9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

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Axe in Minecraft is used for chopping the wood and speed up the collection of wood-based items. If needed it can also be used to fight during the melee attack. But in Minecraft, you need to use enchantment to make the best use of any tool.

So, in this article, I’ve arranged the best enchantment for Axe in Minecraft that will increase the capacity of your axe to chop wood or the head of any opponent.

By using the below-mentioned axe enchantment you can gather the wood faster, fight the enemies and increase the life of your axe. In Minecraft, enchantments are recommended for every tool that you have.

How Many Enchantments Can An Axe Have?

9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

Axe can have a total of 9 enchantment in the Minecraft world, namely;

1. Sharpness

2. Smite

3. Efficiency

4. Silk Touch

5. Fortune

6. Bane of Arthropods

7. Unbreaking

8. Mending

9. Curse of Vanishing

These enchantments can make an OP Axe. To enchant the axe, hold it in your hand and enter the command:

/enchant command

For example: For a player named LokiMinecraft to enchant with Sharpness 5 enter the command: –

/enchant LokiMinecraft sharpness 5

What Are The Best Enchantments For An Axe?

Axe can only have one weapon enchantment at a time, unlike swords where you can use multiple at a time. That is why I’ve put all the weapon enchantment at the bottom of the list.

1. Efficiency

It increases the speed when mining a block. The maximum level is five for this enchantment.  It is important to keep in mind to use the correct tool to make use of this enchantment and break the items at a faster rate.

An anvil is used to get this enchantment by sacrificing the book. When using the efficiency enchantment, the Axe will suffer damage faster because it works at a high rate. Due to this it tears down easily and requires quick repairing.

Efficiency should be used along with Mending or Unbreaking enchantment to keep the axe health at an optimum.

2. Mending Enchantment

Mending enchantment is used to repair the damage done to an item. It is obtained through chest loot, fishing raid, or villager training. To apply this enchantment, hold the axe in your hand, offhand, or an armor slot. The maximum level for mending enchantment is one.

This is extremely valuable because you can use the axe as long as you have XP (used to increase health) that are collected from mobs or mining. 

3. Unbreaking

9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

When you use an item in Minecraft it reduces the durability each time you use it. This is applicable for axe too. The durability of the Axe reduces by one each time you use it. This enchantment increases the lifetime of the item preventing it from wearing out. That is why Unbreaking is such a useful enchantment in Minecraft.

Unbreaking quadruples the life extension of an axe so that you use it to do all kinds of work.

4. Silk Touch

Silk Touch crops a whole block of the item instead of dropped pieces. When gathering a large amount of any item then Silk Touch is time-saving and reduces the effort to break the block.  For example, if you break a bookcase with a silk touch it will crop out the whole book whereas if you break it without the silk touch it will just drop the books.

It is not the most useful enchantment for axes because they are mostly used to mine woods. It can be however be made good use when mining bookshelves. 

5. Fortune

It is the fifth enchantment on this list. It increases the drop amount when you mine a block. Not only that, but it isn’t as valuable when it comes to Axe because the use is limited. It is more valuable as an item like a Pickaxe.

Furthermore, it is also incompatible with Silk Touch so needs to be used separately.

It is useful to increase the number of drops for many types of seeds that saves the time spent during the collection of dropped items.

6. Sharpness

Sharpness increases the amount of damage you do to the mobs and it is effective against all kinds of mobs unlike the Smite or Bane of Arthropoda that are effective against only undead mobs. (they are next on this list)

You can get this enchantment only through Anvil and no other source. You need to find a book with Sharpness 5 and sacrifice it to get the enchanted Axe. The amount of damage done by it is 5 damage per level where the max level is 3.5

7. Smite

The maximum level for this enchantment is 5 and the damage done is 2.5 per level to undead mobs. It is effective against Skeleton, Withers, Zombie Pigmen, Strayed, Zombies, Wither Skeleton, Skeleton horses, Husks, Drowned, and Phantoms.

It is useful as it does substantial damage to the enemy and kills instantly with a single blow.  And because the Zombies are common enemies in Minecraft this enchantment is useful when fighting against them. 

8. Bane of Arthropods

Axe is a unique tool when it comes to Minecraft enchantment because it serves two purposes- either as a tool for chopping wood and a weapon to fight.

Bane of Arthropod is more about using it as a weapon. It increases the hit damage at each level by 2.5. The maximum level of this enchantment is 5 and it slows down the mobs 5s per level.

If you’re wondering what mobs those are then it is effective on Spiders, Bees, Endermites, Cave Spiders, and Silverfish. Although it instantly kills the mobs It is useful against only these many mobs that keep it at the 8th number on this list.

Spiders are the most irritating mobs in the game and for hardcore spider haters this enchantment can be a favorite one.

