What Is the 7th Infinity Stone?

What Is the 7th Infinity Stone?

The Infinity Stones (or Gems) are among the most powerful artifacts in Marvel’s fictional universe, if not the most powerful when put together. Everyone now know that there are six such gems in total, with each of them representing one aspect of reality as we know it, granting the user enormous powers. Together, they are almost unstoppable. But, what if we told you that, according to some, there is a seventh Infinity Stone? Read

The seventh Infinity Stone is actually the Ego Gem from Marvel’s Ultraverse. As per the Gem itself, it is the original consciousness of the six Infinity Games, the original being and a sentient object that wants to reunite with the Infinity Stones that came to being after its destruction.

In today’s article, you’re going to find out the full history of the so-called seventh Infinity Stone, the Ego Gem. You’ll find out what it is, who is its owner is and what it can do. Enjoy!

Seventh Infinity Stone

The seventh Infinity Stone is actually not an Infinity Stone; there are only six of those. It is called like that because of its connection to the Infinity Stones, but in actuality – it’s something completely different. Introduced as part of the Ultraverse and called the Ego Gem, the “seventh Infinity Stone” is a sentient object that is actually the original consciousness of the six Infinity Stones, meaning that the six Stones were created when the Ego Stone was destroyed.

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In a prehistoric age of Earth-616, a divine being with the power of infinity committed suicide because of loneliness, and his aspects were divided into seven Infinity Gems, which could give parts of this power to anyone who held them.

One of the gems has been lost to another reality, Earth-93060, also known as the Ultraverse. While the other six aspects of the being’s influence on external reality, this seventh Gem carried the vestiges of the being’s psyche.

And while the six gems were then stolen from the Ultraverse by the vampire Rune and scattered throughout the Ultraverse. Several heroes and villains were also drawn to the Ultraverse, including Adam Warlock.

Another gem, the infamous Ego Gem, has been found in this universe. It claimed that it was the main consciousness of the Infinity Gems, the original being and that they are now ready to come together.

The Gems were reborn as the cosmic entity Nemesis but were defeated by the Avengers and UltraForce (alongside several alternate versions of reality from the same teams). With his defeat, the Ego Gem has apparently been destroyed.

The gems were later found in the prime universe by Galactus, who planned to use them to end his endless hunger.

He takes gems from a vampire’s skeleton (presumably that of Rune), which he retrieves through an interdimensional portal. Galactus’ plan fails and instead grants access to the Earth-616 universe to a deadly interdimensional parasite called Hunger, who has always mentally influenced Galactus’ actions, a fact the devourer did not know.

Thanos stepped in and destroyed the portal. After Hunger’s defeat, the Gems are scattered throughout the universe except for the Soul Stone, which Thanos brought back for Warlock to retrieve.

Who Has the Ego Gem?

The Ego Gem has no owner. It doesn’t even exist in Marvel’s prime Earth-616 universe. The Ego Gem is a completely sentient object with its own consciousness, that also forms the basis of the consciousness of Nemesis, the cosmic entity that gets formed once the Infinity Stones are united with the Ego Gem.

At different points in time, it has possessed various characters, among which even the powerful Sersi and Galactus, whom it had manipulated into allowing Hunger, the parasite, to enter Earth-616. Interestingly enough, it was Thanos who stopped Hunger in this instance.

What Can the Ego Stone (7th Infinity Stone) Do?

The consciousness of the Ego Gem was able to partially possess the beings who came into contact with it. Although they retained much of their free will, the hosts were compelled to act in the best interests of the Ego Gem, as it controlled them with its sentient consciousness. When combined with the other Infinity Gems, it formed the core of consciousness of a cosmic being that was formed from their union.

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