objects without contact, can steal powers and physical attributes, and energies, and can break into any location.  

That are just a few things that supernatural thieves are capable of. However, they have a limitation, or in MOBA terms, a counter. Their biggest weakness is powerful users of Theft Nullification, users that trigger a power that stops the thief from stealing their powers or attributes. Also, some energies are too powerful for supernatural thieves and can destroy them if they try to steal them. Some notable individuals using this superpower are Josuke Higashikata from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ban from Seven Deadly Sins, Toya Setsuno for My Hero Academia, and Chrollo Lucifer from Hunter x Hunter. 

10. Caustic Vision

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Caustic Vision is really rare which automatically makes it unique. The user of this superpower is able to issue forth beams of corrosive energy from their eyes. It has similarities with heat vision, but its use is more for cutting solid objects and dealing damage.  

It’s great for sneak attacks and already mentioned melting through solid objects like cars, buildings, and machines. It can destroy a target with only one strike and that makes it really dangerous. Since this superpower is really rare, its limitations are still very scarce and unknown and maybe that fact encourages fictional characters to create more characters with this power. Only known bearers of this power are Dan Mcninja from Dr. Mcninja and The Acharis from The Neverending Story. 

11. Chaotic Vision

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Chaotic Vision is quite interesting since it is not used to damage or hurt someone. Well, not directly. These users can see into the true chaotic state that makes up existence or reality, allowing them to see what and how is everything connected in the reality. Also, the user can see past falsehoods and can reveal and bare hidden/unknown lies and in exchange reveal truths or true forms of those entities.  

There isn’t a limitation to this power since existence is eternal, which means chaos and turmoil are eternal, and that fact gives the user the ability understands all things in existence. It’s quite a mouthful but this superpower is insanely good. However, it has a limitation – bearers can go insane or have a mental breakdown after seeing the true state of reality. Most notable users are Sam Howell/SCP-3812 – A Voice Behind Me from SCP Foundation, Vandala from Chaos Comics, and Chaos-Kin from Kid Icarus Uprising. 

12. DNA Vision 

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

As every vision goes in a fictional world, of course, there is a DNA Vision. Mostly used to figure out the structure of other beings including the users themselves. They can look for anomalies in genetic structure, which of course means they can look for diseases and other anomalies. Useful in detecting the species of the being. 

Limitations include not being able to look into beings who do not have any genetic structures, like machines. Notable users include Kryptonians like Superman and Supergirl from DC Comics, Cole McGrath from Infamous game, Doctor Nemesis from Marvel Comics, Javik from Mass Effect games, and Drummer from Wildstorm. 

13. Self-Power Bestowal

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Self-Power Bestowal is really freaking cool because you get to have any power you want. More precisely, users of this power literally give themselves powers. For example, if they wanted to have Jet Propulsion, they can give themself that power.  

It has multiple variations like Illusive Power, Power Summoning, and Strenght-Based Invulnerability. Limitations are that the user cannot gain Absolute Powers, and they may have only a limited number of powers and discard the ones they already have. Also, they may have to fulfill certain conditions to actually gain other powers. Notable users of Self-Power Bestowal are Legion from Marvel Comics, Yhwach from Bleach, Shadowhunters from The Shadowhunters Chronicles, and Persona users from the Persona series.

14. Ultraviolet Perception

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Even though this power is similar to vision powers, it is not. The users bearing this power are able to perceive ultraviolet radiation, allowing them to see colors other people can’t. That includes seeing underwater, in the fog and the rain, with fingerprints, saliva, and blood. Imagine this kind of character in a Fallout game, a detective who can see through the radioactive fog and solve murders. Really cool, right? 

Most notable individuals bearing this ability are Firestorm, Kryptonians, and Martians from DC Comics with others, Wolfsbane from Marvel Comics, and Roxanne Wolf from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. 


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15. Omnilingualism

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

A superpower that gives the ability to learn, decipher and speak every single language in existence? Sign me up. That includes computers, signs, and languages from other planets, even lip-reading. Also illegible words, and backward speech that sounds really powerful. 

Limitations relate to learning other universes’ language – requires the bearer to actually firstly hear the language and then would they be able to speak it. Furthermore, they might have to carry out a related task before obtaining a certain language and some maybe need to learn the basics of grammar and semantics to fully utilize the learned language. Users of Omnilingualism are also vulnerable to individuals with physical powers who can stop them from learning a certain language, which is one of the few limitations but this power is unique and really cool.  

Most notable users in fiction are Whis from Dragon Ball Super, Meowth from Pokémon, Bubbles from Demashital Powerpuff Girls Z, Kryptonians and Tamaraneans from DC Comics, and various mutants from Marvel Comics.

