7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

Enchantments are a crucial part of the Minecraft world but are usually random and have different effects. So, when you are new to the game, you will not have any idea which enchantment you should be getting on your weapon. But, why do you need such enchantments? Because when you use these enchantments for your bows, weapons, armors, and axes, they make you able to fight with the mobs more effectively. 

Melee weapons enchanted with the higher-level enchantments usually increase the damage against your enemies. Crafting a melee weapon such as a bow, with enchantments, is pretty easy in Minecraft.

Several enchantments are available for your bow in Minecraft. The best enchantments for your bow are Infinity, Punch, Power, Unbreaking, Mending, Flame, and Curse of Vanishing. Each enchantment adds useful features to your bow to make it more effective and efficient. Enchantments offer you additional bonus damage by your weapons. They also increase the overall damage percentage inflicted by your weapon. 

Let’s learn more about the required items for these enchantments and the merits and demerits of these enchantments. 

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How Many Enchantments Can A Bow Have?

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

There are tons of enemies you will encounter in Minecraft. Most of them are pretty difficult to fight and defeat. It would be best to have efficient tools and weapons enchanted at higher level enchantments to fight with your enemies. That is exactly what you have to do with a bow in Minecraft. 

You can enchant a Minecraft’s bow with several different enchantments. There are almost 6 to 7 enchantments that work best and can increase the overall working of your bow in Minecraft. These enchantments have different functions in Minecraft. 

What Are The Best Enchantments For The Bow? 

The main purpose of enchantments is to make an item more attractive and more effective. Minecraft also offers you a wide range of enchantments for your bow. The best ones include:

  1. Mending 
  2. Punch 
  3. Power 
  4. Unbreaking 
  5. Infinity 
  6. Flame 
  7. Curse of Vanishing

Let’s get to learn more about each of them.

1. Mending 

When you confront your enemies and your bow needs repairmen, this enchantment helps you a lot. Having experience points in your inventory enables you to use this enchantment. Not only mending helps you to repair your bows, but it also saves your time collecting resources to make another bow. 

How To Get This Enchantment?

Mending is a fantastic enchantment in Minecraft. If you want to get this enchantment for your bow yourself, you will require few things. The materials include:

  • Enchanted book
  • Anvil

It would also help if you search for this enchantment in villages, temples, and other locations. You can purchase it from merchants as well. Fishing is another method to get this enchantment. 

You can use it to overcome durability issues. For example, you can easily repair your bow with this enchantment. You can also apply it to diamonds. 

It isn’t easy to find mending in Minecraft because it is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft gameplay. 

2. Punch

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

It is one of the best supportive enchantments for a bow in Minecraft. This enchantment helps you to hit your enemy that at a good distance away from you. Thus, the knockback feature makes this enchantment pretty unique.

How To Get This Enchantment?

Punch is one such enchantment that saves you in your difficult times and helps you get away from fast-moving mobs. The items you would require to make it are:

  • Experience points
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Enchanting table

You can get this enchantment in other ways as well such as trading, fishing, etc. However, to get a higher level of enchantment, you will have to obtain maximum experience points.

It is effective against small creatures such as creepers. It is also effective against many kinds of mobs and monsters. It has the highest enchantment level of level 2. An enchanted bow allows you to hit or target your enemy from a considerable distance. You can also use this enchantment to keep your enemies far away from you. 

Punch does not increase the damage of your bow. It is not effective against your giants and bigger mobs.

3. Power

The ultimate aim of this enchantment is to increase your bow’s power. You need to have a crafting table to get this enchantment. It increases the power of your bow up to level 5. It can inflict 23 ‘hearts’ damage.  

How To Get This Enchantment?

You cannot get this enchantment unless you have the following items in your inventory that you would need.

  • Lapis lazuli
  • Anvil 
  • Bookshelves 
  • Enchanted book

Once you have obtained all these items, go to the enchanting table that you use for enchanting items. Place bookshelves one above the other to increase the level of enchantment. You will use lapis lazuli to power your table. Now, combine the enchanted items (enchanted book) with the anvil to get enchantments on your bow. 

You can also get Power V enchantment by combining two bows enchanted with Power IV. 

You can quickly and efficiently battle with your enemies with your enchanted power bow. It also increases the arrow damage by your bow. It has the maximum enchantment level of level 5 and increases the damage up to 25%. 

On the flip side, you cannot use this enchantment with mending.

4. Unbreaking 

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

Minecraft offers you this amazing enchantment to increase the shelf life of your weapons. It also makes them more durable and saves your bow from breaking after prolonged use.

How To Get This Enchantment?

Getting this enchantment for your bow demands a few things in your inventory:

  • Chests 
  • Enchanted book 

You can use the following ways to get this enchantment for your bow:

  • By fishing with a fishing rod
  • Search the enchanted book inside the chests
  • By trading with villagers 

Unbreaking increases the durability and efficiency of your bow. A bow enchanted with Unbreaking is useful in Minecraft as it is prone to breakage. To put it into perspective, you can use your enchanted bow over 6000 times before breaking it. 