9. Curse of vanishing

9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

Items vanish when a player dies with the effect of this enchantment. It means that your items would ultimately disappear if you die and it is usually the most frustrating point of your game. It is one of the two curse enchantments and you can get it through chest loot, fishing, and village trading.

If you get the Axe from any sources make sure it doesn’t have the curse of Vanishing enchant already on it. Although you won’t be able to do anything about it, precaution is a good thing to take when it comes to your most useful tool.

What Is The Best Enchantment Combo For An Axe?

The best enchantment combination for Axe is efficiency with Unbreaking or Efficiency with Mending. Let us see how!

Efficiency enchantment is the best enchant in the whole Minecraft because of its ability to increase the speed of the item’s use. Suppose if you take one whole day to mine wood in the game, after applying efficiency enchant you can mine wood in just half of the day. This makes it quite convenient when building any structure because collecting material is so quick with it.

But with more efficiency comes lesser durability. The life of axe will reduce faster when used at a higher rate than usual. Hence, you require either extra health or fast recovery so that your axe doesn’t die in the game and you can use it for an extended period.

To keep your axe’s health optimum either you repair it faster by applying the Mending enchant or you use Unbreaking to extend its life. Both of these are quite useful enchantments when combined with efficiency enchant as they maintain the longevity of the item while it is used at a higher speed.

Best Enchantments For Netherite Axe

Netherite also has the same enchants as the normal axe. All the enchants that are used in axe can also be applied to Netherite axe.

Bane of ArthropodsIncreases attack damage against arthropods
Curse of VanishingThe cursed item will disappear after a player dies
EfficiencyIncreases how fast you can mine
FortuneIncreases block drops from mining
MendingUses XP to mend your tools, weapons, and armor
SharpnessIncreases attack damage dealt with mobs
Silk TouchMines blocks themselves (fragile items)
SmiteIncreases attack damage against undead mobs
UnbreakingIncreases the durability of the item


What Is The Most Op Axe In Minecraft With Enchantments?

Finding the most OP axe in Minecraft with enchantment may be hard due to the sheer number of axes in the game. There are iron axes, diamond axes, wood axes, gold axes, stone axes, and dragon axes just to name a few. That said, there is one axe that trumps all other enchantments in terms of power when it comes to mining — and that’s the elytra itself.

An axe, when enchanted, can greatly increase your mining potential. To find the best axe in Minecraft with enchantment, you must first ask ‘what is the best enchantment a player can get on an axe?’ It is believed that the answer lies in elytra because of its ability to make moving through the air effortless.

When it comes to mining, the elytra is as powerful as they come. No other enchantment for an axe comes close to beating the elytra in terms of sheer power. While there are a lot of special skill-boosting enchantments for tools, including the Efficiency enchantment for axes as mentioned previously, they pale in comparison to using the elytra, which is known for its ability to fly with the best of them.

No wonder that the most effective mining method in the game is to simply fly straight down with this enchantment.

When it comes to finding the best enchantment for a mining pick in Minecraft, there is one that is king. This is the elytra itself. When you craft Elytra with an enchantment backed by the proper level of experience points, you’ll have all of your mining needs to be covered.

No other enchantment is as powerful or useful as that of the elytra. Elytrian axes are some of the only enchanted items capable of destroying obsidian, which is the main ingredient for end portal frames.

Elytra will boost your movement speed, making it possible to harvest more resources and gather more items from one resource point than usual.”

The Elytra is every mine crafter’s dream, a type of axe so powerful it can chop through stone FASTER than any other type of axe in the game. It even costs less to craft than any other type of regular axe.

The elytra is the only enchantment on an axe that makes any sense. Sure, other enchantments increase damage, but if you want to go down, there’s no way around it. Eventually, the player will run out of sources of ores and if they want to keep mining better weapons and armor, they will need to keep mining. So going down is just a necessity, and it’s a lot faster with elytra.

What Is The Hardest Axe Enchantment To Get In Minecraft?

9 Best Enchantments For Axe In Minecraft

The hardest axe enchantment to get in Minecraft is the Unbreaking axe enchantment. It’s pretty hard to find the axe of just one type in the whole world, but even if you find a lot of axes and could enchant them all, do you have an Enchanted Book (level 31) to make an Unbreaking Axe?

The most powerful axe enchantment is the Unbreaking Axe. You need to find an Enchanted Book, but that’s not easy. You can trade with Villagers to have one, but it will be hard to find a lot of axes in the world.

The Unbreaking axe enchantment can be found only on certain types of axes, which may not be available to enchant until you find a lot of axes in the world. The difficulty level of making an unbreaking axe depends on your level in Enchanting.

Once you have an enchanted book (level 31), you can make an Unbreaking axe.

This enchantment allows your axes to break less frequently. However, this enchantment requires an enchanted book that only spawns in levels 29 or higher.

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