16. Knowledge Replication

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

These individuals can gain/replicate any kind of knowledge, be it over subject, language, or fighting style, this superpower is really cool. They also can duplicate information from creatures or inanimate mediums of data such as books, computers, and more. Of course, there are limitations – can’t emulate powers or abilities, in some cases the range is the problem as well since there is a possibility that a user can only gain that knowledge by a touch. Furthermore, individuals with Knowledge Replication can leave the copied person with less skill or ability.  

There are a lot of variations of this power, but it’s really cool. Imagine knowing everything. Notable fictional characters with this superpower are Prodigy and Protege from Marvel Comics, Shapeshifters and Leviathans from Supernatural, Adam from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Desmond Miles from Assassins Creed. 

17. Offspring Detection  

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This one is a bit weird and for this list, we think it’s quite unique. These individuals can sense and track their offspring, which is a bit odd but can definitely be helpful. Limitations include Tracking Evasion and Psychic Shadow and limited distance of the power.  

Most notable Offspring Detection users are Scarlet Witch, which power we saw in the last Doctor Strange movie, Lilith from Marvel, Vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, DIO Brando and Diavolo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more vampires, this time from TV shows True Blood and The Originals. 

18. Unconsciousness Inducement

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

As the name of the superpower displays, with this power bearers induce unconsciousness in others. Ability’s success depends on the target – if the target is unprepared and has a weak mind, they are down. In the opposite situation, if a target tries to deflect or mentally outclass the bearer, they won’t succeed and those are the main limitation of this superpower.  

However, it looks really cool when a character just goes by a person and knocks them out without even trying. There aren’t that many fictional characters with this power but they’re quite known by fans – Anna Korolenko from Heroes and Haoshoku users from One Piece. 

19. Ink Manipulation

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

For people who love tattoos, this superpower is really cool. The users can create, shape, and manipulate ink – change the color, and its consistency, it can also be tattooed, printed, or written without tools. Limitations are distance and all in all the knowledge of the bearer.  

We saw great ink users from fiction for years and those are Sai and Killer B from Naruto, Inque from Batman Beyond, Ichibē Hyōsube from Bleach, Vince from Misfits, Samuel Sullivan from Heroes, and Tattooed Man from DC Comics. 

20. Enhanced Touch

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Users of this power have a really good sense of touch, allowing them to detect specific individuals, objects, substances, or even places. Also, this power is good for locating the origin of certain things the user touches. They also can detect vibrations of multiple different forces.  

The counter to this super cool power is people who can go through physical matter like Kitty Pride from Marvel Comics. Other limitations include Sensory Overload which can usually happen during big battles. Most notable users of this power are airbenders for Avatar and The Legends of Korra, Baki and Yuujiro from Baki the Grappler, Deathstroke from DC Comics, Daredevil, and Captain America from Marvel Comics, and Wilt from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. 

21. Organic Vision

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This one is also a unique superpower since only a few fictional characters have this ability. The users of this power can project organic blasts from their eyes. Yes, they can project everything from blood to, you guessed it, tears. Since the word “organic” is quite general, that means also oil and slime as the possible organic matter that users can shoot out.

As said before, this power only a few people have – Mighty Parents from The Fairly Oddparents, Opticoids from Ben 10, and Shepard from Marvel Comics.

22. Wind Vision

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

Another vision power that is quite unique – is wind vision. An element such as wind is not usually used or created from eyes – we know airbenders from Avatar and other fictional characters who are creating wind from the air, their hands, and more.

It’s also super cool since only two notable characters in fiction are using this power – Turbine Org from Power Rangers and Invisible Eye Blast users from Dragon Ball.

23. Retrocognition

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This power gives bearers a headache but is very cool – they can discern every past event that happened in history. Of course, they cannot do it from thin air. They need to focus to the point of going into trance and that makes them an easy target. However, a great tool for uncovering the truth and revisiting events that happened before which help in solving other problems.

Notable characters with this ability are Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics, Saturn Girl from DC Comics, Watchmon from Digimon, and Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.


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24. Mindscape Transportation

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

This one is pretty cool too. The user can convert physical matter into thought waves so that the target exists purely as mental energy. The individual can also trap the target in their mind where the subject is imprisoned in the user’s mind. Some users can release objects from the mindscape and collect the items.

Limitations are that it takes a lot of time to actually transform the desired matter into thought waves and it takes quite some time to actually concentrate. Some notable users include Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, Doctor Destiny from DC Comics, and Orochimaru from Naruto.

25. Lunar Manipulation

25 Coolest & Unique SuperPowers You Are Not Aware Of

The last ability on this list closes out the list of “25 coolest & unique superpowers you are not aware of” and of course it has something to do with celestials. Users can create, shape, and manipulate all aspects of moons, including their gravity and the effects it has on the planet like ocean tides and the minute lengthening.

Limitations include Lunar Immunity users, Solar Manipulation users, and… clouds. Most notable users in fiction are Princess Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Moon Knight from Marvel Comics, Druids from World of Warcraft, and Diana, Scorn of the Moon from League of Legends game.

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