There are no disadvantages of Unbreaking as it is a universal and beneficial enchantment for your bow that you can use for various purposes. 

5. Infinity

With this enchantment, you can use a large number of arrows at a time. You need to have one arrow in your inventory to use this wonderful enchantment. You can target more than one player or creature at a time.

How To Get This Enchantment?

All you need to do is to collect the following items to get this enchantment:

  • An enchanted book
  • Anvil 
  • Lapis lazuli

First of all, you need to make or obtain an enchanted book. Place a book and lapis lazuli on the enchantment table. You will get your enchanted book. 

Now, go through the same method to get Infinity in your inventory. You can also acquire it by fishing or by looting.

The best way to get this enchantment is to have 15 bookshelves placed one block away from the crafting table. That is only possible with enchantment level 30. 

Infinity allows you to use unlimited arrows against your foes. You will never face a shortage of arrows when your bow is enchanted with Infinity. This enchantment is useful for you when you are at the initial stage of your game and have to defend against a large number of enemies. You will not have enough arrows at the start of the game so Infinity provides you a chance to shoot several arrows at once.

To mention a disadvantage of Infinity here, you cannot use this enchantment by mixing it with Mending. It is of no use when you are in single-player mode. 

6. Curse of Vanishing

One of the coolest enchantments for your bow is the Curse of Vanishing. This enchantment allows you to make your bow disappear once you are dead. It also prevents your foes from acquiring your enchanted bow after your character’s death. This unique feature makes it crucial to have this enchantment for your bow Minecraft.

How To Get This Enchantment?

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

First of all, you need to craft the items required to make the Curse of Vanishing. The raw materials include enchanted books. You can also get the curse of vanishing enchantment by fishing, trading with librarian villagers, and chest loot. 

For trading, you will need to follow these steps:

  • You will have to set up few bookcases and a lantern in a village
  • Now, find the librarian villager for trading
  • Librarian villager will help you to trade with your cursed book
  • Once you have traded, try to find the curse enchantment with more trading options
  • Now, you will find the chests for your cursed book
  • Combine all the items, and you will get your enchantment 

The best thing about the Curse of Vanishing is that you can use it with many different items and tools. For example, a bow enchanted with the curse of vanishing helps you to punish and kill your enemy.

On the flip side, you cannot get back any item as the death of your character will be permanent. You have to sacrifice the tool on which you are going to have this enchantment. 

7. Flame  

With this enchantment, you can set your target on fire. Thus, it is more or less similar to the fire aspect in Minecraft’s gameplay. The level of damage your bow can inflict is far greater with the powerful enchantment. 

How To Get This Enchantment?

You can get this enchantment in Minecraft if you have an anvil and an enchanting table in your inventory. Here are a few specific requirements to make this enchantment for your bow. You will have to do:

  • Go to the creative mode 
  • Find the enchanted book there
  • Also, find bow and flame enchantment in your inventory slot
  • Use an anvil to combine all of these things

There you go with your flaming bow.

Flame enchantment allows you to cause collateral damage to your enemies. This enchantment also helps you to make flame arrows for your bow. These flame arrows will set your target on fire and as a result, your enemy will have to suffer extra damage. It will take almost 5 seconds for your bow to set the enemy on fire. 

The main disadvantage of this enchantment is its inefficiency to work in water. When used in the rain, flame arrows turn into normal arrows. In addition, it has only one enchantment level, i.e., level 1. 

Best Enchantments For Diamond Bow

You cannot make a diamond bow in Minecraft until you have mods in your inventory slot. So, it is only possible to get a diamond bow when you use certain mods. 

Even then, you can only enchant your diamond bow with the Unbreaking enchantment as it allows you to use your bows for a longer period. 

Best Enchantments For Netherite Bow

7 Best Enchantments For Bow In Minecraft (2021)

Netherite bows are one of the most powerful tools you can get in Minecraft. When used with enchantments, they increase the overall efficiency of your gameplay. 

Unbreaking is one of the best enchantments for a Netherite bow. This enchantment increases the life span of your Netherite bow, makes it more durable, and is one of the most supportive enchantments in Minecraft. 

What Is The Most Op Bow In Minecraft With Enchantments?

Flame enchanted bows are the most over-powered bows in Minecraft world. What exactly makes the flame enchanted bows great? Well, bows enchanted with flame take only five seconds to do two ‘hearts’ fire damage. It also sets the undead creatures on fire. 

Infinity is another over-powered enchantment for your bow. You can get multiple arrows if you have only one arrow in Minecraft inventory. 

What Is The Hardest Bow Enchantment To Get In Minecraft? 

The hardest enchantment to get in Minecraft is Infinity. To get this enchantment, you will need a crafting table, an enchanted book, anvil, and Lapis Lazuli in your inventory. Some of these items are and hard to acquire.